Newb Help and my first LD

So… My friend is really interested in lucid dreaming. i remind him to do RC’s but he says that the second he realizes he is dreaming he wakes up. he always has a DILD where he just realizes spontaneously. but it is an instant wake-up call when he realizes it. how can he fix that?

Secondly, i had my first LD a few nights ago. it was pretty cool. but i didnt remember it until a few days afterwards.

So, i was walking around my house. and then i smelled cookies or something, so i sniffed and i realized there was no blockage in my nose. so i was like wait thats relle wierd. theres always a little resistance. so i plugged my nose and performed the nose RC and it worked! i was relle excited so then just to make sure i wasnt crazy i looked at my hands. they were so distorted that they were like a meter in each direction, its kind of hard to explain but it was crazy. then i walked into a room that i’ve never seen before and tried to float, i fell over cause i shifted my weight too quickly so i laughed. then i called my girlfriend(in my dream) and told her. she thought it was cool, i asked her if she remembered me calling her anymore just incase she got it in her dream. but nope nothing.

it was still an amazing experience even tho it didnt last very long

so yeah can you help me with friends

and good luck to other people who are trying to reach lucidity tonight or tomorrow(depending on the time there =])

btw, hes a light sleeper, and i heard that helps LD’s but he is kindof convinced that it is preventing him from keeping concious while he is dreaming. can you tell him otherwise?

Your friend could do several things as described here and in this topic.

First of all, he has to stay calm. It sometimes sounds easier than it is, but it is pretty important. He could spin around his own axes, rub his hands (or touch anything else for that matter). He could also grab something from the dream. For some people it works to focus on something in the dream.

I don’t think it really matters if you’re a light sleeper or not. He should be convinced that he doesn’t wake up at the moment he realises he is dreaming though. Because otherwise you might get the effect that you wake up, because you expect to wake up.

Congratulations with your own Lucid Dream. :content: I hope many more will follow.