What happened? (First LD attempt)

Well, last night I went to bed doing MILD/autosuggestion over and over until I went to sleep. While I usually only DR once a month (once a week if they’re nightmares from stress), today I had a dream, although it was very short. I remember being in a place with some boxes, and holding a gun (not where I meant to be, but oh well). I knew I was dreaming right away, but I don’t know to what extent I was able to interact with it, since it seemed to be very short.

Towards the end, I remember saying something along the lines of ‘increase lucidity’, although it seemed to be more thinking back to what I had read rather than being in very much control. At the very end, I was also aware of my physical body, but still partially in the dream world for a few seconds.

So, can anyone with more experience tell me exactly what happened, and what I can do to prevent it? I’m not very discouraged, since like the title said, this was my first attempt, and even remembering my dreams is a big thing for me, i’m just curious as to if this was an LD, HI, or what.

Well, this is one of the biggest questions asked, and simplest questions to answer: if at any point you knew that you were dreaming, it was a LD, congratulations on your first LD

Basically, the only way you can prevent this happening “assuming you mean losing focus and waking up” is to practise more, get better at LD’ing, try not to focus on your physical body, try to forget that it exists, take in the dreamworld, be aware of your surroundings, it helps.

Well, yay, then, so do you think it could’ve been excitement at having a lucid dream that swung me out of it? I don’t really know how much control I had, but i’ll try to keep that in mind.

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Like Gyth said, it was a lucid dream, since you knew you were dreaming. So congratulations for that, and that for a first try. That is really good.

The thing at the end seems just as waking up normally. Sometimes when you have a lucid dream you already feel your physical body before you wake up. I’ve had that too, and I know there are a lot of other people out there who had it too. If you want to know techniques to stay in the dream you can read this topic. It basically comes down to the fact that you can rub your hands, focus your awareness, grab something, or something along that.

Low level LD, with weak DR. (Yay for acronyms, no?)

Congrats on your first LD. Now you’ve got that, you can work on getting some good ones :wink:.

Step ones is, naturally, work on your DR. There are some techniques on this, and a DJ helps.

To improve your level of lucidity, and the vividness of the dream, there are some different techniques to help you. Rubbing your hands, for example, may help you. Personally, I find examining my surroundings, and considering how realistic everything is, helps a lot.

Well I had another dream last night, but it wasn’t lucid (Could it be that I didn’t get to repeat myself as many times as last night before I fell asleep?). Was kinda funny, at one point I was reading the instructions on something, and it said “only works in lucid dreams.”, and I said “Well, that’s convineant, i’m dreaming right now!”, but didn’t actually go lucid XD Missed DS much?

Although it was very odd for me, usually my dreams are more abstract, surreal, exaturrated- if they don’t take place in a location that obviously doesn’t/couldn’t exist, the coloring is usually off, or it acts like an oil painting, or something. This dream was VERY clear, although not totally as clear as real life, it was extremely close. I was even able to see artwork and sketches i’ve nearly forgotten! Although, near the end it also showed another sign…I live in america, but when I went out to get in a car, it was a right hand drive =p Not to mention my mom was using some sort of REALLY ANNOYING whistle to get my attention, instead of the horn.