The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 40

um… I guess I’m supposed to say :wave: welcome to LD4all :smile:

… if they do, they are probably too busy doing it themselves to reply :tongue:

[size=92]Hello, everyone.
Just stopping by to let you know the obvious fact that I’m new here.

I recently became very interested in LD-ing, so in my travels through the tubes, I wandered here.
Here’s hoping that I can get LD-ing down.[/size] :wink:

Hi everyone

I just came here it say I’m new here. I came here after looking for more info on LD-ing. Hopefully I can get better at it

:welcome: hello Jesgen and lori529 :grin: welcome to LD4all :grouphug:

You will find lots of information and discussion in the forum topics. I hope you enjoy browsing and posting here :thumbs:

Good luck on your quests for lucidity :happy:

i am new at ld4all
i do not need help
i have been lucid dreaming since i was 5
so yea, okay the point here is to introduce myself and well
im interesting in dreaming stuff and computers
and i dont know what else to say :smiley:

is 5 the magic age or something? whenever i hear “ive been LDing since i was…” its always 5… hmmm makes you wonder…

Welcome to LD4all Tom,
It seems youre doing great in Lucid Dreams so far. Keep it up. What about starting a Dream Journal here in LD4all, so we can all read your (lucid) dream. Don’t worry about your English. I could understand it well. There are people here from all over the world and you’re certainly not the only one who hasn’t English as native language.

Welcome kanye to the :wave:
Good luck with LDing and WILD :content:

:welcome: -Juanelm-
LD4all is indeed a great forum. I hope you enjoy the time you spend here :content:

Welcome bearsfan34 :content:

Hello Jesgen. Feel welcome here; this is a great place. I hope you start a Dream Journal too.

Welcome Lori529
You can find a lot of info about Lucid Dreaming here, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Welcome Rengeade
You could check out the Lucid Adventures area. There are some great ideas there what to do while lucid dreaming. Also every moon there is a new quets, which are often great idea to do.


Hello all!

My name is Josh, I am currently working as a freelance web designer and stumbled across this site through another online forum.

I have started reading the guide, and so far everything that has been said I’ve either thought:
a) “That’s happened to me! I know that!”
b) “That’s a good tip, going to try that!”

I’m not that good at introductions but I love chatting to people, and this forum seems like a great resource for dreams.

I’ve had lucid dreams before, have been having them since I was 5 and now this website has given me proof that I’m not too crazy!

Cya 'round,

:lol: and it has just happened again :eh:

:wave: hello Renegade and Josh Taylor :grouphug: welcome to LD4all

/me hopes you both enjoy being LD4all members and share some of your experiences with us :content:

I wonder if we should make a poll for the age members first experienced lucidity :eh:

That would be good, also when I was 5 it is the furthest back I can remember, which is really, really weird and people I have talked to because of this just say it’s because i’m a silly dope :razz:

Also, when Istarted being able to change my dreams (LD’s?) it was about the Old Hag, I had this dream from 5-13. But the old hag was a witch.

Thanks for the warm welcome,

Hello my fine-feathered friends.

Briefly, I’ve been LDing for around 14 years (since I was 16). There was a time when I could LD 2-3 times a week. But a handful of years ago, life got ahold of me, and I lost touch.

Recently, however, I’ve begun focusing quite fervently on bringing LD back to centerstage. Thank god my dream-recall is still very solid, and I have no trouble writing many pages in my journal every morning. As well as journaling, I’ve started daily rituals and reality checks…I can feel I’m on the brink. A few more days.

Quickly about me: ex-Army brat. Actor. Designer. Art Director. Server. Dreamer. Living in Jersey.


Welcome to LD4all Dream_Quake,

Since you were an experienced lucid dreaming some years ago it shouldn’t be that hard to get back on track again. I hope you start a dream journal, so we can read your dreams stories. And if you made something artistic, be sure to show it to us in the Garden.

:wave: hello Dream_Quake :smile:
I look forward to reading some of your dreams :boogie: you may also like to take part in our lucid quest this month … the Spirit of Giving


So, here I am. :smile:

I became interested in LDs just a few weeks ago, when the concept was mentioned in another forum. Since then, I have been reading what I could find and quickly stumbled on I have always remembered becoming “aware” that I am dreaming now and then, but I thought that as soon as this happens, one would necessarily have to wake up. Ha! How wrong I was. :wink:

I had my first LD 4 days after I found out about them, and many more since then. I am currently doing various experiments to find out more about the nature of the dream state - and also to just have some good old plain fun!|D I am also trying to learn WILD, with mixed success.

I am still browsing through the many interesting topics here, but I may post more about my own experiences soon. :smile:

(And I have to say that there is an amazing amount of emoticons available in this forum. I have never seen anything like it! :mrgreen: )

:wave: hello Ionflux, welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:
I hope you post a few of your lucid dreams in our dream diary forum … there is even a big “My First LD Collection” sticky topic in there :content:

/me thinks that is because pasQuale is a :peek: secret smilie addict … esp for these two smilies :cookiemon: :ebil:

I was lurking here for couple of days and now finally decided to say ‘hello’ :slight_smile: So…

Hello :slight_smile:

About two years ago I head about LDs for the first time and liked the idea very much. Obviously I had to give it a try, although the required work ahead of me seemed to be quite big.
That’s because my DR was always steadily poor and improving it wasn’t as easy as I might have thought. Eventually I grew bored, abandoned whole concept and returned to dreamless nights of dark void :slight_smile:
I only recall one dream that may be counted as half-LD since then . Strangely, it happened several months after I stopped doing anything related to LD. So it really seems that if you want it too much, you are on good way to failure :slight_smile:

Nevertheless, more than a year passed, my life changed quite a lot and few weeks ago I suddenly reminded myself of this brilliant idea of lucid dreaming. And to my biggest surprise, it took me only several days to develop way better DR than I had previously after two months of practice.
Now I’m starting to have that short and sloppy LD-like dreams even without actually trying any real technique (unless doing about 2 RCs a day can be called like that). However, I still feel like I need to get a more stable and reliable DR and increase vividness of my NDs. But at least I’m way more patient now :slight_smile: So sooner or later, I shall conquer the wonderful world of LDs! Or… at least I hope so :smiley:

Personally I live in Poland and I’m studying IT on university.
(And I’m also amazed by number of image smileys here, although I generally avoid using them ;P)

:wave: hello Xion welcome to LD4all :happy:

:yes: patience is a must otherwise when they hit their first dry spell, people lose their motivation :wink:

Hello everyone! I’m new here too. :smile:

I’ve heard about LDs before, (and even had some - though it wasn’t much more than the realisation part) but never really looked into it, for a number of reasons.

Now I finally decided to embark upon the quest. :tongue: So I equipped myself with a year 2005 agenda and lightgiving pen to start a DJ, which proved to be quite interesting. :smile: Me being my busy self though - didn’t got to trying out a lot of techniques so far. But it’s almost holiday time, so I might even get lucky before new year’s day… :happy:

It’s really nice to see a forum with so active, and with so many “activities”… :smile: But then, Lucid Dreaming is a very exciting subject.

Hello, I’m Angela and i’m new here too.
I’m from Holland and the dutch forum, so my english isn’t very good. I’m very interested in dreams and Lucid dreaming. I want to improve my english reading and writing skills so i thought i should check out the english forum. :content:

Hello! My name is Bryan, and I’m from Rhode Island, US! Couple of days ago, someone posted a MP3 that will put you in lucid dreaming, I was very interested but sadly, I’m deaf, I couldn’t hear. I really want to LD, so I’ve decided to read more about it and was surprised that there are methods that doesn’t require any of hearing, I was happy. I’ve tried some couple of nights, it didn’t work. But that didn’t stop me from doing it! I’ll keep trying. My english isn’t very good too! Happy to be here :smile: