your average for length of lucid dream

hi everyone, I’m new to this forum so I apologize if there’s already been a thread on this (I spent a few minutes looking and didn’t find anything). I was wondering how long your typical LDs last. of course dreams are not always in real time, but there’s at least the general “few minutes/moments” ones, moderate length ones, and long ones.

most of mine so far have been around 5 minutes or less, but lately (I’ve been getting better!) I’ve been having long ones that feel like anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours

Hahah lucky you,my lucid time span is from several seconds to like 10 minutes :sad:

No, lucky you. This morning was my longest so far at about 30 seconds.

*envies dntrecords

Hmm mine are usually about 5-10 minutes.

I’d say half of mine are under 20 seconds, the other half usually 1-2 minutes, but I’ve been trying to work on some techniques and have had a few up to 5-10 minutes.

Anyone else think it feels like surfing (or how I imagine surfing might be) where you need to ride a wave just right to avoid waking up, or sinking back into a less-lucid dream?

Exactly. If you’re trying to induce one by, say, MILD, then you have to visualize and repeat a mantra, but not mindlessly, but not too consciously. Then, if you’re in a dream, you have to avoid losing your senses, stay lucid, and stabilize the dream. Don’t overthink it, but at the same time remain self-aware.
But of course it’s all worth it to tap into the limitless power of the subconscious mind. :universe:

Ooh. I really like that wave metaphor. I completely agree with that. Also, my lucid dreams seem to get longer and longer, the more I have. I would say 10-15 minutes.

My longest is 30 seconds. But i have a question, how can you get better at making your lucid dreams longer?

Yeah was going to ask the same question, I only had a few and most of them were 5-30 seconds but my last one seemed like 2-5 mins but I cannot even estimate where it was between there. So what are these techniques to make them last longer?

Didn’t mean to hijack the thread… there’s
Prolonging Lucid Dreams
The BIG “How to stay Lucid” topic

but maybe we can add our own personal tricks/techniques to our average length?

I do use the rubbing hands semi-often in my (1-5 min) longer LD’s, and i’ve used spinning a few times to success … been trying to work on getting them longer though, and sometimes, for me anyways, I find if I don’t try to ‘force’ things (like walking through a wall vs finding a door or window) that can help me stay in the dream longer…

My short ones are about 5-10 minutes. Any longer ones can last up to or even over half an hour!

Just for the record, here’s one of my longest dreams:

I’m gonna be a combobreaker, and say a week. ;D
Just summon up a pill, and tell yourself that this’ll make your dream last _____ days/hours, and it’ll actually seem to last that long. It’s pretty great when you aren’t good yet, but still wanna have long dreams.

It’s interesting the time span variations that many LD’ers have.

Does anyone feel there is an optimum time for a LD to be? or is longer better?

Well, everyone has their LD duration they feel satisfacted with, at least for now :wink: but there’s no real limits that I know, nor reasons why this wouldn’t be better ^^.

There are 2 types of “duration” imo. I’ve had dreams that feels like an entire day.

Example 1: You are at home, and you’re going to a friend who lives far away. It takes 1hr IRL to get to your friend, but you do it almost instantly in your dream, yet it feels like 1hr has passed.
Example 2: Kinda the opposite. Not much transportation. You can recreate everything you remember in your mind and give it an approximate time.

Not the best examples but in scenario 1 you create a lot of “imaginary time” that you think is real and add it to the total time your dream lasted.

well sure, longer is better. I’ve yet to have a LD that didn’t end prematurely. there will always be plenty to do and explore. the only time I’m ever unhappy with a LD is when it ends after a minute. any that are 10+ minutes are still fresh for me

I agree WASD.

It seems like anywhere from an hour to several but unsure of how much reality time actually passed.

I recently got back into making an active effort to LD again. I mostly become lucid sporadically during dreams and the time (well, what it feels like in the dream) can range from a few seconds to a few minutes. I started writing in my dream journal again as well so hopefully I can start prolonging my LDs and increasing their vividness.

I need to start writing in my DJ again lol, Ive had so many dreams but never wrote any down, and had about 2 LDs all without writing in my DJ, I regret it, but I made a late entry about my LDs at least, they’re the only dreams I remembered.

Incredible! Great job with such a long time staying lucid.