LD4all Quest #3: Rhythmic Moon: Meet your Spirit Guide

LD4all Quest #3: Rhythmic Moon: Meeting your Spirit Guide

[color=darkblue]Author: pasQuale

Each moon, on LD4all we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

The Quest for Rhytmic Moon is: Meet your Spirit Guide[/color]

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Meeting your Spirit Guide

This Moons project was suggested by Carnun in the Quest Suggestion Topic.

A Spirit Guide is an entity who watches over you in this life. Your Spirit Guide is always with you. You can have several guides, and guides can change over the years, as you move from one phase in your life to another.

In this Quest you will try to meet with one of your guides.

Even if you don’t believe in this, it would be interesting to try and see what you encounter.

In your next LD:

  • Meet your Spirit Guide
  • Ask their name, and other questions on your mind
  • Ask him/her for a gift

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):

  • Set your mind for this Quest
  • Already decide on how you will call your guide.
    Tips on how to meet your guide:
  • Call out loud: “I want to meet my Spirit Guide, please appear to me” (Phrase this in your own way)
  • Find or materialize a door and say that your Spirit Guide will be there when you open it
  • Take an elevator and press the “Spirit Guide” button; when the elevator opens you will meet your Spirit Guide
  • Decide what questions you want to ask your guide. Focus on just one or two important things, because you have to remember the answers as well when you wake up. The more questions you have, the harder it is to take it all back to the waking world. But know that that is what important to you will stay, and even thought you may not remember all, another part of you will know the answer.

Have Fun!

Post all relevant dreams in this topic (whether you feel you succeeded or not).

Good luck on your Quest everybody! :dream:

note: Rhythmic Moon is from december 13 2005 until january 9 2006

Wow this is a really good quest… I’ve always wanted to try this, I just never really got around to it and it always seemed to slip my mind (Maybe its all that time in the procastination topic hehe) … hopefully this will help focus me, in fact I’m going to try this tonight :content:

Good luck everybody!

Well I’m getting back into my lucid dreaming routine again, so I’ll make this my goal.
Next lucid dream, I will seek out a spirit guide :smile:

I’m in! Good luck :smile:


I think that I don’t actually have a spirit guide! Its not I don’t believe in them, its just I feel as if I don’t have one! So this is going to be really interesting to see if I am wrong and to see what I will encounter.

I can’t wait to read everyone elses experiences too.

Good luck everyone! :smile:

Well. That means meeting Wolf again. I’m in.

Managed to do both. I WILDed this night—the first thing I did was go talk to Wolf to report here but it was kind of the same as the last dream :razz:

After talking to Wolf (and, later, a couple of hipsters who sold bottled souls) I decided to try becoming a centaur. Not a real animal, but worth reporting anyway^^

Yeah, good quest. I wanted to do this for ages…
Maybe this is an extra motivation and I finally do it :cool:

I wonder what my spirit guide looks like.

If it’s anything like Bruno’s SG, it must be one handsome beast! :cool:


I’m interested as well. Pretty much all the stuff you guys have said, forgot, never thought of it, blah blah blah. Always wanted to though, hopefully I won’t be bogged down with too much schoolwork to the point where I can do a nice WILD. :smile:

In the unlikely event I get a lucid dream this month, I’ll make sure I do that. I don’t believe in spirit guides, but I’m really interested to see what my brain would come up with for one, and how it would look/act. :smile:

I have done this already :happy: with one of my guides (whose very conveniently named DC) But I will see if I can do it again with EM, its probably a lot easier for me then turning into a animal.

this is a really good idea. maybe this LD will have a good accomplished feeling. (ive ld’d a good 1 or two times…)

NO NOT THE SG! :scared:
She only trys too save DC… :sad:

i managed to get in a LD yesterday.I was trying to find my SG,didn’t shout cause hate to disturb anyone even in my dreams.But many images started to flow around my mind and started to act in my dream.I saw a sensei-i have recently joined a dojo-but i thought it was just a false SG cause it was a very recent image of this person.I’ll just keep trying,i might achieve something,any suggestions on what to ask him???

Wow, I’ll have a lot of shove for this, I’ve been trying to discover my spirit guide for a while.

So last night, I went to sleep extremely drunk… woke up about midnight… extremely hung over and I took some pain killers and detoxifed myself until about 4am, then I went to bed to get a few hours sleep, but I was still suffering.

I had two really great dreams that I will post in my DJ later, but I also had this curious FA.

I wake up in bed, and I am still suffering from consuming too much red wine, and I become aware of a presence sitting in the corner of the room where I normally have my stereo. I think that perhaps this is my SG, and that he is just looking out for me why I writhe in pain. He was completely in a dark shadow, I definity new he was a male… perhaps 40 odd years old. But I had the distinct impression that he wasn’t too impressed with me, and that I disappoint him. He was sitting crossed legged, and was contemplating me, makeing those church hands with his finger tips.

Well, this is the closest experience I have ever had to meeeting a SG… so I want to try and encounter this guy again and find out why he thinks I am doing so wrong in my life.

Chances are I will just tell him to go take a hike!! :bored:

:thumbs: great experience carnun :smile: I hope he’ll come to you when you are more sober :wink: and you can ask him those questions :smile: Good luck!

I believe a SG is a part of ourselves.

Perhaps this is yourself looking back at your current path?

Okay, surprisingly I had a lucid dream this morning and gave the quest my best shot. As usual it was quite a long dream and I still haven’t finished fully typing it up yet, so I’ll just post the relevant parts here:

Attempt 1:

Attempt 2: