The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 40

:welcome: hello eddy, Ansie and BryanB, welcome to LD4all :smile:

:thumbs: good luck and remember to post it in our dream diary forum if you do have an LD :grin:

Ansie, being a member of the english LD4all forum is a great and fun way to improve your english :yay:

Keep at it and you are sure to get a lucid dream :thumbs:
If possible include WBTB with the method of your choice, it really improves the odds of having a long LD :content:

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Welcome Eddie :content:
I hope you like it here.

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I recognised your avatar instantly ^^
As you probably already noticed, we have more boards here at the English forum. For example the great Lucid Adventures :happy:

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I hope you start a Dream Journal so we can read your adventures during the night. Good luck Lucid Dreaming.

Thank You Sandra :grin:
I noticed that there are more boards and I also noticed that there are more active members and topics. I hope I can learn and discuss more here at the English forum ^^

Hi, I’m Ryan. I’ve been working on lucid dreaming since late last year but I just started getting serious about it and started hardcore RC and dream journal. Look forward to getting to know everyone on the site :smile:

Hello Hello, here am I! Just, I don’t know… Hello.

I am very spiritual and such. Hoping to achieve som lucidity here.

:wave: hello TBK and Jepix, welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:
I look forward to reading about your future lucid adventures :yay:

Welcome Ryan and Jepix :content:

Jepix, you may like Beyond Dreaming section since it is about spiritual topics. On the other hand you may not like it :tongue:

hey everyone.

i’ve been posting a bit but haven’t introduced myself to here, hello!

I’m interested in lucid dreaming simply for the experiance and generally being able to do anything i want!

also i’m not really spiritual

:wave: MIlesbh

:boogie: that’s the great thing about LD4all it is for all and we all get along well :smile:
… and I had spotted your posts around the forum :wink:

Hello people!

I am a teenager. And I want to do LD so I could… Do things.

From flying to splitting yourself to two to creating a beautiful woman from thin air. In backwards order :shy:

Hopefully this will work out. Counting that I already missed 2 dream signs on Monday (I drove a car AND went to a shop ran by midgets. No kidding!)

Hi! I’m new here and I really want to learn about lucid dreaming. I’ve been trying to learn for a while and I’ve had a few lucid dreams…but no REALLY cool ones if you know what I mean…like…not full awareness and I coudln’t really control them so I want to learn to get better at them and I’m hoping this place will help me reach my goal.

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Ichigo, reading the different topics in lucid adventures, quest and dream diaries should give you some good advice on increasing your control and powers :thumbs:

I hope you both enjoy being LD4all members :yay:

Cool! Thanks. I think I’m gonna enjoy things around here! So far, I like what I see. :content: And you seem like a nice mod and other members around here also seem nice so I cant wait to start posting here! :cheesy:

Hi there LD4all community,
I’m excited to learn all I can about LD’s and the experiences we all have with them. In my past I have had only 1 LD that i can remember.
I became lucid in my dream for no apparent reason. I was standing outside of the old apartment complex my parents and I lived in and realized that this was the most amazing thing that has happened to me in a dream. I decided to test my knew found consciousness with an attempt at flight. IT WORKED. I could only fly about head level above the ground, but what an experience. For a first experience I was very happy. Now it’s time for more experiences. Last nite i began trying the WILD technique. I never realized how hard it is to stay conscious while falling asleep. Focussing on those images that pop into my brain are just so tireing. Well, attempt #2 will begin tonight.
I look forward to chatting it up with you all.

:wave: hello Indicanesis :smile:
it would be a good idea to start your own dream diary in our dream diary forum, then you can have your own topic for your dreams and any replies that you get :yay:
We also have a sticky “My Big First LD Collection” topic in that forum … it would be great if you copy/pasted your first LD into it :happy:

:thumbs: good luck with atrempt number 2 :thumbs:

Hello, hello, hello… :shy:

My first post. I heard about lucid dreaming reading the February 2006 Readers Digest article “What Your Dreams Really Mean” on p. 92. I’m lying. I knew that you could have a dream where you knew it was a dream and could do whatever you wanted, but now I know the name for it. So anyway, Hi. I hope to get more frequent lucidity. Very excited. Happy holidays! :xmas:

Welcome to the forum! Keep a dream journal, it helps a lot :content:

:welcome: welcome to LD4all Twiddely Man :grin:
I love your sig! :happy:


I am new here (Not to state the obvious considering where I am currently placing this post)

I had a whole slew of things planned for this post, to tell people what I am about. And now I cannot for the life of me remember what I was going to post. I suppose I will start with the basics of what I have acheived and what I wish to acheive.

I remember dreams very easily, usualy able to recall them weeks and sometimes months after I have them. Quite usefull when you wake up and go “that would make an awesome book!” I am not sure why, I think it may have to do with all the books I read and study on various topics but my dreams are extreemly linear (usualy) with a complete begining, middle, and end. I can even explain the character dynamics and plot line upon awakening (usualy).

Occasionaly I have a dream that is, odd to me, but seems natural to everyone else (from what I have read). One that has just very strange things, imposibilitys which are so common in most peoples dreams are abnormal to me and I usualy realize I am dreaming almost instantly, becoming lucid.

Now I would think that once I was lucid I could force the dream to go back to a “normalness” but that is never the case, infact the dreams get so bizar and disjointed its almost impossible to stay asleep.

I should probably clarify what ‘normal’ is to me. Anything you see in a movie I would say is normal. So long as it follows a linear path and makes sense. The things that always make me lucid are things like buildings vanishing, or changing layouts, real life places looking different, as well as myself doing anything supernatural. Others can do anything, shoot lazers from their eyes, lift entire buildings, etc and in my dream I watch them as if in a movie. But attempting any such feats myself would cause instant lucidity.

So this wouldnt seem a problem to most people, you would think I would become lucid quite often, and I do on occasion become quite lucid throughout the night. But I don’t count anything less than 10 or so seconds as lucid dreaming.

To this effect I have had only 3 dreams in my lifetime that have lasted more than a few seconds. Two of them this very week. But, if I count the ones lasting only a few seconds I would say I have had upwards of three thousand. Last night alone I had six.

So that is what I have acheived, now on to what I want. (sorry for the length so far)

I wan’t to find a way to give myself more time in a lucid state, and stay asleep longer. I am constantly waking up the very moment I become lucid, is quite vexing. Either a cat jumps on me, the lucid state awakens me, or I just wake up for no reason I can conceive of.

If I could become lucid for a period of time, my main goals are to find out about past lives, possibly chat with historical figures, and share dreams with others (mainly my husband and my friend).

But the problem of remaining in the lucid state continues to be my largest problem. Usualy the number of lucid states in a night are 1-2, but this weeks two longer lucid states, combined with last nights 6 quick but vexing jaunts into the Lucid world have me hopefull that I may be able to change this soon.

So there I am. Hope no one minds the length of the post.

:welcome: venus! :grouphug:

You might like to read Stormthunders Dream Journal, her dreams are like stories too. Have you ever considered writing a story of your dreams?

as for prolonging dreams, you might find the “prolonging lucid dreams” topic in the knowledge base useful and the "How to stay lucid" topic :content:

Good luck with proloning your dreams, and completing your lucid goals! :mirror: