Finding Your Spirit Animal/Guide

Hey guys!

So my next goal right now is to find my Spirit Animal/ Spirit Guide in a lucid dream. I don’t really know how to go about this other than asking the awareness behind the dream “Show me my spirit animal!” I was wondering does anyone have any experience with finding their spirit animal? Or, does anyone have any stories about their spirit animal? I want to meet mine so that I can have some sort of guide in an animal form to help me become lucid or just in general help me out. I think it would be very cool and its a mix of a fun yet meaningful goal. :content:

Thanks for the help!

I’ve never heard of someone doing something like this, but it’s worth a shot! I think I’ll try that if I have another LD. Good luck! :content:

Happy dreaming! :wink:

I’ve read around that people have dream guides in the form of animals. I don’t believe that its uncommon, perhaps there are people who are unaware though. Anyhow, I 'm just trying to find someone who has had an experience with this for some advice.

And thanks!

Nice. I’ve been considering going back to animal spirit training and collecting after obtaining the Octopus animal spirit while attempting to escape my subconscious. I plan on getting back to that after taking care of a few tasks.

Can’t you just conjure up whatever you like? I did it with a Phoenix(inspired by Harry Potter’s Felix, but mine is more epic :content: ) and now I call him whenever I’m in trouble.

You can, but then it won’t be your guide. It will be more like your animal alter-ego.

I really, really wanted to be a dragon. But, I wasn’t. I was a wolf, and I didn’t find my animal guide–it found me, in a dream.

With lucidity, at least you can send an invitation-- but don’t just conjure up what you want, because it’s more insightful if you allow it to suprise you. For example, I realized how much of a pack animal I really am. A dragon would have been independent, which was what I wanted to be, but accepting recurring dreams of a Wolf as my spirit animal meant that I had to face how much I really want a place is society and how much I depend on the approval of other people.

You may like to read this Meet Your Spirit Guide, there are personal accounts in it. If you search, there will be other topics on the forum too.

Well, since this a very spiritual thing, you want to think of the setting where this will take place.
I think of a very holy place, or some place with a lot of mystical stuff happening, like the top of a windy hill with rain… And there it is, someone with a cloak that looks like you…
That is one way to approach it. Another thing is dream characters. A lot of times you will meet DC’s disguised as your spirit guide. I met one before as two businessmen and women and they were helping me become lucid.

Though I didn’t just simply ‘conjure it up’, I’ve considered a Phoenix named Leska as my spirit animal. It used to be a large blue bird, but over the years seemed to have ‘evolved’ into a phoenix. Leska’s colors vary. I - as you, call Leska when I’m in trouble, but they are in ND’s. I don’t know if it is the same for you or not.

I’m one to believe that your spirit guide will take the form of whatever you desire deep inside. I’ve always had a deep liking for a phoenix, (not inspired by Harry Potter). And that is probably why it is. It forms a better connection with me.
It’s been a long time since I first encountered Leska, but i believe it was a point where I was in trouble in a low level lucidity. I had always believed in an entity that existed in my dreams, though at that point I had no idea what a spirit guide/animal was. I just felt a stronger connection with it at that time, like it was calling me. I looked towards the sky, and asked for aid in desperation. I had no idea it was going to be an animal at all. I didn’t even think it would have a shape.

I guess my experience is that I believed there was someone/something there and bonded with Leska before I actually saw it.


That is what I sort of fear with you and Leska. You said that this spirit guide/animal developed over years rather than you simply asking for it to appear. I am afraid that perhaps I may have to wait for it to reveal itself to me. I say this only because I tried summoning a spirit guide/animal by pressing a button in a dream the said “spirit guide” while lucid. The first time I did this, the person who appeared was younger version of my brother. I was confused so I tried again in another lucid dream the next day. I pressed a different button that said the same thing, but this time the person who appeared was my father in odd clothes. Both “guides” so to speak conversed with me very briefly, but seeing as the two times I pressed the buttons different guides appeared, I am still a little confused. Your response paired with my experience is making me believe the perhaps I have to wait for the true form of my guide to show itself. Of course, I will keep trying though.

And as always, thanks for the response!