The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 43

Greetings Y’all! I’m Frank! I tried doing LD once but never got any where, my dream recall is top notch, I can even remember my childhood nightmares! Any ways decided to give it another shot, I decided to come here as seeing how my friend was bragging on about how great it is :tongue: never hurts to try right? :happy:

Hiya Frank!!!

usually i am not THIS energetic, but idk the juices are a-flowin!

anyway, gotta have good luck on you’re LDs. If you don’t give up, i promise not to!

:welcome: hello stargod, LylyCSM and frank :boogie:

:shy: /me thinks she’s a little late and sandra has given you all the links you need stargod :thumbs:

Lyly, I just read your first post in your DJ (link) it’s a great start. Dreaming about lucid dreaming means it is on your mind :yay:

:eh: I hope you make a post in our “nightmare diary” topic and “the first dream I remember” topic in the stuff dreams are made of forum :hyper:
:yay: another recommendation by a friend :yay:

I hope you all get as much out of being a member at LD4all as I do :smile:

Good Evening!

I just stumbled across this site, looks great! I can’t wait to check it all out.

I’ve always had a good ability to remember my dreams and I’ve been facinated with Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel and Alternate States of Reality for a long time. I read alot of books on Shamanism and Dreaming as a teen, early twenties, but although I retained my dream recall, I couldn’t seem to get ‘Lucid’.

Just last year I spontaneously started to have lucid dreams…sometimes every night, some times a few times a week. Even more recently I’ve had what is called OOBE’s. I’ve done alot of research on the topic as of late, alot of theories there. Regardless of what it ‘is’, it’s exillerating

From my experience, I think that Lucid Dreaming and OBE’s are very similar on alot of levels, but that’s probably a topic for conversation elsewhere!

I can’t wait to check out the board, and read up on the techniques. I’m glad to have found somewhere to discuss this.


Hello all. Im a long-time member but a not-so-long-time poster. Im a little lazy. I have always been very interested in the idea of lucidity but until this summer have never actually put in any effort in to doing so. I have turned a corner and now am not going to sleep until i get an LD…

wait that doesnt make sense… Im not going to wake up until i get an LD.

well you get the point. After a several year long break. Im here for good.

ta ta for now.

Welcome LylyCSM,
There is an “How to stay lucid” topic in Lucid Adventures.There are some tips in that can also help you with stabilizing your Lucid Dreams.

Welcome Frank,
LD4all is indeed a great place, soon you will figure that out yourself :wink:

Welcome Lapis,
You may like the Beyond Dreaming section. It’s about OOBE, shared dreams, spirit guides as well as paranormal, new-age and spiritual topics. But I saw you already found the BIG OBE topic :content:

Welcome (back) Napalm :wave:
It’s good to see that you’re finally posting something after more than 2.5 years. I hope you continue to do this ^^

Once a Lucid Dreamer - Always a Lucid Dreamer :happy:
Welcome back.

:wave: hello lapis and Napalm

:eh: /me looks at Napalm’s date of joining and then her own … only one week’s difference :grin:
I think I’ve been posting for both of us :tongue:
I hope you stick around this time and get tons of LDs :yay:

:shy: /me is envious :grin:
I hope you have a look in the lucid adventures forum there are quite a few suggestions of things to do while lucid in there :boogie:

Hey all,

I’m afraid I’m one of those dreaded ex-lurkers, having drifted around for the last year or so without signing up. Bitten the bullet at last and got around to it, so here’s to a good time!

Just about nailed dream recall, I’m able to recall my dream(s) nearly every night, and had a few lucid experiences in the past using a few different techniques. Hopefull I’ll be able to expand all that and become a competant lucid dreamer.
Hope to see you all around!

hello Mutant :yay: … we celebrate here when an ex-lurker turns up :smile:
… and a few more forums have been opened to you now … including the addicting wolfgame forum :tongue:

Thanks, I’ll be sure to give them a look. I can see why the games would be addicting. :grin:


hello, everyone, i’m new to the forum/not to the ld’s, but always ready to learn some new things, tricks and techniques for improving my dream-life :smile:

still haven’t tried obe and/or astral projection :sad:, any guide here? :smile:

my dream guide won’t answer my calls :sad: :sad:

well, that’s all from me… for now :smile:

:wave: hello jackdaw :smile:
there is an astral projection topic here [Astral Projection) which has some links in it; there is also a sticky OBE topic in the beyond dreaming forum. :thumbs: … there is also a big spirit guide topic in the same sub forum :boogie:
Have fun :yay:

:bow: tnx, moogle, if only my SG would be helpful as you :sad: :tongue:

who knows, maybe we meet in some OBE, altough England is a long way from here… but then again, nothing is impossible :wink:

Hi! I’m new here and love the site and the forums! I’m really intereted in lucid dreaming and am trying but still haven’t managed. But hey, someday I will! :smile:
I’m going to check the other topics out, now. They all look great.

:wave: The Kroc, welcome to the LD4all community :yay:

good luck with your lucid quest :thumbs: I recommend reading the choosing your techique topic (it’s a sticky topic in the quest forum) to help you decide which method to use :smile:

I hope you enjoy your time at LD4all :boogie:

Hey- I’m new here, you’ve probably seen my around, I’ve ben quite an avid user. :user:

So anyway, I’m Stella! I wouldn’t really say that I’ve had a true and awesome LD before, but I’ve had one but I didn’t have complete control over things…

So anyway- I’m glad to be here! :grin:

:welcome: HI, Stella!

though, i’ve already seen you around :happy:

Good to have you here!

Hey Stellar and welcome to LD4all!

I’m new… party.