Cant Seem To Stay Lucid

All right, Ive been trying to remain lucid in dreams for awhile now, but everytime I become lucid, I start feeling really strange. Like, a tingling sensation. Ive tried the Lucidity x1000 before, but it saves me maybe a few seconds.

Any help for staying lucid?

I was dreaming about something then suddenly i said in the dream “It feels like a dream, Wait, it is a dream” and i demanded to fly. I flew about 5 mph for like 5 seconds then i have the tingle feeling again, I Try to remember what you say if you are losing control and the only thing i said in the dream “Power times 100” twice but didn’t work, i got sucked back into non-controllable dream.

Any tips? :confused:

PS: my third lucid dream that ever happened.

Once you feel that the dream is fading away you can rub your hands, take a lucid pill, or drink lucid soda.

Or spinning around yourself quickly.

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You should both take a look at Prolonging Lucid Dreams in the knowledge base.

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Hmm… the sensation might be from your mind being aware of your body, sleeping in a bed, while also trying to hold onto a dream world. This happens to me all the time only I don’t fall into an uncontrollable dream, I either wake up or have a FA. I know for me the hand-rubbing technique works best.

I thought of something funny so I would post it here, Make an Easy button A.K.A The Big Red Button A.K.A HELP ME STAY LUCID! in your dream.

Then when you press it make it do something to cause you to stay lucid. The before you sleep say “When I press the big red button I will stay lucid”. Idk, just something I thought of.

Ah yeas, a big red button. Those are fun!

You might find the best method for you by accident! I tried the hand-rubbing thing at first, but one night I found myself eating a waffle that had “LD” embellished on it and gained lucidity! Lucidity pill < lucidity waffle. ^^

And maybe don’t try to fly at first. Flying always makes me lose lucidity. But I found swimming usually works out fine!

I know, use cheats! Acte as if there is a keyboard infront of you, and whenever you press F5, you gain lucidity! (Atleast I know it works to freeze time)

I tried something last night which I think really helped me. Maybe because I sometimes get a bit excited and end up waking. :tongue: If excitement is your problem, try to pretend like your a poker player with great cards. Like if you were pretending that you are not lucid, so “the dream world” or whatever doesn’t know you’re aware. Sounds dumb, but it’s just a way of thinking, which I believe really helped me.

Looking at the floor really helps me to, I think.

good luck :tongue:

ok i have not tryed this yet but i am going to as soon as i get another ld/

ok when you start to lost a dream people say try to keep one of you seances still there. like rub on something or keep something in view so i got something i want some1 to try for me cas i dont have many ld’s :sad:

since you can control the dream im going to try to make it windy that way i ALWAYS feel the wind… and since my sence of touch is ALWAYS in action i think i might be able to hold on to an ld for a little longer

like i said i have not tryed this yet but if some1 could try it for me and tell me if it works i will be gratefull( i proble wont have an ld for another week or so)

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i had the same problem…
dont stop to think how its great that you are having a lucid dream because your vanity will eat you and you wont be lucid any more…get to the “work” as soon as possible and dont think how wonderfull everthing is but just percive
because there is no time to lose.that worked for me and when i was awake i had time to admire the dream(if it was short enough)…
sorry if this “sounds” like i think i have somekind of an authority :content:
i also tried the method described in the art of dreaming by carlos castaneda…
i watched my hands and then a few details(4) in the dream…
if i was in my house then i watched my sofa then the clock…4things…
then my hands and repeated it the whole dream…
after about 4LDs like that,every dream i watched more details before looking my hands(i was reading the book at the time so i was highly motivated i had LDs more offten then now about 12 or 13in my whole life with the short ones)

now i have very long lucid dreams but i cant remember anything…
and can t control when i will have a lucid dream.i am to lazy to use any method so they just come as they will(lol LDs are alive).
in the LD i do a lot of things and then at the end of the dream i try to recapitulate
what happened but i just forget what happened because there was too much of it
so now i know that i have done a lot of things and had a lucid dream but cant remember what…and the DJ dosen t work for me
every LD ends by me screaming “i want to remeber”…
almost crying how frustrated i am because i just feel something
incredible has happened and i forgot it…
i just remember me flying, the reality cheks and having sex
which is very interesting it even changes my perception in the dream
its like i exchange my energy with my DC(it was the same before i read castaneda)

yay this thread is nifty… I’ve been having lucid dreams off and on for a bit now but they usually come randomly… like after many normal dreams in a night i will slip into a lucid one and it will be interesting… since finding this site I have been trying to achieve a lucid state willfully… i’ve been successful a couple times but the experience is different… i tend to slip out of them quicker than If I had stumbled into them unwillfully… if that makes sense…

so one time I tried the hand rubby thing, and the looking at the ground thing, then both at once… the last lucid dream i had my mate was there (i tend to see him often in my dreams); I signaled that I was about to wake up and he pointed at my hands, there was a soda drink there (lucid soda?) and I drank it; this kept me in the lucid state a little longer but then we ran off together and I slipped out of my body (I watched my dreamself and him run ahead of me) and I couldn’t move and then woke up…

so since practice makes the perfect I will continue to try some of the other suggestions in this thread…

Relkon, I will def try this out next chance I get… I will toss feedback your way…

It’s all mind, you just have to believe.

All right guys, I have an update.

Ive gotten lucid twice since my last post, but same problem. I feel a tingling sensation and woken up almost instantly. It feels like, I cant grip to “reality”, and I phase out of the dream.

The first “LD”, if it was even long enough to count, started out like I had woken up that morning, took a shower, and walked to the mirror to get ready. I looked in the mirror, and I saw a younger version of myself (Since Im 16, I saw what I looked like when I was around 8 or 10). I thought to myself, “I dont look like this”, and I realized that it was a dream. It wasn’t a waste, though, because I had a FA afterwards. However, I didn’t realize it was a dream, because I don’t remember looking into a mirror.

The second LD happened this morning/last night. I had used the WBTB method, and I thought I was still awake. I felt my phone vibrate, and when I flipped it open, it looked like I was staring into a lava lamp. I realized that my phone really didnt do that, and I became lucid. I felt myself starting to forget, and I sat up and screamed, “Kolt, Stop! Your not going to forget”, but I started feeling that tingling sensation again, but something weird happened. As I mentioned above, I didnt just open my eyes and I was awake. I was starting at the wall opposite my bed, and I seemed to “phase” out of the dream. Like, in my dream, it was light out, and I had three black papers on my wall (Not normal for right now). I stared at the wall, and everything seemed to start “waving”. Like, a sway up and down. Then it faded to dark, and the papers faded to the poster thats across my bed, and I was awake.

Ok, I know that was hard to follow, but I’m still very new at this, and this is the best way I can describe it by typing. If you understand or have any more suggestions, I really do appreciate it.

Thanks for reading this far!


Ahh this is great isnt it? Such wild ideas, is what i love about lucid dreaming. theres no limits, you can do anything to keep you lucid. A pill, a phrase, eating a waffle with LD on haah.