First Lucid Dream?

Yeah so yesterday i attempted to WILD, but im pretty sure i fell asleep considering i cant remember anything about having a SP. However as far as i can remember i was “half” aware during the dream that i was dreaming because i kind of had this back thought that i was dreaming and also influenced my dream a little bit :smile:
But this lasted about 3mins and then i think i woke up, or atleast it seemed to me that i woke up (because i just kept on sleeping after it) and after that i cant remember anything else. The dream was not that vivid and im not too sure if i was lucid :smile:
Any thoughts? :content: And if i was lucid this was a MILD right? Considering i fell asleep too fast during my attempt at WILD but still had the thought of wanting to get a LD in my head :happy:

I think you got it pretty much correct. It seems like a low lucidity LD. Probably not very fullfilling, but s good step in the right direction.

is there any way i can work on getting more lucid? :content:

This guide helped me a lot with that:
[url]Prolonging Lucid Dreams]

Ty BeRightBack :content:
Also my problem wasnt able to think clear, the only thing i focused on was basic kind of “instinctive” retarded stuff like having sex -.- And i really dont want to waste any more lucid dreams on that lol :neutral:

Yeah i would say you were lucid. Keep doing what you are doing!

Sounds like a lucid dream to me. :content:

Ty guys :happy: Guess ill work on getting more Lucid Dreams and also improving my Dream Memory by keeping a Dream Diary :smile:

A Dream Diary is definitely worth your time in the mornings; it’s also a very good idea to practice Lucid Living, since this will improve your ability to be aware of your surroundings - after some time you will start becoming aware in your dreams as well and then find out “hey this is a dream!”. :content:

ok will also try Lucid Living :happy:
Just the problem is im sitting several hours each day on my computer and during that time its really hard focusing on Lucid Living and my computer at the same time >.<

You don’t have to do it all the time when you first start out.
My advice is that you spend a few 10-minute moments or so the first few days, when you try to pay attention to as many things as possible (shadows on the wall, all sounds around you, the smell of the air and anything you feel you can handle at that point), and then gradually try doing this more and more often.
I have done this for five days now and I’m starting to feel that it becomes easier. :smile:

If you keep doing this for a few weeks and slowly do it more and more often when you have the time you will eventually find it quite effortless, I think - at least that’s what experienced people always say, and it does make sense.

thanks will do :content: