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The Big Quest Suggestion Topic II

Previous Quests:

  • LD4all Quest #1: Self-Existing Moon: Through the Mirror (Click Here)
  • LD4all Quest #2: Overtone Moon: Transform into an Animal (Click Here)
  • LD4all Quest #3: Rhythmic Moon: Meet Your Spirit Guide (Click Here)
  • LD4all Quest #4: Resonant Moon: Finding Lost Memories (Click Here)
  • LD4all Quest #5: Solar Moon: Dreaming Our Way to 2012 (Click Here)
  • LD4all Quest #6: Planetary Moon: Unfold Your Wings and Fly (Click Here)
  • LD4all Quest #7: Spectral Moon: Join the Party (Click Here)
  • LD4all Quest #8: Magnetic Moon: Improve Your Skills (Click Here)
  • LD4all Quest #9: Magnetic Moon: Connect to your Kin (Click Here)
  • LD4all Quest #10: Lunar Moon: Find Your Dream Pet (Click Here)

Current Quest:
LD4all Quest #11: Electric Moon: Focus On Yourself (Click Here)

First of all, only 2 days till the next Moon Quest, I can’t wait!!

I’ve been fortunate enough to have completed all of the LD4All quests to date.

I had no troubles flying, transforming and practicing specific skills.

I find flying is pretty much second nature. I liked getting the extra control and use this extra control all the time now. Transforming into a cat was surprisingly quite easy for me to do as well, I’ve done it in ND’s many times. And skills, even easier, since I can do them anywhere.

The difficult one for me has always been getting to a specific dream scene. So, getting to that party was frustrating. It felt good to have a clear success on that one, after many attempts. It seems to be the only Quest (so far) with a specific location.

Also, the Quests without specific results were easy for me, since an attempt is a success. For example: Finding my Kin and Going through the Mirror. When you don’t know what to expect, anything is considered okay.

Similar experiences? Different? Which quest is giving you trouble? Share your thoughts!

Lately I have been having lots dreams with DC’s testing my lucid abilities. In the process, I’ve been completing the a lot of the quests. It’s actually pretty convinient. :cool:

Hey, Wyvern, I thought about you in my LD! (Click Here to Read) I had the specific intention to ask my DC’s to take me to Lucid Crossroads (my current personal quest, until the next LD4All quest comes along).

I like the idea of asking a DC, although I need to be more patient with them to let them actually respond.

Thanks for creating a Travel Log, Explora! (Click here to see it!)

I’m surprised that you haven’t flown, I’d have thought that this would have been the most accomplished goal. I’d love to read these dreams. Do you have them recorded in your dream journal?

I’m gonna make a Travel Log soon enough.

School messed up my schedule alittle so I haven’t gotten many LD’s. I’ve also been busy doing other things I’ve really wanted to do in them besides the Quests. I’m still gonna find my dream pet and do this Quest too. It’s pretty simple.