first LD i had, need to get more focused.

first im gonna tell you a bit about how i figured out about lucid dreaming.
a while back, about a year or two ago, i started actually remembering my dreams clearly, and could recite everything that had happened in detail, not every dream, but at least 60% of them.
other times, i knew i was dreaming, but didnt actually do anything about it, just kinda watched it all play out.
but only once did i actually realize i was dreaming, and actually take part in the dream, and that one time was when i was, for some reason, brushing my teeth in front of my mirror.
exciting, huh?
i realized i had already done this, it felt like night, and i hate brushing my teeth, so why am i doing this wen i already did it?
the minute i realized i must’ve been dreaming, i instantly felt a falling feeling and it was like a black veil was suddenly draped over the entire scene and i couldnt see anything.
and then i woke up, 5 minutes before my clock was set to go off.

so this brings me to this conclusion.
i’ve read a lot of topics on here, and researched lucid dreaming quite a bit after that, and it sounds like i need to be more focused.
i keep a DJ, i can imagine images and focus on them extremely well, but what i need to know is how can i increase my focus and lucidity in any other option than these?

Put stuff in your mouth.

No, seriously.

For a first LD it’s extremely normal to wake up after becoming lucid, so I wouldn’t worry about that too much. The next time you’ll probably be lucid longer by itself.

As brb123 said, what you experienced is very common for your first LD. The next LD you have will most likely be longer, because you now know what to expect (or at least how it feels) when you become aware that you are dreaming.
In my experience meditation has helped increase my focus. Learning to remain calm and stabilize a dream takes practice. The more LD’s you have, the more opportunities to practice, so keep doing whatever you’re doing. Also, try to be patient :smile:.

If you haven’t looked at the tutorial on Prolonging Lucid Dreams in the FAQs and Tutorials section, also take a look at that.

I don’t know about that. Last night at the end of one of my LDs I tried biting into an object and after taking my first chew i woke up.