My Dream Recall

for the past week, I have remembered one dream a night (except for one dryspell) But the night before last, I remembered 2 dreams all in detail, and last night i remembered 4. Also, each of those 4 were about a paragraph long in my DJ, so it was a lot of detail, and very vivid. Hopefully I’ve surpassed an okay DR memory and have excelled to a much better awareness level! I have been doing my RC’s about 10 times a day, and read up on lucid dreaming every day as well. I’ve had four LD’s in total, and want to make that breakthrough where I have a really long LD and can do them frequently, first step is just to make it so I know im dreaming. Any special advice from here on out? thanks everyone

I’d say keep up what you’ve been doing. Look back at your previous LDs and find what caused those, and keep doing what seems to be working. Also, congrats on getting better DR! Also, even though you’re doing better with it right now, don’t forget that DR has its ups and downs, even for those who recall several a night sometimes. Be consistent with your DR as well as your LD methods. Routines and habits help too! (Although sometimes changing it up can help and confuse your SC into getting you lucid some more, but don’t do it too often, or you’re just inconsistent then.)

Congrats on all the dream recall, Emcee. You should check out this topic on prolonging lucid dreams. Dream recall is also important, but remember RC’s won’t work if you’re just mindlessly doing them without recalling which place your in. Repeating to yourself that you’re awake and tracking back to make sure you’re in reality whenever you RC will help to solidify the RC’s, so that when you do them in your dream they’re less likely to fail. Good luck luciding!

Thanks guys :smile: you all are awesome, and thanks ZRVera for always being there and helping me out!