Forgeting about LucidDreaming

Hi everybody:)

I was wondering what i should do to take controll in my dreams.
You see, I often know that I am dreaming but I kind of “forget” to take controll over the dream.
It’s like I’m too tired to want to do something in my dream even though I kind of know that I could.

Like once, I was in a country in wich I used to live…walking down the street, that I often used to take walks in…then my mother comes running telling me that we have to catch the plane.
So we start running towards the airport but after a short while I stop and tell my mom that we don’t need to run because we are in my dream.(I realized that while running because I’ve dreamt about that street soooo many times and have been disappointed everytime morning). Anyways she don’t listen to me and keep runing but I just sat down on the ground, thinking “damn it’s a dream again”… then I just went into a store and looked at some clothes or something while waiting to wake up.

This was a few years ago before I knew about lucid dreaming, but similar things happens in my dreams yet.
I know I am dreaming but I forget that lucid dreaming exist as a possibility…
Hhaha once I even got a textmessage on my cellphone in my dream, saying:
“Don’t forget LucidDreaming!”. And I spent the whole dream trying to remember what luciddreaming was.

But I’ve had one luciddream. I just realized it was a dream and thought, ok i want to meet this specific person, and there he was…but after a while he started “melting” …i took controll over the dream several times again by telling my self that I can do whatever i want in my dream but in the end I got soo tiired that I just lost it kind of.

Where do you guys think I should start to be a “good lucid dreamer” :smile: ?
Or what should I think of ect.


Hmm… It sounds to me like you are having a normal dream about yourself in a lucid dream. When I first started I had tons of those ad they’re so cruel because at first you really think that you were lucid and sometimes, if you don’t remember it well, you might not even be able to tell if it was fake or real.

In your dreams, you said you felt very tired. Like I said, that sounds a lot like a normal dream about lucid dreaming.

As for help, I suggest you start here as this faq will help you find the technique that sounds best for you. Also, try to make it a habit to perform reality checks frequently throughout the day.

And, if you’re sure you were really lucid in those dreams you mentioned before then go here and see if that helps you at all with your original question.

Best of luck to you, and Welcome to the forum! :welcome: Be sure to introduce yourself in the The Big “Hi I’m New Here” topic!

Well im sure Reno pretty much answered your question, but what i would do is to try MILD (if you are not already doing it) and say to your self “I will have complete and absolute control in my LD” in combination with whatever montage you want to initiate your lucid dream (it works for me…sometimes…)
The Luciddator