LD4all lucid Quest 56: Double Combo - Take Your Pick!

LD4all Quest 56: june & july : Double Combo - Take Your Pick!
Author: pasQuale

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Double Combo - Take Your Pick!
Ever felt sad you weren’t able to earn your wings with a past Quest? Felt your favourite Quest had already been done? Do not despair! :grin: You get two months to complete two past Quests, and earn your wings!

Better yet, and much more fun, is to combine two (or more) past Quests and do them in one LD!

One LD with a combo of at least 2 past Quests earns you your wings.

Or, do two Quests separately, you also will earn your wings :smile: Remember, you have 2 months (june and july) to complete this!

To complete this Quest and earn your wings

  • complete 2 or more past LD4all Quests, either in separate LD’s or a combo of past Quests in one LD
  • Post your dream in this topic (a link to your DJ is allowed but you have to post in this topic that you have succeeded)

Fun combo’s to inspire you - make up your own :dream:

  • fly through a mirror to your dream destination
  • find your symbol behind a mirror
  • go to the LD4all party and give another LD4all member a gift
  • go to lucid school and improve one of your skills
  • transform into an animal and go to the LD4all party in your animal shape

and so on :content:

Post the combo you will attempt in this topic, to inspire others, and also as a motivation for yourself :smile:

And post ofcourse your dream if you have succeeded. (Or a link to the dream in your DJ). In order to earn your wings you have to dream the Quest in june or july 2010, so it doesn’t count if you have completed it before. Do it again :grin:

good luck, and have fun!

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - I will only give wings if you feel you have been succesfull in completing the Quest, the wings are a reward for yourself.

I will give everyone who earned it their wings at the end of this Quest, so please be patient

Take your Pick and combine from these Quests:

  1. Through the Mirror oct 18th - nov 14th
  2. Transform into an Animal nov 15th - dec 12th
  3. Meet Your Spirit Guide dec 13 th - january 9th (2006)


  1. Finding Lost Memories jan 10th - feb 6th
    (*) Unlocking all Quests feb 7th - march 5th Hosted by moogle - didn’t count as a new Quest
  2. Dreaming Our Way to 2012 mar 6th - april 3rd
  3. Unfold Your Wings and Fly april 4th - may 1st
  4. Join the Party may 2nd - may 29th
  5. Improve a Skill may 30th - jun 6th
    (*)Unlocking all Quests jun 7th - jul 25th Didn’t count as a new Quest
  6. Connect to your Kin jul 26th - aug 22th
  7. Find Your Dream Pet aug 23th - sep 19th
  8. Focus on Yourself sep 20th - oct 17th
  9. Tickle Your Tastebuds oct 18th - nov 14th
  10. Explore a Past Life nov 15th - dec 12th
  11. The Spirit of Givingdec 13th - jan 9th 2007


  1. Let it grow jan 10th - feb 6th
  2. Find your Symbol feb 7th - april 3 extended due to servercrash, dataloss and servermove
  3. Look at the sky apr 4th - may 1st
  4. Use your senses may 2nd - may29th
  5. Enter a videogame may 30th - jun 26th
  6. Explore your subconsciousjun 27th - jul 24th
  7. The Mirror of Erised jul 26th until - aug 22nd

From this date on, wings can be earned by completing the Quest[/center]

  1. Transformation Quest revisited aug 23rd -sep19th First Quest to award wings!
  2. Resize yourself 20 sep 20th - oct 17th
  3. Make music oct 18th - nov 14th
  4. Travel through time, and meet your future or past self nov 15th - dec 12th
  5. The Spirit of Giving II dec 13th - jan 9 2008


  1. Re-enter a dream jan 10th - feb 6th
  2. Go to Lucid school feb 7th - march 5th
  3. Mother of Invention mar 6th -apr 3th hosted by Magnus
  4. Read the book of your Life (or see the movie) apr 4th -may 1st
    from now on the Quest runs every month instead of every 28 days (moon)
  5. Join the anniversary party may
  6. Face your Fears june
  7. Travel to the center of Earth july
  8. Make a wish come true august
  9. Relax september
  10. Listen! october
  11. Swim with the Dolphins november
  12. The Spirit of Giving III december


  1. Take your Pickjanuary
  2. Stop Time february
  3. Travel to another dimension! march
  4. the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything april
  5. Join the 13th Anniversary Party may
  6. Connect to a Source of Power june
  7. Meet the Ancestors july Hosted by siiw & moogle
  8. Be creative! august
  9. Follow the White Rabbit! september
  10. Meet an alien! october
  11. Swim the ocean & fly the sky! november Made by Amaryllis
  12. The Spirit of Giving IV december


  1. Open the Gate january
  2. be your own guardian Angel february
  3. have fun in an amusement park march
  4. Travel to your Dream Destination april
  5. Join LD4all’s 14th anniversary party! may

awesome! another chanche for me to complete the transformation-quest. and earning wings for this does even more motivate me. :cheesy: + havginn two months time is also nice, since this is actually something like two quests.

Great!!! I have a lot of time :happy:

Completing this quest will count as one of my birthday presents because my birthday is in July.

Was someone too busy to come up with a new quest?

I need to earn my wings.

All right, I’m in.
My personal reason to become adapt at lucid dreaming is to learn how to heal.
Therefore I chose quest number 44 (I need all the power I can get to do this) and quest number 42 ( my question would be how do I heal someone, and hopefully will get an answer that will show me how).
Wish me luck and perseverance! :ld4all:

Good luck, KauaiDreamer! Looking forward to read your Questdream(s)!

Good luck everyone :smile: and note that your wings (if earned) will be handed out at the end of july :content:

Woohee :smile:

Another chance to travel to my dreamworld! I got soo close last time.
Of course I will fly over the whole landscape (Quest 6)
or maybe I am going to find the mysterious Dreamer´s Necklace (a object i thought up to give me ultimate control over my dreamscape; haha just bad that it is hidden in the ruins of a desolate mountaincity :tongue: ) because this would be a veery important landmark for myself, I think that it would fulfill Quest 35 :grin:

Well I am freshly motivated.

Ah yes, the Q-is-too-lazy-to-make-a-new-quest Quest :tongue: (joke, of course). Hmmm… I’m thinking #12 and #24. Or do I get triple cookies for doing #39?

so many options…

41, 48, and 52 seem awesome. I’d say i’d try 2 but that hardly counts for me, as it’d be bound to happen.

i’m also liking 20.

Rhewin (what happened to the a there?), if you attempt #39 you will get caught in an infinite loop and who knows what would happen then?

good luck everyone! I love seeing your choices :smile:

Already planned what Im gonna do :razz:

Now I just need the right inspiration

What are thoose cookies lol ?

:eek: great idea! I’m just not sure how to… begin something like that in a LD.

anyway, yeah, what happened to the a? :tongue:


I got tired of the “e” and changed it to “a,” and then back to “e” to screw with people.

It’s fun, isn’t it? :tongue:
Anyway, it might be a great way for me to broaden my lucid powers list, so I’ll go with #2, and throw #3 in for good measure. ^^

I started on quest 56 last night, and it ended with a bit of a twist.
I finished my first quest of the combo, namely # 44, find a source of power.
However, the result of the quest is such that I need to do a third quest in order to do the 2nd quest I had picked, namely # 42 Ask a question and get an answer.
Note to pasQuale: Let me know if you agree that the first half (first third as it turns out) of my quest is done.
I wrote it in the dream journal section KauaiDreamer’sQuest 56 LD log

KauaiDreamer, I enjoyed reading your dream! And I don’t decide if you have done it, you do it yourself :smile: But I think you definately nailed the “Inner Source of Power” one :smile:
For the wings, you only need to complete one other Quest now - but I hope you will succeed in doing all three because I’m curious to read your dreams :happy:

I´m gonna try #6 and #54, no doubt! :smile:

#3: Find Your Spirit Guide and #10: Find Your Dream Pet
Ambitious, I know, but with two summer months ahead of me I’d really like to finally accomplish these. And once I find one I figure they can lead me to the other.