Quest 37 - november - Swim with the Dolphins

LD4all Quest 37 - November - Swim with the Dolphins
Author: pasQuale

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Swim with the Dolphins

:peek: this one is directly from my own dreams, I saw a list with assignments to do in a LD, and the only one I remembered was “Swim with the Dolphins”. So when I woke up I decided to follow that dream and put it as the next Quest :content:

As soon as you are lucid, dive into the ocean, or a pool, or wherever there are dolphins, and swim with them :smile: You can also transform in a dolphin yourself if you would like.

To complete this Quest and earn your wings

  • Become lucid ( :tongue: )
  • swim with the dolphins (swimming with ONE dolphin is also allowed :wink: )
  • optional: transform into a dolphin yourself and swim with them.
  • Post your dream in this topic (a link to your DJ is allowed but you have to post in this topic that you have succeeded)

To swim as a dolphin without any dolphins surrounding you doesn’t count as completing this Quest. To swim, but there are no dolphins, the same. Swim with one dolphin is as good as swimming with several dolphins. Just to be clear on the Quest reQuirements for this one :wink:

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - I will only give wings if you feel you have been succesfull in completing the Quest, the wings are a reward for yourself.

I will give everyone who earned it their wings at the end of this Quest, so please be patient

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):

  • set your mind for this Quest
  • ponder on how it would be to swim with dolphins

Post your attempts, whether you feel you succeeded or not, in this topic :smile:

Good luck !


Have fun!

Right on! Sounds fun, I’ll give it my best shot.

:hmmm: you always find something new :cool_raz:

Swim with dolphins right? Maybe I can do it just for fun :tongue:

Damn. Had a lucid dream this morning, went to go do this, but I was stuck in my house and the lights weren’t working. I couldn’t see and there was someone else in my house.

Seems cool, I’ll remember to do it in my next LD. Althrough it may be a quite different experice for me… I couln’t swim for 4,5 years and I can’t now, because of problems in my ear. By swim, I mean diving, and/or getting any water on my head. So I’m not too sure my SC knows how swimming underwater feels. Anyways I’m sure I’ll like it! Cool!
I have wings! Yaaay :slight_smile:

Ha, that is really strange.
Last night i was thinking of a few tasks for the lucidity challenge, and this popped into my head! And i havent been on LD4all since now, so i couldnt have seen it before. How bizzarre :tongue:

I’ll try. I only succeeded in swimming in an ld once. Hope it works again and i can summon up some dolphins too! Or better transform in a nice dolphin (i love them who doesnt) and nail two quests :plotting:

Edit: i know the transformation one wouldnt count as ‘transforming into an animal quest’ :sadyes: coz it was for a different month. but i’ll still try to do it :smile:

Definitely an interesting quest. And something I haven’t done before in my dreams. I’ll give it my best shot!


I had NO idea this would happen tonight, but: SUCCESS!!!

I was flying around in New York City, realized I was dreaming and looked for a body of water. I landed in the Hudson River where I saw dolphins swimming. I know they don’t normally live in that area (least of all in the middle of the city), but I guess my wanting them to be there just spawned them. I landed in the water and swam with them, even touched them. Didn’t manage to transform into one, though, but it was a great dream.

Full account is in my DJ. This post, Dream #3, to be precise. Wildest night I’ve ever had when it comes to dreams… First time I succeeded in doing MILD, too!

Sounds excellent! I’ll have to give it a go. :woo:
Edit: Can it be in a dolphin show? :eek:

:clap: congratulations Svenshinhan! :happy: :yay: what a great dream (I read it in your DJ) Well done!

tyrael: sure, it can be in a dolphin show :content: as long as you swim with them, not only watch the show.

Tried to do this one this morning. Was in some sort of hotel when I remembered this quest. Looked out the window and made sure that there would be an ocean outside. I jumped out of the window and began to swim. Tried to summon some dolphins to join me, but instead I got a komodo dragon and a bunch of dinosaurs who instantaneously drowned! Better luck next time :content:.

Well, I swam with ONE dolphin and it wasn’t an LD but it’s atleast one step closer than nothing :wink:

Dolphin Swim
I had taken a shower first.
It was a show, we had a pool, a grey dolphin and an audience but I had to improvise, I jumped into the pool with the dolphin, hold onto it I think, first I told it to dive and swim downwards and then swim upwards and(jump?) I had managed to improvise something good, the next boy was also nervous since he too had to improvise and was impressed I had managed so well and didn’t think he would but I encouraged him that he would. My hair felt a bit strange so I wonder if I had some shampoo left in it since the shower.
I remember Liv, Louise, Maria E. and Elin being there. Maria was sick and had to go home, so he went out from the blue bus and tried to close the door but half the bus door was broken and wouldn’t close, someone dragged at Maria’s clothes

It is in my DJ too :wink:

That sounded great magnus :thumbs: did you like it, I always have wanted to swim with dolphins :cry: theyre so cute.

great attempt kirbzy :happy: love how you got dinosaurs and a komodo dragon instead of dolphins :lol:

mag, commented in your DJ :wink:

but, saying it here too, swimming with ONE dolphin also counts as completion of the Quest :smile: (now get lucid too, ofcourse)

[center]I DID IT!![/center]
Do broken bones increase lucidity? Because last night I had a LD that seemed like it lasted for hours upon hours. I did many things, such as talking to myself (Turns out I’m mean :tongue: ), and with all of this time, for the first time, I completed a LD4all Quest. I had spent about 8 hours on this site with my broken collar bone, which is why i suppose that the only thing on my mind all day, was lucidity and the ingorging story of wolfgame so far. So without further pointless blabing, here is my dream.

I am walking in California, somewhere in the desert. And I suddenly walk up to a huge city, buildings all over with no signs or anything, just buildings, all the same size. And I walk to the end of the street, and that is when I see a huge sign that says-- Hotel Paridiso, in bright neon lights. And that is when it hit me, I was just playing wolfgame, and this is the name of the hotel, I must be dreaming.

As I do about 80% of the time when I have a LD, I go to my house whenever I realize I am dreaming. I then start to fly around all over Illinois, I then see a huge wall of water in front of me, I fly up as high as I can to get to the top of it, and then I see something that could have been nothing else than, A group of Dolphins. I immediatly dive as fast as I can into the water. It was a wall of water, sitting still, and when I do this, it all comes crashing down onto the city below, and water is rushing all through the streets, and I start going up and down in the water like the dolphins do, and all of the sudden, they start to follow me, and we swim together, and after that, this is when this part of the dream started to end. The sewers sucked up all of the water, leaving the dolphins there. I grabbed them all together in a bunch and flew as fast as I could to the ocean, then I toss them all in.

I then go on to do the things I metioned before, such as talking to myself. I go back to my house, lay down, and then I look in the mirror next to my bed, and I see myself staring down at me. Let me tell you, that is a very scary thing to see. Then out of nowhere, it pushes my collar bone, I get up in pain, and wake up to hear my bone crack. :cry: . Well thats about it. Hope you enjoyed it.

:clap: congratulations tyrael! Great dream, well done!

and I hope you feel well soon with your collarbone, have you considered trying to send healing energy to it or something like that in a LD?

no but that sounds like it would be a fun thing to try. :good:

:rofl: have we got our first WGILD? Wolfgame induced lucid dream?
congratulations :thumbs:

I know… it was so strange! That wolfgame really gets into my head! :wolf:

Thats a SUCCESS :colgate: Hope you enjoyed it, I get jealus when I read these dreams :dark: