Help with SSILD

I have tried SSILD and have succeeded on the 1st, 3rd and 4th day. The thing is that all my LD are short( using any type of method(Mostly SSILD)). Why is this? I have tried to spin in circles, and rub my hands. It made the LD more vivid but few mins after it just went black and a new dream started. Another problem keep occurring in my LD is, when I did my RC’s (putting my finger through my palms) my finger got stuck in my palm. It was mid way and it wound’t go further. The dream changed after wards because of struggling. What should I do?


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i have no idea, im new in LD too! why dont you post it in the big post of SSILD?

Okay, you are going to find this happening no matter what method you use; it tends to happen to a lot of LD beginners. Try to concentrate on relaxing, and staying in the same LD. When your finger gets in your palm, you probably get so excited that it gets stuck. I recommend reading the guide on Prolonging lucid dreams and if you find you have done all of that, then read through this Dream Control Training guide, for further details.

I hope they help!

Thank you Eilatan I’ll try it out


Some tips for you to prolong your LDs:

  1. Immediately perform stabilization techniques upon becoming lucid.

  2. Immediately break away from previous dream plot and current dream environment after performing stabilization techniques.

  3. Always direct your focus to external objects and events. Never think about your physical body.

  4. Do not try to rationalize things too much.

  5. Do not talk to yourself.

  6. Do not fly all the time. Walking is recommended mean to travel.

  7. Treat small tasks as immediate goals. For example, walking down that stair should be considered a “goal”; touching and examine that object should be considered a “goal”.

Some of the most effective stabilization methods:

  1. Crawl on floor. This not only gives you a full-body workout, it also keeps your dream body from aligning with the sleeping physical body.

  2. Touching and examining small objects in detail.

  3. Eat things. I’m not kidding. For example, sometimes during an OBE we get entangled by the bed sheet. What do we do? The more you fight it the more you will get wrapped up and eventually wake up in sweat. Better just eat it! This will stabilize your dream, break you free, and the sheet might taste good.

  4. Switch on lights. Find a wall switch and flip it on repeatedly. The room may not light up, but rest assured something will. For example, the street lamps, the stars, night turns day, and etc.

  5. Shouting. Anything will do, but of course you can be more specific by shouting “More lucidity!” or “More clarity!”. Your dream environment might shake a bit and will stablize and turn into higher definition. Note this method is more effective in outdoor environment.

A suggested sequence, assuming an OBE:

  1. Quickly rub hands and observe them.
  2. Crawl on floor and observe the floor texture.
  3. Find a wall switch and flip on the light.
  4. Exit the room.
  5. Shout “More clarity now!” when outside.
  6. Shout “Show me something interesting!” to change the dream plot.