The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 40

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it would be a good idea to start your own dream diary in our dream diary forum, then you can have your own topic for your dreams and any replies that you get :yay:
We also have a sticky “My Big First LD Collection” topic in that forum … it would be great if you copy/pasted your first LD into it :happy:

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Hello, hello, hello… :shy:

My first post. I heard about lucid dreaming reading the February 2006 Readers Digest article “What Your Dreams Really Mean” on p. 92. I’m lying. I knew that you could have a dream where you knew it was a dream and could do whatever you wanted, but now I know the name for it. So anyway, Hi. I hope to get more frequent lucidity. Very excited. Happy holidays! :xmas:

Welcome to the forum! Keep a dream journal, it helps a lot :content:

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I am new here (Not to state the obvious considering where I am currently placing this post)

I had a whole slew of things planned for this post, to tell people what I am about. And now I cannot for the life of me remember what I was going to post. I suppose I will start with the basics of what I have acheived and what I wish to acheive.

I remember dreams very easily, usualy able to recall them weeks and sometimes months after I have them. Quite usefull when you wake up and go “that would make an awesome book!” I am not sure why, I think it may have to do with all the books I read and study on various topics but my dreams are extreemly linear (usualy) with a complete begining, middle, and end. I can even explain the character dynamics and plot line upon awakening (usualy).

Occasionaly I have a dream that is, odd to me, but seems natural to everyone else (from what I have read). One that has just very strange things, imposibilitys which are so common in most peoples dreams are abnormal to me and I usualy realize I am dreaming almost instantly, becoming lucid.

Now I would think that once I was lucid I could force the dream to go back to a “normalness” but that is never the case, infact the dreams get so bizar and disjointed its almost impossible to stay asleep.

I should probably clarify what ‘normal’ is to me. Anything you see in a movie I would say is normal. So long as it follows a linear path and makes sense. The things that always make me lucid are things like buildings vanishing, or changing layouts, real life places looking different, as well as myself doing anything supernatural. Others can do anything, shoot lazers from their eyes, lift entire buildings, etc and in my dream I watch them as if in a movie. But attempting any such feats myself would cause instant lucidity.

So this wouldnt seem a problem to most people, you would think I would become lucid quite often, and I do on occasion become quite lucid throughout the night. But I don’t count anything less than 10 or so seconds as lucid dreaming.

To this effect I have had only 3 dreams in my lifetime that have lasted more than a few seconds. Two of them this very week. But, if I count the ones lasting only a few seconds I would say I have had upwards of three thousand. Last night alone I had six.

So that is what I have acheived, now on to what I want. (sorry for the length so far)

I wan’t to find a way to give myself more time in a lucid state, and stay asleep longer. I am constantly waking up the very moment I become lucid, is quite vexing. Either a cat jumps on me, the lucid state awakens me, or I just wake up for no reason I can conceive of.

If I could become lucid for a period of time, my main goals are to find out about past lives, possibly chat with historical figures, and share dreams with others (mainly my husband and my friend).

But the problem of remaining in the lucid state continues to be my largest problem. Usualy the number of lucid states in a night are 1-2, but this weeks two longer lucid states, combined with last nights 6 quick but vexing jaunts into the Lucid world have me hopefull that I may be able to change this soon.

So there I am. Hope no one minds the length of the post.

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You might like to read Stormthunders Dream Journal, her dreams are like stories too. Have you ever considered writing a story of your dreams?

as for prolonging dreams, you might find the “prolonging lucid dreams” topic in the knowledge base useful and the "How to stay lucid" topic :content:

Good luck with proloning your dreams, and completing your lucid goals! :mirror:

Hi everyone, I am Boz, and I am love dreaming lucidly. I am writing this both as an introductory post and to show you what I’ve done so far, who I may help and who can help me.
I started with it some 8 years ago, using concentration-based methods that seldom worked. For the better part of my excercises(up to a year ago), I was self-taught, and depended on trial-and-error, which, as you know, is not very effective timewise in the area of lucid dreaming. Anyway, pretty soon(after a few years), I developed my own methods of attaining and retaining lucidity while dreaming, and not waking up. Lucid dreaming(and other things like meditation, standing sleep and the like) is really something awesome. A fellow forum member from a different board showed me this place, and I made an account, eager to share my own experiences and listen to your own.

I am interested in dreams, and I also might have a gift when it comes to remember them and also controll them a bit. I gues those two things conects nicly. I am not to good in English grammar…

I often dream about similar type of places, i am sure that I can learn important things from my dreams. This is a new personal revelation I have had, about doing tests in dreams. I am a nights person and I love to sleep in the morning. That has maybe somthing to do with the fact that I enjoy sleep and dreams so much? I am 27 years old and there is a lot of things I don’t know. I am a verry normal man, I read a few books, and have a few interests. I like stuff that is over the line a bit, like Bill Hicks or William S. Burroughs. About dreams, I have read “the art of dreaming” by Carlos Castaneda and other works by him, but I found him to be a bit repeating and I have also later came to understand that he has bean quite a mystic abot this phenomen. Well I did not know that it actually was somthing caled Lucid dreaming, as a research field, until just recently. And I will try to read more about the subject in the time to come. What I have found out, or are exploring now, about this subject. Are that dreams that you remember, can mean a lot to you. Dreams that you controll can mean even more. If I have a verry materialistic dream, I will think of this and for me, this results in trying to gett less materialistic and more spiritual. The same can be say’d about sexual dreams, but I am not to good in lifting the focus away from it when it happens. I often have had nightmare like dreams where I am emtying my self of options… I had one recently witch made me avare of the horror I have of heights. Even though I knew it was a dream, I could not walk down the narrow wall, because I suddenly was so aware of the extreme fall on bouth sites my knees start shakin. I would fall if I stod still also. This happend to my mind! This told me that dreams are important, that it only was fear that killed me. It would have bean easy to walk on that wall if it had bean on the ground. I often find my self klimbing upwards in dreams. I use some of the same buildings and outdoor places all the time. I have had one out of body experience when I was young. I could sea my self in the bed. I had now controll, I was dragged out the window and I floated in air over the landscape outside the place I was living, and it was real! I could not controll it and I was draged to a field, and there where som ugly men waiting there, making me spin in there direction… I remeber that I had bean real exhausted when falling to sleep and that it felt like my body felt a sleep before my mind. It must have bean tangled up and turned into a nightmare. I have also a couple of times had the sensation of being a sleep at the same time as waking up in the room I felt a sleep in, the room has bean noise, and high monoton noises has ocoured. It is also clear to me that I have chickend out every time this have happend, and that I nead training to advance. one senario is in the morning, I have maybe bean awake for a bit, and then I gett hold of a dream. And I gett Lucid, and I gett into a nightmare. Like when I am the guy the tree ugly men call for when they want to train shooting. I know I am Lucid, but the horror takes me, it feels so real! Have there bean some investigation of the black area you can fill with dreams? I have actually had some experience with small soring flames, I have bean hovering with them, just above the floor. And I remeber it to be most unplessant? It can offcourse be me that have read about it and spinned on my nightmareish ways a fantasy dream on it. This is my first post, and it is a long hello. As I said, I have a long way to go, but I want to study it good. People nead to belive in somthing!

:wave: hello venus, The Boz and focus1

venus, at least with becoming lucid so often, you will have ample opportunity to work on getting them more stable :yay:

The Boz, learning everything by trial and error with no one else’s personal experiences to help you is a time intensive way to improve LD abilies :yes:
but I suppose you had the advantage of just judging your attempts by your own progress and so wouldn’t have encountered the frustration that some people encounter when learning to LD

focus1, it’s good to see someone who cares about their normal dreams too :smile:

I hope you all enjoy being members of LD4all as much as I have done :yay:

Hi! I originaly heard about lucid dreaming via Wikibooks. I have been trying for months with mixed success, as documented in my other post. I can control dreams perfectly well when I am lucid, I just need help getting there. (I could even generate people, things, and rooms in my first LD!)

:welcome: hello Ccool2ax, welcome to LD4all :smile:
It would be great if you posted your first LD in our big sticky “My first LD collection” topic in the dream diary forum :boogie:

I’ve just looked at your other post and if you increased the amount of RCs you do a day (twice a day isn’t quite enough) and used WBTB to reset your intention to LD … you only have to tell your self once or twice that you WILL LD and believe it, your LD frequency should improve.

Hello, I’m Jake. I came here through Erowid and have been lurking around for some time. I found the concept of LDs mind-boggling and decided to try it. I can’t consistently LD yet, but dream recall is ok.
I joined looking for advice and conversation with everyone, since it seems that actively being involved in the community would make me think about it more and consequentially have more and better LDs.

So, hello! :smile:

:wave: hello hippiejake, welcome to LD4all :smile:
there is so much information and personal experiences to discover at LD4all, you will have a great time browsing the forums :yay: and then if you need help there is always someone there to post an helpful reply :boogie:

Hi there

I’m Tyza. Nice to be here.

Greetings to everyone.

Hello, I’m new :content:

I discovered LD a few years ago and did some reading on the subject, but I never managed to get good results :sad:

But now I will try again. Wish me luck! =D

good luck :happy:

:wave: hello Tyza and Slacky :grouphug: welcome to LD4all
I look forward to reading all your future posts :smile:
/me wishes you both good luck with your lucid goals :thumbs:

Well im new to this forum so just wanted to say hey :smile:

Hi =p
[The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 40)
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