Snap Out Of It!!!

k I have a question. Sometimes while falling asleep in an uncomfortable position when very tired (like in the back of a car, on a chair etc…) I will start to be in a dream unconciously then all of the sudden when i realise i am dreaming (which doesn’t take long, I snap back to my physical body. How do I deal with this. Any responses are greatly appreciated. Thank You!!

Hi Jacky! The most important thing is remembering not to panic and not to get too over excited. Intense emotions are most likely what’s pulling you back to your body. A lot of people find that uncomfortable positions get them into lucid dreams easier, so that is a good start you’re on. I recommend reading this guide on Prolonging lucid dreams to help you keep aware and in the dream world. Good luck!

I think this is not a dream but hypnagogy, is this accompanied by a falling sensation or something like this? It could be a hypnic jerk, even though I do not know the solution, knowing what is happening specificaly might help others realize what it is.

Yes I think it is just HI but is there anyway that I can stay in it and not jerk out right away?

i have the same problem, as soon as i realize i just snap straight out of it, any help?

If your attempting to WILD , try to notice the HI before its full scenes and maybe you won’t be as surprised to find yourself there :smile:

what does it start out as ?