LD4all Quest 39: take your pick!

LD4all Quest 39: january : Take your pick!
Author: pasQuale

Each month, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

Take your pick!
Ever felt sad you weren’t able to earn your wings with a past Quest? Felt your favourite Quest had already been done? Do not despair! :grin: This month you get to pick your favourite Quest from all the Quests we have done so far, and complete it, and earn your wings with it!

So, take your pick from the list below, and complete it. Post in this topic which Quest(s) you will attempt. And post ofcourse your dream if you have succeeded. In order to earn your wings you have to dream the Quest in january 2009, so it doesn’t count if you have completed it before. Do it again :grin:

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - I will only give wings if you feel you have been succesfull in completing the Quest, the wings are a reward for yourself.

I will give everyone who earned it their wings at the end of this Quest, so please be patient

last but not least: have fun everyone! :happy:

Take your Pick! 1. Through the Mirror

  1. Transform into an Animal
  2. Meet Your Spirit Guide
  3. Finding Lost Memories
  4. Dreaming Our Way to 2012
  5. Unfold Your Wings and Fly
  6. Join the Party
  7. Improve a Skill
  8. Connect to your Kin
  9. Find Your Dream Pet
  10. Focus on Yourself
  11. Tickle Your Tastebuds
  12. Explore a Past Life
  13. The Spirit of Giving
  14. Let it grow
  15. Find your Symbol
  16. Look at the sky
  17. Use your senses
  18. Enter a videogame
  19. Explore your subconscious
  20. The Mirror of Erised
  21. Transformation Quest revisited
  22. Resize yourself
  23. Make music
  24. Travel through time, and meet your future or past self
  25. The Spirit of Giving again :content:
  26. Re-enter a dream
  27. Go to Lucid school
  28. Mother of Invention
  29. Read the book of your Life (or see the movie)
  30. Join the anniversary party
  31. Face your Fears
  32. Travel to the center of Earth
  33. Make a wish come true
  34. Relax
  35. Listen!
  36. Swim with the Dolphins
  37. The Spirit of Giving III

please post your attempts in this topic too! (you may post them in the Quest topic you have chosen, but in order to earn wings, you should post them here too, since I can’t keep hopping around the different Quest topics :tongue: )

This is such a great idea, pasQuale! When I found out about the monthly quests, I read the big list and was so sorry that I didn’t join these forums sooner. :wink:

I’ll do the Mirror of Erised!
/me says, “Sweeet.”

I would have done the “find your symbol” one, but I already have mine. So I will explore my subconscious.

I’m re-entering a dream… The freaky HVC one that still haunts me to this day!

EDIT: maybe watch the movie of my life… Hmm…

/me ‘cheats’ :tongue: and lists the ones she has already tried

  1. Quest 26 and 38: The spirit of giving
  2. Quest 34: make a wish come true
  3. Quest 27: re-enter a dream

[I won’t do ‘LD4all Quest 31: Join the anniversary Party!’ … since the party is over now and I will get there in time to tidy up :tongue: ]

I will only claim the other half of my wings if I feel like I have done enough to deserve them.

Err yes,i would like a number 25,with extra sauce,please :grin:
Or 32?
I don’t know
I will try both,and see if i get anythjoing…i’m worried about a dryspell i recently had…Lasted about 3 days.
Anyways,good luck on your quests,guys! ^^

Probably will try many :smile: The flight one is the one that sounds most interesting, though :happy:

i would want the transform into an animal one, i would want to be a griffin/ dragon :dragon: or the mirror of erised… i didnt know that the words on the mirror were meaningful

  1. Exlpore a Past life?
    I haven’t had a lucid in a while, maybe this will give some motivation!! That would be awesomelly cool to see my past life…

I might also try the symbol one.

BTW do we have to choose one and do that one? Say we change our minds when lucid and decide to travel to the center of the Earth?

I’m wondering the same thing… I want to see the movie of my life, but I may decide to look into the mirror of Erised… right?

BTW: Nice ava! :tongue:

I haven’t even attempted one of these since I got here, almost makes me feel a little lazy :tongue:

I’m going for…aw heck, I’ll see how many I can get done in a month! Try making up for lost time and give myself some much-need motivation as well!

Gotta make sure I don’t stress myself out though. That’d turn things in the wrong direction :peek:

I’ll make it interesting then…I’ll only ask for wings if I can succeed in at least three quests! :content:

you may do any Quest you like, so if you post here you will do mirror of erised but change your mind in your LD and watch the movie of your life, no problem :content: As long as you complete one of the Quests on the list and do so deciding in the dream In other words, if you have a LD and you happen to be flying around, that doesn’t count as completing the flying Quest. When you have a LD and consciously decide to try and fly, then it is completing the Quest. And even better if you look around and remember the Quest and what you were going to do…

:peek: and even then, you, the dreamer, decide if you want to earn your wings :smile:

good luck everyone! :thumbs:

:happy: I haven’t given the dream a title yet.
But I managed to re-enter The Green gift dream location for about 10 seconds or so before a FA

full dream

oh! if i had gone through the mirror, I would have done two quests! through the mirror and face your fears :scared:

Count me in. I’ll give the Transform into an Animal quest a go for my next one. (Dragon)

So many choices… :meh:
Ok, this month, I will travel to the center of the Earth :content:

I want to do all the quests if I can, I cant choose so I try do do as many as possible at same time :razz:

These are the ones I particularly want to try:

  1. Through the Mirror
  2. Meet your Spirit Guide
  3. Focus on Yourself
  4. Explore your Subconscious

Oh! I am definitely trying to look in the Mirror of Erised! That has always been my dream! Hope it works! :content: