How to prolong LD?

100+ posts? I have had 3 names on here. 2 of which I’m not proud of their behavior… I have over 1000 + accumulatively. Believe me if you want, but I have a good deal of experience, especially in problems with lucidity.

  1. What is your favorite method for prolonging an LD?

Touching something close to me and relaxing while focusing on awareness. Just chill, and observe for a moment.

  1. About how often/when do you have to use the method to keep the dream stabalized?

once or twice. Once at the beginning, and then another time if the dream starts to fade

  1. What is the longest LD you have had that you believe is a result of your method?

30 minutes.

  1. Were there any mental blocks that you had to overcome concerning prolonging LDs?

I used to get really, wildly excited. Also, sex and running usually woke me up. I’m good now, though.

  1. On exciting activities (such as dream sex, exciting scenarios etc.): how does one prevent premature awakening?

sex: foreplay. Don’t jump right into it. Warm up to it, like IRL. This applies to other exciting activities also.

  1. Is there a sort of cognitive stamina that builds as you have more and more LDs?

yes and no. It’s just that you get really used to the lucid state, and this allows you to retain the sphere longer and longer. Stamina improves with experience.

hope I’ve helped a bit :content:

Thanks for the info everyone. I greatly appreciate it. By 100+ posts I just mean pretty much anyone who has proven they know what the hell they are talking about. When I read the forums I READ them. I’ve found a few new people, who I will not name because it won’t do anything, that have contradictory posts (checking post history) and just say stuff that even I know for a fact, is simply not true. Basically I didn’t want some guy with less than 10 posts to come onto this thread and tell me he can LD for up to 5000 years via a prolonging method in which he touches his toes while shooting fire out of his butt. I take lucid dreaming very seriously, that means when I see something like that, not only am I insulted, but I worry for upcomming lucid dreamers that will read it. It might discourage them or just promote misconceptions that this community does not need. Sorry if I sounded elitest.

Haha it confused the hell out of me

Hi, this is my first post in a very long time, I’m not going to touch on everything. I’ve reached LDing goals, got a G/F and pretty much stopped coming here. Well, anyway…

There really is no way to stop premature awakening, at least for me. Rubbing the hands or staring at them works for me.

Also, I do find that after constantly doing Lucid Dreams really does extend the length of dreams. You know how to keep your self calm in the exciting situations and you do it, but despite being able to do this I find my self falling out of dreams because I get too caught up in the moment and I forget to calm my self down.

Quite a simple question…
How to make a dream last longer?
Obviously this would apply only to LD’s because only in them we have the power to change something.
Would saying something like “Increase dream length!” in a dream prolong the dream?

[color=darkblue]I have extended a dream before. I see it fading and I concentrate on staying. Simple as that really, you have to want to stay and make sure you maintain the vividness of the dream.

Some people say spin round on the spot or concentrate on your dream hands, but those don’t seem to work as well for me as simply concentrating on staying.

Sometimes you irrationally think you must leave and get paranoid as your control fades. The dream itself, can also start to actually fade- the images getting less intense. Sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Try each method and see which works best, just don’t blame me if you’re late for work! :lol: [/color]

imwhoim01, it depends on your problem. Two problems may occur: 1)your dream fades; 2) you lose lucidity. The solutions are different. What is your problem?

Good point there, Basilus.
The problem was the dream fading.
Thanks in advance :happy:

Dream fading is due to loss of visual sensations. Then you have to stimulate other sensations. That why it’s said that rubbing your hands, grasping an object, spinning, falling, are good tips in order to make the dream reappear.

Also, if you lay completely still when you awaken, you can re-enter a lucid dream super easy. Don’t open your eyes or anything, just wait for the dream to come back to you.

It happens to me quite a lot that as I wake up normaly, I start to become lucid. This morning I was kinda in limbo, stuck between a dream and reality, unable to fall back alseep :sad:. By the time i’m awake enough and realise it’s a dream i wake up.

relax and get your bearings. look around and focus on some object near you. Think something like “this is all a dream”

this relaxed awareness should make the dream world more vivid, and prolong it a good deal. The focus is key. You don’t have to be in a meditative state or anything, just keep in mind that it’s a dream, and this’ll add a good deal onto the time span.

This really funny thing happened to me a few nights ago. I was sitting outside on a beige stone staircase, and all of a sudden I become lucid. But at this moment I wake up, however, realising my skills to chain together LD’s (and thus getting more of them) I quickly go back to sleep.

Now this really funny thing starts to happen. I walk around in my dream, knowing half-lucidly I am dreaming, but I don’t want to realise I am dreaming because then I know I will wake up! :rofl: :gni: So I walk around, trying to find a place calm enough for me to realise that I’m dreaming “properly”, so I don’t wake up. Stupid indeed! It’s like “Oh wait, I’m dreaming. Oh darn, I can’t realise it because then I will wake up! I better prepare myself before I realise this is a dream!” :gni: :laugh:

Now for the question; If I get lucid and the dream fades much to quickly, what should I do? I didn’t have time to think about rubbing my hands or spinning… if a dream fades very very quickly, what is the last resort of doing?

On the wikibook it says:
Dream stabilization

Once you are able to dream lucidly, you may find that it is difficult to stay in the dream; for example, you may wake instantly or the dream may start “fading” which is characterized by loss or degradation of any of the senses, especially visuals.

If you wake immediately after becoming lucid (make sure you do a reality check to be sure you’re not still dreaming!), you simply need to continue practising all your techniques. If you find that you are lucidly dreaming often, it will be less of a shock when you become lucid, and you’ll be less likely to wake up.

If your dreams fade out (or “black out”), you should try these methods before your dream starts fading:

  • Hand rubbing

    Rub your hands together and concentrate on the rubbing. You should feel the friction and the heat of your hands. If you can concentrate on the feelings that this action generates, your dream is likely to stabilize and cause the dream to become more vivid and detailed, along with some other effects. You can also keep one hand on your arm while exploring the dream for a constant sense of stimulation. This technique is most effective when used in conjunction with the “Slowing it down” technique, by staring at your hands while rubbing them together.

  • Spinning

    You spin around in your dream much as you would if you suddenly want to feel dizzy in real life. The sensation of movement is the key here to stabilizing the dream. Although many people report success with this, this technique is likely to have some side-effects on the dream, such as finding yourself in a totally different scene. For this reason, this technique is also effective in changing the dream scene (see Changing the dream environment below). If the dream scene disappears (e.g., becomes black), it is necessary to visualize the dreamscape to return to the dream.

  • Slowing it down

    Some people like to stabilize the dream by “stopping to smell the roses” and slowly staring at a dream object until it becomes clear. The dreamer would then look around elsewhere, noticing how detailed everything is, thereby stimulating the visual portion of the dream. However, others find this can cause their lucid dream to end. If you focus on one object for too long to the exclusion of everything else, you will likely wake up or lose the dream. It works best to pay attention to everything in your vision, including your peripheral vision, not just the center of the object you’re staring at. If staring at a single object doesn’t work for you, try to let your eyes wander around instead.
    Trying to recover your waking memory and cognitive capacities

    This is also likely to enhance your degree of lucidity. Try to remember facts from your waking life, such as your phone number, address, etc., or do some simple math. Or, start reciting the lyrics to your favorite song. Or perhaps try some sports practice you know well — this all depends on which senses / methods of thought process you tend to rely on most in your waking life.

    • Touching your dream

      If you feel that your dream is too abstract and fear that it might be fading, you can prevent this by grabbing hold of a solid object in your dream and focus on how real the sensation is. A good tip is to find something you know is stuck, for instance a table nailed to the ground, and pull it with all your muscular power (no supernatural powers!), and you should feel how solid it is. The idea is that you convince yourself that dream solid and real — through tactile stimulation — and nothing abstract.

  • False awakening

    A couple of the users on the forums have had success with creating a false awakening to stabilize a dream. If the above techniques are failing and you find your dream still fading, and you really want to continue your lucid dream, do the following:
    1. Expect to have a false awakening.
    2. When you think you wake up (false or not), perform a reality check.

    You will either have a false awakening, reality check, and then end up with an even more vivid lucid dream, or will really wake up, perform a reality check, and realize that you just woke up (unfortunately).

    The most important part of this is the reality check. This is what will continue your lucid dream. You should be performing reality checks when you wake up. If you plan to induce false awakenings in order to stabilize a dream, the reality check that you perform as you wake up is as important as the one that got you lucid, if not more.

    Perform every check in the book until you are positively, absolutely, and completely sure that you aren’t dreaming. A series of 10 reality checks are more likely to produce dream results in a dream, especially if you are expecting dream results. Again, this technique is for those who are desperate!

    If you have had a good experience with this technique, please go to the talk page and post your experiences, as there have not been many anecdotes of it working yet.

If you didn’t do any of these, your best option is probably to try to wake up. That way, you will remember more of the dream.

The general rule of dream-stabilization is to stimulate the senses. If you listen for sounds, feel around with your hands, and pay attention to what you see and smell, you will stimulate your senses. The idea here is to load your senses with stimulation from the dream so that your senses cannot shift to the real world. If you close your eyes, you are removing a great deal of sensory information and might wake up. Staring at a single point can cause effectively the same problem if you stop seeing everything else in your peripheral vision, or don’t see enough movement. If you hear something loud in real life and are hearing nothing in the dream, your senses may shift to the real world, causing you to wake up.

Recovering from lost visuals

There are a few things you can try to do if you lose your visuals. Most of these are less likely to help prolong your dream than the above techniques.

You can also try these if you have just woken up and are lying in your bed. You may be able to return to your dream.

* Autosuggestion

  You can repeat over and over a phrase similar to “I can see my dream,” or otherwise enforce in your mind that you can see a dreamscape. (See Autosuggestion)


  You can visualise the scene as it would be if you could see it. You could take this as an opportunity to change the dreamscape by visualising a different environment from the previous one in the dream. This can be made easier by spinning as you visualize. (See Changing the dream environment below)

There ye go.

If you wake up, don’t worry. Just be calm- you can still go back in. I try to feel my dream hands in this situation even pinching my arm to get the tactile stimulation. That’s the same thing I do if the visuals fade. And ofcourse focus on reentering the dream. One time, I was holding a dart and I just jabbed my arm with it, that time I got back vision quickly. So if you happen to be holding a dart…

1- Try to go back in
2- Try shouting stuff (Increase Lucidity!, for example)

If that doesn’t help, don’t worry :happy: It’s like that the first few times

I am dissappointed. The only two times I realized I was lucid dreaming I was ‘kicked out’ of my dreams. I realized aloud (the first time I told a DC of my friend Kodi, the second time I realized it myself after seeing blue lightning in the sky.) I was calm, because I had found other sites before trying to do it and they said that becoming excited could wake you up. I woke up, even though I wasn’t ‘excited’ about it in the way that could really wake me up. It was more of an “Oh, I’m dreaming”.
Of course, I didn’t have the time to stop the dream from fading and I got really dissappointed the second time and just let it go.

Does this usually happen the first few times?

Yeah, I think so. Keep at it and it’ll work itself out.

It is normal at first. When you awaken, don’t move at all. Don’t open your eyes or anything. Just lie there and wait for the dream to reform around you, while reminding yourself that you’re dreaming. It’s pretty easy to get several lucid dreams in a row… :cool:

Dreaming is a sort of trance state, and moving your body completely screws it up.

Ok, I’ll try that, thanks!