LD4all Quest 14: Rhythmic Moon: The Spirit of Giving

LD4all Quest #14: Rhythmic Moon: The Spirit of Giving
Author: pasQuale

Each moon, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

13 Moon Calendar

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The Spirit of Giving

We are nearing christmas, and one of the chistmas feelings is the spirit of giving. And of receiving too. Therefore, this Quest, you will give another dreamer a present.

To fully complete this Quest you have to complete two goals.
First: you are going to find someone in your dream to give a present to.
Secondly: you will find the present another dreamer has left for you.

Select a buddy who you will do this Quest with. You can do this either by PM or a post in the forum, in any case make a post in this topic announcing who your buddy is.

Then, in your next LD, find your buddy and give him/her your gift. In another LD, find the gift your buddy left for you. If you manage to do this in one dream, that is also a possibility ofcourse.

It is possible you meet your buddy in a ND and receive a gift, that counts too. But the dream you actually bring the gift should be a LD. (This is a lucid dreaming Quest after all :tongue: )

Your gift should be packaged, so the receiver has to unpack it.
You can chose to give a surprise gift (you don’t know what is in it yourself) or select something you want to give. Be sure to wrap it up.

addition: instead of doing this one with a buddy from LD4all you could also give a gift to a DC in your dream, to experience the giving. Be sure to ask for a gift back then :smile: You could pick a random DC you encounter in your LD or a DC of someone you know IRL. Somebody, or a dream animal maybe, that you give something :smile: Or what about giving something to a lot of people. Let your own ideas guide you.

Giftshopping in your dream world:* Reach out in your pocket/bag and know your gift is inside.

  • Enter a shop and get something you like, have it gift wrapped…
  • Summon or materialize the gift you want to give. Call: “please let the perfect gift for [name] appear”
  • Expect the gift to be there when you turn around. Turn around.

Finding the receiver
note:You should bring the gift personally, so no sending it or giving it to someone else to bring it.* Enter an elevator and press the button with the name of your buddy to get there

  • Stand in front of a door. Know that behind the door you will find your buddy. Open the door and go inside.
  • Summon your buddy. Call out his/her name.
  • Ask someone in your dream to take you to the one you want to give your present to.
  • You could also set up a meeting place, in that case use any of the above methods (or your own method) to travel to the meeting place.

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):

  • Set your mind for this Quest
  • Decide what you will do to find your gift, decide what you will do to find your buddy. Do you already know who you will give the gift to or will you chose a random DC? Do you already know what you will give or will it be a surprise gift? How will you find the gift receiver?

Post your attempts, whether you feel you succeeded or not, in this topic :smile:

Be sure to announce who you have teamed up with in the topic!

last but not least: have fun everyone! :happy:

:peek: note: rhythmic moon is from december 13 2006 to january 9 2007

That sounds so fun! Now that I am having LDs in a every two days basis. I think I will try it. Does anyone want to be my buddy? :hugs:

I must say pasQuale, i absoloutley love the idea of this quest. :happy:

hah this is cool i wanna do it too! … but i guess i gotta learn to be lucid first :cry:

Great idea, Chrismas one ! HAPPY CHRISMAS ! :grin:
Im pretty curious how that one will end :razz:Hope that not by killing hundreds of dream people >:/ Possibility of shared dreaming was always cool for me :smile: Gonna do it today, or at weekend.

buddy, anyone ? :tongue:

sounds cool i’ll ‘buddy’ you if you want, wouldn’t mind a try at this although i’ll most liekly fail miserably.

This sounds awesome! I like suprises though, I’m not telling who I’m going to try and give a gift. (or vice versa)

i’d like to buddy with whoever signs up next :smile:


signs up :grin:

wow, i didn’t really know if i was going to do this one, I thought of people to do this one with, and you were one of the people that came to mind, and then you post this!

does everyone else who already signed up have a buddy yet?

When you mean signed up, you don’t mean actually writing your name on a list somewhere right? Actually, that would be a good idea…

Anyway, I talked it over with Magnus, and We’re in :grin:

Awesome! This is great! I am so looking forward to dreaming with ya :smile:


If we dont know how that person looks how do you give it to them? :help:

Dreams are very imaginative when it comes to people we haven’t met :cool: I have dreamt about people for example from the internet…some have almost fixed mental images, and some get a random appearance every time. In my dreams, i usually just know who the DC is.
/me would like to do this, too

Sounds like fun!

Whoever wants to can sign up to be my buddy. Just be the first to post that you want to be my buddy.

I often Imagine people from their avatar.
When I think of Q a horse/unicorn
Moogle her avatar
Bruno his old avatar.

One Question…are the two people in the team supposed to each have their own dreams of this quest?

For example, lets say guy1 and guy2 team up.

If guy1 meets guy2 in his Dream and it is not a SD, and guy1 gives the present and receives the present, is the quest over, or must guy2 also do the same?

Or must two team members talk with each other, about a specific date to do this etc.

every team member should have a LD where he/she gives the gift to their buddy and a dream where he/she receives the gift.

You can try for a SD where you both meet and give and receive a present, or just go and find your buddy and give the gift in a LD; and see if you receive one back already. Then don’t tell the exact dream to your buddy but wait until your buddy has completed the quest too.

But you both should give and receive a gift in a LD, it can be in separate dreams or in one dream. So it doesn’t hurt to communicate.

I plan to just find nick in a dream and give him a gift and let him know when i succeeded, so we can check if we had a SD or if he should go and find the gift in his dream.

I think it’s good if you don’t tell the whole dream already to your buddy (or post it here) if your buddy still has to have the dream, in order not to influence each other :smile:

Thanks for clearing it up.

I’ve completed half of it: i gave my present to Magnus :content:
I won’t post the dream down, for now, but i might in my DJ

congrats on giving the present! :yay:

you shouldn’t post it anywhere yet where mag can read it :tongue:
or at least leave out details.

Heh… Cool quest!! :grin: A big :yay: for Q!!! :boogie:
Hmm… i’m doing it with SRG… and we’re probably gonna fail miserably, but who cares?! :lol: