False Lucid Dream?

Well whenever I become lucid in my dreams I never really think at all I just sort of go “I’m dreaming.” This has happened in all the lucid dreams I’ve ever had and its weird. It always ends up with me doing almost nothing or the dream ends real soon even though I’m not excited because I don’t have time to think. It’s sort of like it always seems planned out I don’t know why.

What do you guys think I should do?

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Well, what you’re decribing sounds like extremely low lucidity. Once you have the “I’m dreaming” moment it’s incredibly important that you immediately stabalize the dream (by rubbing your hands, touching the envrionment, etc.) and find something to do. I suggest you come up with a list of things to do so that when you are lucid you never have to think “what now?”

It all boils down to confidence and calmness. If you start to worry about the dream ending, it will end. If you worry about having nothing to do, you will have nothing to do.

There are some great resources in the Knowledge Base that you might want to check out. One in particular is the Prolonging Lucid Dreams topic by Sandra.

You may also want to check out this lovely Motivation Topic by Lord Antares.

I had a dream about two weeks ago. In it I said I was having a lucid dream, and it sort of faded after that. I had no control what so ever during the dream.

I’ve read about LD for a while, but I am curious how you are able to rub your hands in a dream in which you can not control anything. All of my dreams are like watching a movie with no ability to control or interact.

You can only rub your hands when you are actually lucid. If you have no control whatsoever then it’s just a ND. You’ll just have to try and get into the habit of doing a RC whenever you think of LDing.

Hello, OnATrip and welcome to you as well :welcome:

Ok, what you’re dealing with is very low lucidity, and it goes back to the same root. If you don’t believe you can do it, you can’t. Think of it this way, if you think “I don’t have any hands” you’re mind will receive that message that and you will consequently have no hands. My initial reaction is to tell you to just do it. Don’t think about it, just bring your hands together and rub as you would in RL.

Other than that, there are some things you could try to get your lucidity up. First, once you go lucid scream or think “lucidity x1000,” or “control x1000” if lucidity sounds weird. Saying things out loud in dreams is one of the most powerful tools for beginning LD’ers. Another trick: you mentioned that your ND’s seem a lot like movies. Well, when you become lucid just imagine that you are watching a movie on T.V. Just look away from the screen and what do you know? You’re back in your own [dream] body.

That’s exactly what used to happen to me all the time.
You kinda know you are dreaming, but you can’t do much about it, right?

You just go with the dream, like any other ND.
You can’t remember to shout ‘‘lucidity x1000’’ because you are not lucid enough.

That stopped happening to me when I just…I really realized I was lucid and I…opened my eyes.

I just kinda imagined everything and didn’t move.
But when I opened my eyes, I was really lucid and everything was very vivid.

Since then, I start in my room every time I become lucid.
Then you can rub rub your hands and whatnot.