I decided to write this to help new and old members in their quest to lucid dream.
First of all…the most important thing you should know is: What others can do-you can too.

You don’t just become a lucid dreamer simply by doing some techniques casually.
Your motivation and your will are utterly important.

You can just do techniques again and again into infinity…but with strong will and the right motivation you can easily get lucid dreams without any ‘‘effort’’.

Another thing you should remember:
There are no limits.
If you search for limits, you will find limits.

Reality doesn’t have to be what others tell you.It’s not what you perceive to be true.

Let’s just quote our dear administrator’s signature:
‘‘Reality is what you make real.’’

For example…why don’t people who have never heard of lucid dreaming get lucid dreams?
Why didn’t I…why didn’t YOU…get lucid dreams before bumping into LD4all or some other page?

Because you didn’t know it was real.You thought it’s not possible.
It was reality back then.

But now, guess what? I get lucid dreams.It’s because I know I can lucid dream.
And I know ANYONE can.

Yes, it may be harder for some people…it might take a day to get a lucid dream for some people and years for others.

But you know you can get them.You will, sooner or later.
Practice makes everything better.
You see a man that practiced a lot and he is very successful…you know you can be like him or better than him…it just takes time…patience.


Depressed dreamers, look up.
Get out of that dark corner and start doing something about it.

Go beyond ‘‘reality’’.

If I can do it, so can you.

Very nice idea. I like it :content:

This just gave me a new way to think, thanks!!!

I want to compliment myself with you, Lord Antares, there was quite the need for an introduction to the confident way of mind. :content:

I can report my experience followed the path he just described. I was putting a lot of effort in LD’ing back then, but I was just an average LD’er, having short, uneventful LD’s every 2-3 nights or so, and I wasn’t happy with that, but somehow I didn’t really “know” how to get better. Or to better put it, I didn’t really want to learn how to, something was holding me back.

There was a simple thing that unblocked me, and that was reading the experiences of dreamers that were much better than I was. Reading of their amazing adventures they had (and most still experience to day), almost every single night, was like an epiphany for me, knowing there was people who lucid dreamt with such ease and frequency, meant my efforts to LD more were in the right direction, one of the most "right"s I had ever chosen in my life, at that; and myself, I could get as far in this as they did, if not more. I knew by then, there was a wide open road in front of myself to cross, and I would only have to start walking.

Simply accepting the possibility that I could become a proficient Dreamer has brought me to progressively think like a successfull one, and build confidence on top of itself and its successes, in an onward spiral. It was all fine and dandy, because I knew my feats were nothing extraordinary, and there was, and will always be, people who are a lot better at this than I did. That freed me from all the weight on my shoulders, the voice that kept telling me such stuff is simply not possible. I discarded it, and just kept going. It was the natural thing to do.

I started a challenge with myself, to become better at this every day, where every experience would be a success as long as I learned something from it. Non-conscious dreams can be interpreted; short LD’s can show you where you have to work in order to control yourself and manage your emoctions. Any part of the day can be used to be lucid and improve your skills and confidence.
There is always something to work on, and you have got all the tools you’ll ever need from the start, you only need to believe you do, and get going.
If something doesn’t work, just ask yourself why, and give an honest answer. That is all that’s required to solve that problem, really.

He who knows himself and his enemy will win every single one of a thousand battles, but there isn’t even an enemy in here. Not even your SC. You only have to convince yourself you can do this, and put things in motion. The rest will come, I can assure you.
Believe in yourself, and you will get as far as you’ll like, in the time period you desire. Just be sure to aim big :wink:

If you want some big DJ to read from, you can read from Writerscube, Wyvern, Pedro, relv, and a lot others you can find in the archives.

There’s more out there, at the present day I 'm reading from WakingNomad, RavenKnight, Man of Shred and WarriorTiger’s DJ on DreamViews, and their amazing shared adventures. A good look is reccomended before bed, it can work better than a hundred inductions.

With all my wishes to all of you for a successfull lucid carreer. :smile:

I couldn’t agree more.

Limits. I don’t really understand why people put them on themselves. When I want to improve at something, I look to the experts and get myself motivated, yet what I constantly see is people doing this very thing and getting discouraged as a result. “Aw… I’ll never be that good…” gives up
Wha…? Why the hell not??
If someone is capable of doing something, whatever it is, what makes them more special than you? You should be INSPIRED! They’ve shown you what can be possible. And you don’t even have to stop there. You can be better. Why not?

I’m not only talking about lucid dreaming. Anything. If I want to draw better, I look at epic drawings, if I want to compose better, I look to the great composers, if I suddenly want to learn how to do a backflip or something, I’ll just imitate the experts.
When I was young I knew no limits. I honestly didn’t. I saw a guy river dancing on TV when I was in Grade 3. I thought that was awesome so I copied exactly what he did and guess what? I could tap dance.
Why does that have to change?

When I first came here I was thrilled to find that their were techniques to induce something I knew was very possible. Because I had had a LD before, I saw no reason why the technique shouldn’t work. If I was able to LD without them, there was no reason why the technique should fail.
I tried technique after technique, each with successes until I realized the common denominator. I was LD’ing because I believed I could.
The techniques weren’t even necessary.

So don’t lose motivation. You are capable of anything. All you need is that belief in yourself. The limits are all in your head. Get rid of them.

After reading all three posts in a row, I really feel like if I go to sleep right now, I’ll have a LD. Unfortunately, I can’t. So I’ll read these once more before I go to bed; and I’m sure I’ll experience some sort of good effect.

Thanks Lord Antares, tosxyChor and Wyvern; for your words full of “motivation”. :smile:

I have been on my path for LDs for a while now, but I’ve only been trying on/off with periods of days or just a few weeks of motivation. It’s time I really stuck at it. I’m still working on my dream recall, and even though I keep telling myself “When I wake, I’ll remember my dream” and don’t remember, I won’t be discouraged to keep going.

My Dream Journal has enough dreams for only a few pages. I hope that will change soon enough.

Last night during WBTB I read this thread, and decided to read someone’s DJ. I then got a lucid dream and broke my near-month-long dryspell. :cool:

I usually skip over DJ’s simply because there’s so many of them. That, and I tend to get discouraged, as Wyvern said. But the importance of being inspired by others never occurred to me.
Thanks so much for this, Antares and everyone :happy:

No problem, you are welcome.
I just like helping people.It makes them feel better-it makes me feel better.Why not?

It only proves that motivation is relevant.
I just want to add something to Wyvern’s post…experts…
Well, they are called experts because they practiced…because they know how to do something, they are motivated.

Anyone can be an expert.
Don’t think like ‘‘This guy is an expert.I can’t be as good as him.’’
No…limits again.

Anyone, with right motivation and practice, can be good as an expert or even better.
Hell, you might just kick the expert’s ass some time.

Hahaha second that !!

It took me a month around here to unblock my mind ! And I’m not completely done with this. But coming here everyday and thinking about LDs and this forum and taking seriously my DJ again…I became a bit obsessed by this and then I started to have wonderful experiences.

Just like the others said, it’s when I read others journals that I began to understand that it IS possible to have lots and lots of LDs, it’s not just something someone said randomly on the forum. And when you read others’ experiences, you will understand their path, and create your own.
Your mind will remember what your read, you will wonder about it, you will sometimes remember it while you dream, in a ND or while becoming lucid.

The thing is, when you discover lucid dreaming, you should be precise in what you are looking for, don’t just say “I want to have lucid dream”, and if you fail “I can’t have lucid dreams”.
Because it’s like saying “I want to be rich” without having any plan in your head, you’ll stay poor.
You have to think, THINK about it. What is it you want ? Do you want to meet someone in a dream ? Do you want to know how to fly ? Do you want to meet your SC ?
Make a list of all your ideas ! It will be better for you when you have this.
Read it before going to bed, and as time goes you will have the reflex to have a look at it and put new ideas there.
Keep a DJ near your bed, so that even if you have a simple ND, you can take notes on the morning, and you will improve your dream recall.

It might take time, but if you have motivation, to just read others’ journals and experiences, and think about this when you go to bed, then you are sure to construct your own experience and begin to understand better what you want to achieve in dreams.

Motivation and believing that there are no limits in your dream are the most important things. Planning is also helpful, if you want to be sure to remember what you want to do while lucid. This way, you can also see that you are making progress.

But you know what, I just realised it’s the same IRL…for anything you want to do, not just things you are good at. Even for your work (and I know I have to find good autobiographies to read but right now I don’t have time !! :sad: )

BUMP, for this great, great thread. :smile:
I’ll take an hour before heading asleep, and just read. :content:

think outside the box,


Thank you. That filled me with lucid inspiration vibes. just like writercube’s journal.

OK…this post will prove how significant confidence is.

I already said that I’ve never encountered doubt or limits in dreams…until today.
I never actually wondered if something is possible or if something would succeed, I just knew it would.

Here’s the dream:

I just became lucid randomly, for no apparent reason, as usual.
I was in my house.

I noticed that this was my most lucid dream ever.
It was very clear and vivid.
My thoughts were as clear as IRL.
I stopped for a second (Oh, I didn’t mention, I’ve been rubbing hands since I became lucid) and looked at the walls.

Yup, everything was very vivid.
Anyway, I came into the living room.

My brother was watching TV.
I just started hitting the TV with my fists for no reason.
Then I rushed and razed it with my shoulder.I also razed the walls.
Anyway…I was in the bedroom and I saw someone specific through the window.

I told her to meet me in my garage, which was just in front of her.

Here I just should have jumped through the window or flew down (like I always do) but I remembered the doubt.
I wouldn’t feel it if I haven’t read all those doubt topics on the forum :content:

I knew something would go wrong so I went down the stairs (I was still rubbing my hands).For a few seconds, I deliberately stopped rubbing my hands to see if I would lose lucidity, and I did (NOTE: expectation), so I started rubbing them again.

Suddenly, my vision split.

I mean, just like on split screen.
And it was weird, I could just see my nose.
I tried to stabilize it.
I calmed down, I tried to open my eyes (to restore the vision), but I opened my real eyes.

I was like ‘‘NOOO’’ when I saw the couch (my brother demolished my bed).

You see what doubt can do?
It cost me a dream.

But I could consider this a test dream…I know I have no reason to feel doubt.

In dreams, what you expect is what you get.
I had an unlimited amount of options.

That’s why dreams are wonderful…you have much more options than in real life.

I could have just spawned an elevator (machines often don’t work in dreams tho…usually…it could work if I wanted it to work :wink:) or stairs beside the window.

I could have made my self round and bouncy so I’d just jump and bounce.Wow, that seems fun.

Or I could have just teleported my self.
I had so many options.

That’s a tip to dreamers.
Use your dreams.
You don’t have to be afraid of anything.

Enjoy the wonderful play.
If you panic, you could easily lose lucidity.

Just…enjoy.Do not rush.
There’s time.

You could slow it down if you want to.
There are so many things you can accomplish in lucid dreams.More than in real life!

Because, in lucid dreams, you are, more than ever…

SPOILER - Click to view


Thanks for all the motivation, i actually this as my link to LD4all instead of just typing it :smile: and it has really helped in my quest for more LDs.

i forgot to post in this earlier …

i really like this topic! thanks for all the DJ links, toxsyChor, and the encouraging words Wyvern and Lord Antares.

This is an amazing thread, in fact, I think its the reason why I had 2 LD’s last night ^-^ Thanks!

Thank you, I will post more when motivation hits me :colgate:

Hey, friends, don’t get demotivated by your unsuccessful attempts.
I know how that feels.
I remember not being successful and going ‘‘Ah, I’ll skip it this time, it doesn’t matter’’.

My friends, it’s not your way of doing techniques that stops you from having lucid dreams.
Techniques just aid you in reaching lucidity.
It’s all about your mind. It’s just not motivated enough to care much about lucid dreaming.

Your mind might be a bit freaked to get into the unexplored, or it just thinks there not much to gain.
Oh, there is.
Many people take it for granted, or think ‘‘dreams are cool’’, but don’t really think about it.

Dreams are limitless.
There is so much to explore, to invent new things.
Normal dreams can be very fun to me, only because I know how to enjoy them.

Today I had one of these epically long dream with a huge story line.
At one point, I became lucid. I was a DO at that point and I thought of opening my dream eyes (that is, consciously inducing a FA, so I can get into the dream), but you what? I didn’t. I just ‘‘sat back’’ and enjoyed the dream.I really did.

That is perfectly OK with me.
I know I can have LDs when I want to. I know I will have more LDs and more opportunities.
Your failures are not really failures, my friend.
You can learn from them, see what you did wrong, improve something.

And when you do improve enough to have a lucid dream, you will feel wonderful when you do. You dreams can get really beautiful.
Don’t rush to do things in them. Slow down, relax, take a deep breath, ENJOY.

If you don’t enjoy your dreams, if you rush out to do one thing that you want, your motivation can drastically decrease.

If you know you are a dedicated, positive person, you know you can get really good at lucid dreaming.

It doesn’t matter if you are knew, it doesn’t matter if you heard for lucid dreaming today.
Time doesn’t matter, your will is only thing that does.
You can very easily be better than someone who has been a lucid dreamer for 20 years.

Who knows, one day you might be teaching people how to LD…
Stop worrying when you jump off that cliff.
Don’t limit yourself with saying: ‘‘I’m not good enough to fly this far, I’m gonna flap my arms like a lunatic and try to land safely somewhere’’.

Just…let the dream take you.
Give yourself to it.
Close your eyes and enjoy it.
Like that, you will be able to fly around earth multiple times.

This post might seem like a bunch of mess, even to me, but my ultimate point is:

Enjoy your dreams, enjoy what you do. Don’t get fettered by your failures, make sure that they even give you more will to dream, because the prize is worth it!
When you have a big enough amount of will, you will be completely free in your lucid dream. And don’t confine yourself to doing only what other people have done, because you can do…anything.

wow thanx a lot this thread really helped with my confidence!
and that quote inspires me,

Go beyond “reality”!