Waking up after lucidity?


For some reason, I keep waking up right after becoming lucid. I know this happens when your emotions get out of control, but I don’t even have time to think. I just think “I’m dreaming” and BAM, I wake up. Is this normal for new LDers?

I think I had 2 or 3 of those before my first real LD. I believe that, besides emotions, it’s often just caused by the fact that you were already waking up and thereby gaining awareness. The end of a REM-phase is probably the most likely moment of becoming lucid, especially if you’re just learning to get lucid. The next time you probably are more lucky.

It happened to me too, when I was starting to LD. I had a few moments when I thought “I am dreaming” and suddenly woke up. Don’t worry, keep trying :smile:

Hi Adam, waking up after getting lucid is a common problem. It happens when we get too excited and loose our heads. I recommend you read this Prolonging Lucid Dreams guide. It’s rather helpful and I’m sure it will help you to not wake up from getting lucid. :happy: