The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 40

This is Part 40 of the big “Hi I’m New Here” topic. The previous part can be found here. All links to previous parts including the “shake hands” topics can be found in this post.
Keeping all the intros in one topic prevents us from having thousands of individual “hello, I’m New” topics and keeps the forum from getting cluttered up. :content: Anyone is welcome to post here :user: , new and old members. So don’t be shy :peek: , we don’t bite :wolfbite: .

Hi, Im new here!

ive known about this for a while but decided to give it a shot, ive had dreams which i was quite aware in but i doubt they were lucid as i didnt have much control. Started a dream journal last night and managed to fill 2 pages of detail in the morning, it was amazing! Cant wait to get further into it…

Im off to bed!

:wave: hello Kupz, welcome to LD4all :grin:

if you were actually AWARE that you were dreaming while in the dream then these are LDs. You just have to work on the control then and also use commands to increase lucidity.

:thumbs: good luck for tonight Kupz :smile:

Hey, I was just doing some reading in wikipedia and I came across this. I wanna get lucid so that I can be a great writer.

:wave: hello Zenythmon :grin:
I would think that normal dreams would give lots of inspiration to a writer too (you should take a peek at Storm Thunder’s dream diary in our dream diary forum)
Welcome to LD4all, I hope you enjoy your time as a member here :grouphug:

My name is wes, thats what my friends call me, but ive alwayed thought there could be something special about ever since i was a kid, maybe i have telekanisis, or maybe something like that, but when i was small, i would lay in bed and feel my body get thrusted forward my bed lift up and it would smash into the ground, now acording to the guide thats my spirit leaving my body, i thought thats just how i went to sleep sometimes, but really it was my spirit entering a whole new place, very cool.

Also every dream ive ever had in my life wich would be millions, I remeber a lot of them, and to tell u the truth i didnt know about lucidity tell now, but ive always knnown it wasnt real when i dream. always known. So when im in dreams i can almost controll them perfectly and do whatever i want. for example, i was at my dads house in a dream and i new it wasnt real because i was outside and i had just recalled falling asleep. there was a couger and it was trying to attack my familly out on the porch, i had just watched dragon ball z lately so i took my hands and clenched them togethar, this is an EXTREMELY hard thing to do in ur dream sometimes takes 20 minutes to get the beam, but i charged a big blue beam and totlay pwned the couger. then 30 more came running around the corner so i flew up. ill tell right now the best trick to making the kamayhamayha thing is to scream and shout as loud as u can while having ur hands near eachother and just keep thinking about the color and power u want it to be and just yell and scream in a powerfull way. and the best trick to flying, dont look at ur feet or straight when ur trying to go up wich alot of people do. LOOK AT THE SKY, look up, bend ur kneees and think of a power coming out of ur feet, then jump and give ur arms one flap or swim motion and ull be off very easily. Thanks for reading guys, and thanks for this website, i would have never known i was a concistant lucid dreamer since the age of 5. If u want to know any tips about things, mail me at and ill let u know what u can do. ive prolly been lucid dreaming longer than the person that made this sight =p

I would just like to add something u might find facinating and other might already of thought about, DO u ever wonder why in real life we only use 10% of our brain. and why when we dream we can do the coolest things like fly shoot magic teleport go invisable and more. its because when u sleep u use the other 90% of ur brain. while resting the 10%. that 90% of ur brain is insanely strong and thats why u can do cool things, if u could only use the 10% of ur brain when u slept to, it be the same as rl, ud be able to do nothing cool. BUt when u are awake u can not use the 90% of ur brain, it is that parts turn to rest, and is almost impossible to tap into it execpt for a very few ammount of people in the world that can slightly tap it and claim to have small ammounts of telekanisis.

:wave: Ilusion, welcome to LD4all we do have a topic about telekinesis in the beyond dreaming forum :smile:

Hello, peoplefolk. I’ve been interested in LD and AP for a long time, but until recently I’ve never made a conscious effort to achieve either. This forum looks like a very friendly community, so I hope this site will help me with LD, as I’ve never had one before, and having full control over my dreamscape is too tempting to pass up :razz:


Nice to meet you Illusion I hope you find it nice here. :smile:

Hey guys, IM NEW HERE! hahaha

Well I have always been interested in dreams ever since I knew what a dream was. Probably half a year ago my older brother mentioned lucid dreaming to me and I was instantly interested. Back when he told me about it I tried to do it everynight, but it didn’t ever work. At the time I was too lazy to keep a dream journal and I had no idea that you could induce it with different methods.
For the past week or so I have kept a dream journal (which I can say it’s definintely helping in dream recall) and I have been trying different methods to induce lucidity.
Earlier this morning I tried WILD and I was positive that it would work based on the dream I awoke from and well… it didn’t work. :razz:
I had psychology exam this morning so I’d say it’s safe to say that my mind was elsewhere lol

I joined ld4all because I figure if I take part in things like this in my waking life, it will stick into my subconcious and a lucid dream will be easier to attain.

:welcome: hello ShaggE and Odeon :grouphug:

/me wishes you both luck in your lucid quests :thumbs:

Reading the different topics here can really inspire you and keep you motivated :boogie:

Hey wats up…the name is Stew and im new here. I want to become a lucid dreaming but i think it guna take some work. hopefully i will get it shortly.

Hi, im new. Ive got my own reasons for lucid dreaming, and some of my friends want to do it too. I especially want my friend to at least remember dreams. See, i like to write and make movies, but even I sometimes need some ideas. WEll, my friend (a fellow movie buff) has a hard time remembering dreams. He does recall that during many dreams he has he sees whole plots, twists and all, take place. We need those dreams… Anywho, my friends and I were talking about weird dreams one time when my friend told us about his semi-lucid dream. Gotta get some lucid dreams now! Well i kinda tarted to rant, so errr Hi!

Welcome to LD4all Stew and TheRealJollyRoger :hugs:

TheRealJollyRoger; you might like the Garden of Creation. I would love to see some work for you, be it writing or movies. Dreams can give a lot of inspiration to make art.

I hope you both like it here, and good luck with getting Lucid Dreams.

my name is tom, im 15 years old from israel
time dealing with LDS : 2 weeks
numbers of LDS: 4
favorite technique: WILD / PILD
things that i wish to do in a LD and didnt done yet : get a b***job from girl in my class…
2. to kick ass random pepole in the street.

:wave: hello Dozer612, TheRealJollyRoger and Psychopath
welcome to LD4all :grouphug: I hope you all enjoy being LD4all members as much as I have done :boogie:
:thumbs: good luck Dozer612 and TheRealJollyRoger, I hope you haven’t got too long to :hyper: wait until your first LD :dream:
:yay: congrats Psychopath for doing so well so soon :good:

hi im new here

yes i’ve done alot buy 3 of all my 4 dreams was a spontanic LD’s
it think is called a DILD… sometimes i just rememberd to do a RC and sometimes i knowdest that some thing is wrong.
its was great!
i think i succeed that far coz i very love LD’s and i intersting very much in this subject that is got in to my unconscious mind so that helped me the most

im sorry, my english sucks please try to understand me :smile:

Hey! I’ve been reading around the forum for a few days and finally joined. This looks like a great place! Love the style of the forum, and the people are great. Really motivates me on working for my LD. I’m from Puerto Rico, 19 yrs, a pleasure to meet you all!

:welcome: hello kanye to the and -Juanelm-
welcome to the best forum community in the world probably :grouphug:

:yes: Psychopath, spontaneous LDs are DILD :happy:

Um… I guess I’m supposed to say hi I’m new here! Does anybody know how to have an amazing lucid sex dream?