Prolonging Lucid Dreams

Prolonging Lucid Dreams
How to stay lucid

A pink elephant flies through the air and you wonder how such a thing is possible. The elephant looks very real and then you suddenly think about dreaming. You realize you’re dreaming, but then the vision goes blank. A short while later you’re in your bed again and fully awake. You lost a chance of having a great lucid dream, just because you couldn’t stay asleep. But there is a solution to this problem; you can prolong your Lucid Dreams! After you read this tutorial, you’ll know what to do next time you think your dream will fade away.

A reason why you could wake up might be the fact that you’re so excited that you’re dreaming. Therefore one of the things you should do is remain calm. This isn’t easy all the time since it can be hard to suppress a feeling of excitement. Luckily there are some tricks that might help you with remaining in the dream.

If we don’t have any senses left in our dream we will probably wake up. If our vision - touch, sound, smell and taste - are gone we concentrate on the outside world and therefore we will wake up. To prevent this you could try to keep one of those senses in your dream. It might sound a little hard, but it is rather easy.

The first possible thing you could do is rub your hands. In this way, touch will remain in the dream and can help you to get the rest back in the dream too. You always have your hands with you, so you can just start rubbing them. While you do this you should repeat to yourself that you’re dreaming. If you don’t do this you can remain in the dream, but the dream might not be lucid anymore. Once I had the feeling I woke up and started to rub my hands, but I forgot to tell myself that I was dreaming while doing this. I managed to prolong my dream, but when I had completely vision again I had lost lucidity. If the vision doesn’t come, you should remain patient and just keep rubbing your hands while you are telling yourself that you’re dreaming. If you think the dream is stable enough you can stop rubbing and continue the lucid dream.

Instead of rubbing your hands, you could also try to spin. It basically covers the same thing as rubbing your hands, but instead of rubbing your hands you will spin. You should really feel this, get the motion of it. In this way your touch will also help you to get the other senses back in the dream again. Another possible thing you can use with touch is grabbing something. You can use anything for this; just grab what you see in the dream. It could be a tree, but it could also be the grass or a clock. Just grab what you see and feel it in your hands. It works the same way as spinning and rubbing your hands. You grab something and therefore you will feel and thus keep a sense in the dream. Tell yourself that you’re dreaming and the rest of the dream will come back and you can continue your lucid dream how you want to.

Another possible technique you could use to remain in the dream is focus awareness. You have to focus on a point, so your vision won’t be lost. The rest of your dream might fade away but you have to keep concentrating on that one point and make sure it doesn’t fade away. While you do this, you should repeat to yourself that you’re dreaming, just like you would do when you would spin, rub your hands or grab something. It is very important to keep looking at that point, because if you look away you might wake up. You have to do this until you think your dream is stable enough to continue with the dream.

I know there are more senses than touch and vision, but these two will help you the best to prolong your Lucid Dream. If it still doesn’t work and you do wake up you could try to re-enter the dream. If you wake up, you should not open your eyes or do anything else for that matter. Just lay still and wait for the dream to reform around you. While you are waiting you remind yourself that you’re dreaming, so when the dream continues you’re lucid.

So next time you are dreaming and you feel like your dream is fading away you remain calm and you spin, rub your hands, grab something or focus your awareness, while you repeat to yourself that you’re dreaming. If one way doesn’t work you can always try another to see if that one does work for you. I’m sure there is a way that will help you in prolonging your dreams, just believe in it.