Help with double body experience/confusion while dreaming

Hello everybody. I used to read this forum a while back. I didn’t post much, but got a lot of information. I’ve gotten more interested in lucid dreams recently so I thought I’d get back into reading/posting here. My question involves how to control or experience the concept of your physical body while dreaming.

I have had lucid dreams with varying degrees of control over the past few years (mostly while taking daytime naps). I feel like I need to develop more control though, because each time I get one I feel like if I move or do anything too quickly in the dream that I’ll wake up. I can wake myself up most of the time pretty much instantly so this has created a bit of a problem immersion wise for dreams.

I feel like I rarely have dreams where I’m completely in my dream body, its more like I’m remote controlling my dream body from my physical body. Any tips/suggestions anyone has would be great. Sorry for the long post : )

Welcome benefatual to the LD4all community! :wave:
When you get lucid at first, the realization can make the dream unstable, and things like feeling your real body can happen, therefore you have to stabilize it a little, and focus only on the dream body.
Looking at your hands is a very powerful way, or you could get more engaged with the dream senses by touching and rubbing some dream object, for example. After you do that, and the dream becomes pretty stable, then it pretty much behaves like a normal dream, so it becomes a very natural experience that can last for a long time (even an hour or more!) while you are perfectly lucid :colgate:
If you want more advice on the subject, you could have a read into the Guide to prolonging LD’s or the Dream Control Training Course we have in the Knowledge Base.