LD4all Quest #8: Crystal Moon: Improve your skills

LD4all Quest #8: Crystal Moon: Improve your skills
Author: pasQuale

Each moon, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

13 Moon Calendar

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Improving your skills
This Quest has been suggested by Bruno, Blue Tiger, worm and ujytre

This Quest focuses around the idea that you can easily improve your waking life skills while in a dream.

For this Quest, pick one real life skill you would like to improve on and practice it in a LD.

When joining this Quest please answer the following:
1. What skill are you going to practice?
for example: playing an instrument, a meditation technique, a martial arts skill.

2. Is there a specific aspect you would like to focus on?
for example: a specific song, a specific breathing technique, a specific martial arts move?

3. Imagine how you will practise this in your dream
What will you need? A specific location? Will you summon a teacher? Do you need a sparring partner?
Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):

  • Set your mind for this Quest
  • While drifting off to sleep, imagine yourself practicing like you have described in question 3.
  • When you find yourself in a dream, summon forth that what you already imagined.

Have Fun!

Post all relevant dreams in this topic, whether you feel you succeeded or not.

Good luck on your Quest everybody! :dream:

Evaluation questions:
When you have succeeded in completing this Quest, please answer the following:1. How was practising in your dream different from real life?

2. Did you learn anything new in the dream? A specific tips or technique that proved useful?

3. Has your skill actually improved IRL after doing this Quest?

Err… The link still says Join the Party!

I will try this quest. I could practise playing an instrument, every time I play an instrument in dreams it’s always much different than real life anyway, I think it would be interesting to explore that.

Maybe I can relearn to play the piano? :happy:

Do I see some familiar colours in this thread? flattered

Excellent project Q!

I’m not sure what ‘waking skill’ I would like to improve just yet - this one needs some thinking.


I don’t have any skills that come from direct practicing, but I have a few ideas:

  • ride my motorcycle
  • go fishing
  • play an instrument (I don’t play any in real life)
  • do an LD meditation while in an LD
  • canoe down a fast river

Lots of potential for some cool dreams. :happy:

All the fun skills I practice in dreams I can’t test in waking life.

Last night I dreamt I was roller blading much better than I can for real, but I have no-where to practice.

When I fight in dreams I am much more flexible than normal so that can’t be tested either.

For this quest I will try perfecting the coin roll trick thingy.

How am I going to practice it? I have no idea coins and dreams don’t go to well together.


I did do WILD in a dream once, which got me accidentally Lucid. That’s just messed up.

I can say this about it. WILD in a dream is much easier than WILD IRL. Settings are idealistic in dreams, and physics behave on simpler rules.

I’m in!

1. What skill are you going to practice?
Martial arts and projectile throwing/shooting (shooting guns in games, throwing cards/others irl)

2. Is there a specific aspect you would like to focus on?
Reflexes and aim.

3. Imagine how you will practise this in your dream
A lot of room to throw things far and allow me to move freely. A teacher or sparring partner would also be good for my reflexes and maybe to help me.

This is all I need to write here, right?

From my Dream Diary: (Click here)

Originally I was going to do one of my real skills, but upon reading everyone’s ideas on martial arts and after watching UFC 60 and The Ultimate Fighter last night, I changed my mind. :grin:

“The Ultimate Fighter” - Friday, June 2, 2006

Dreamed I was on the Ultimate Fighter TV show. I arrived at the gym and saw a bunch of really big guys practicing in the octagon. I went to the bathroom and saw blood all over, I thought that someone had been murdered. I went to leave, but the front door had a river in front of it and the boat that took us there was gone. I walked back in and nervously entered the octagon. There were about 10 really big guys and I was super nervous until the first guy came towards me. I realized I could beat all of them, I was lucid! I knocked one guy over with a punch and then flew over two other guys. I did a lot of flying in my fighting. I grabbed one guy who was probably 350 pounds and twirled him around me like a kid, tossing him into a bunch of others. I even saw Dana White standing outside, his mouth open in amazement as I went through all the other fighters. The cut doctors, judges and ring girls were also amazed, as I eventually knocked all 10 guys to the canvass. Grinning, I flew over the rail and landed outside the octagon, eager to get my contract to join the UFC.

I may do another skill, since I can’t really evaluate this one. Hehehe, at least I’m not going to attempt to fight 10 huge guys at once.

congrats on practicing mike! :smile: (i keep wanting to call you mikeh :tongue: )

hmm yeh, would be nice if you can actually evaluate if you got any better :smile: :peek: maybe you should join the UFC IRL :grin:

rodrigo: yup, that’s all you need :smile: good luck!

i’m still deciding what i want to practice :hmmm:

Finally got around to writing it. =P Pretty long, huh? I practiced my command voice. =]


[kin=152] Kin 152: YELLOW SOLAR HUMAN
I Pulse in order to Influence
Realizing Wisdom
I seal the Process of Free Will
With the Solar tone of Intention
I am guided by the power of Elegance
I am a galactic activation portal enter me.


[ND]1sg had called me into his office to chat. The bell rung, and he reminded me that the schedule for classes was mixed that day and I needed to go to my fourth hour. In the classroom AF had put his stuff on my seat, which brought up a few questions:

A. Why was he taking my spot? :confused:

B. He didn’t have ROTC fourth hour, why was he in there? :sly:
IP walked up to me before I could think much about it and asked how I had done with my exams. I answered that I hadn’t gotten my scores back yet. He showed me his card, and I saw that he had gotten a 92/100 in Biology. :woot: I congratulated him, and we walked outside to the gym.

Then it hit me- DING DING DING! :ding: ROTC, IP doing good in classes (IRL, though he tries, he isn’t the greatest at school), things not seeming right… I did a Reality Check by looking at my watch, only to find it had disappeared, leaving a round pale patch of skin that wasn’t tanned by the Florida sun. Me not having my watch on? Impossible! Therefore, I concluded,[/ND][LD] it was a dream! :boogie: I kept repeating the ‘this is a dream, I am dreaming’ chant to stay lucid.

I went into the gym, but found it to look a lot different than IWL. Three rows of metal seats were lined in a half-circle, and I sat in the second row next to CD. (friend, not forumer :tongue: ) The entire right wall was missing, and instead there was a magnificent view of the ocean. :wow:

The silhouettes of two boats passing in the night sailed by, and I found it beautiful. :touched: “Cheers, SC,” I said aloud. “You sure do some mighty fine work.” :content:

CD started to tell me and the couple of other random people nearby how much she loved the shampoo she was using. x] I told her it was a dream, that it didn’t really matter, but she didn’t seem to care about my opinion. :tongue:

Her appearance changed to that of someone with Native American heritage, and complimented on how nice my hair was. She started to pet it (which I always enjoy IRL :grin: ), and so did the guy next to me. CR sat in front of us, and he reached back to do the same. :aww:

The man in charge of a presentation that was to go on yelled over, “What are you people doing?” I hollered back, “Rubbing my head!” :razz: What’d it look like? xP

Behind him I happened to notice and extremely large cabinet. It was the size of a three story building! I decided that the Quest to improve skills should come into play, so I used my command voice to make it open instead of just willing it to with my mind. :wink: Inside was a 200-times-its-size version of a DVD/VHS player! :cool_laugh:

Well, you can’t just have that and nothing to hook it up to, can you? I commanded loudly and clearly, “TV!” What I got was a tiny bit of a shock…

“EEP!” :eek:

I got what I wanted, all right. The television set was about 4 movie theatre screens long and high! :woah: To turn it on I closed my fist, opened it quickly with my fingers spread out, and yelled, “Ba-BAM!” (hence the title ^^)

Random life-sized dinosaurs were shown. That was a little boring for my taste, so I did another hand number and a T-rex came along… Then ripped apart all the other creatures! :ebil: ( :rofl: I am SO violent! :lol: ) A few ba-bams later, more prehistoric beasts appeared and livened up the show. =D I rested my arms around the backs of my friends and enjoyed the movie. :cool:

As much fun as it was to see extinct animals with really sharp teeth fight to the death, I decided to make my lucid a bit more fulfilling. We went outside, which no longer was the school but a busy street, and walked to CD’s car. She said someone had called my cell phone, which was in her trunk. :eh:

Okay… Whatever, crazy DC. I went along with it and she opened the back up. Instead of my phone, she handed me a beige cap that had a dark green design of Hawaiian flowers in an ‘L’ shape. Written down and across was ‘Kau Kau’. :mrgreen_hat: That was nothing compared to what came next, however…

A tiki mask! :happy: He floated at eye-level and resembled Aku Aku from Crash Bandicoot, and the cap was his merchandise. WOAH! I haven’t played that game in years, and even when I did I could never remember what that guy was called, but the names were remarkably similar! :bored: CD told me that he had magical powers and I could give him any command I wanted. Getting tired of doing my remain-lucid chant, I asked him to remind me that it was a dream every five minutes.

blank stare

Yeeeeeeeeah… He wasn’t getting it. :neutral: I decided it’d be safer to stay with what I was doing. :yes: Okay, that was fun, but it was time for something new. I noticed I had my glasses on and ripped them off. “Why am I always wearing these stupid things? I barely ever do in real life!” :grrr:

The thought struck me- 20/20 vision! :nerd_face: As soon as I thought it, everything became extremely clear. I looked to the suddenly-dark night sky and saw the stars perfectly. Lifting my finger slightly to use as a guiding wand, I formed a bright orange tiger out of the pin pricks of light. It came to life and ran around with an indescribable smoothness. :bambi: I willed him to run to the cloudy area of Milky Way, and he disolved into space dust.


I walked into a small apartment building where I found my father, mother, and grandmother (the latter two diseased) sitting at the kitchen table. “Oooooh, I get it… This was supposed to be a FA to throw me off. Tricky, SC.” :roll:

Just to humor my subconscious, I RCed. This time my watch was on, but it read 23:-237. Yeah, that’s normal. xp

[End of LD Sealifed for disturbing content. x/] [/LD]

[com]I awoke.

This was all an extremely beautiful dream up until the end… I had a lot of control, and worked on my command voice a bit. Overall, not bad, though I wish the part I Sealifed hadn’t happened. ><;

Ask me personally if you’d like to read the end, but don’t be surprised if I say No. =/[/com]

I have been improving my WILD skills verry much!.
I achived a few werry poor WILDs when riding on th subway :smile:

It hink if i keep it up i will have serious wild micro by the end of this month.

Lol. :lol:

I only just noticed this quest for the first time just now, but I think I’ve already given it a shot completely unintentionally! Yesterday morning (or possibly the day before, I’m not sure) I had a random (as always) lucid dream, and for some reason I decided to go and practice playing my electric keyboard, even though I’ve never had any intention of doing so in a lucid dream! I practiced just the way I would in real life, with one of my own compositions. Lol, I honestly have NO idea why I was so set on playing my keyboard at the time, since I’ve never even considered that for a lucid dream before, but I did. And at least it means I can post here, now!

1. How was practising in your dream different from real life?
Not different at all. It felt exactly the same… although I did play an old song of mine I don’t usually practice any more in real life. I’m not sure why I chose it, actually. I also didn’t have to turn on the keyboard this time, because it was conveniently working already without being plugged into a power source. :content:

Oh yes, I also practiced in the kitchen instead of my room, because oddly enough I found my keyboard in the pantry. I’d say that qualifies as a significant difference!

2. Did you learn anything new in the dream? A specific tips or technique that proved useful?

3. Has your skill actually improved IRL after doing this Quest?
Haven’t tested that yet, but I highly doubt it has.

Thanks to this topic: https://community.ld4all.com/t/free-your-mind/22152
I’ve decided I’ll try out parkour! Trying it IRL has been difficult. I’m confined to my house because outside it’s 110. I’m not kidding.

Gonna start out with the basic landing and roll (don’t know what they’re called in French). When I remember to do them in LD, I’ll report back. :smile:

I did some bmx dreams and I didnt improve because of that.

congrats wolb :smile: :peek: and even before the Quest was posted you succeeded :colgate:

matrixmanneo: that’s cool! I did parkour in a dream once as well, but i doubt i could do the same IRL.

sepultura123: could you share the dream? Was it a conscious effort in a LD?

Two nights ago, I did some flight training, which I believe counts as “improving my skills”. I’ll admit, however, that I didn’t remember what the quest was, and just decided to improve my flight skills for my own benefit.

I had a few mor WILDS toaday on the train… No long ones… Im erally getting better at it… An anoing thing today was that there was an italian family sitting in the seat behinf me and they just never stoped talking and they talked so loud that even with my headpones on with a bineural beat thing going pretty loud… i still could hear them quite well…

My dreams always seem to be helping me improve my skills.

Last night, I had a dream, where I saw a new “header” design for the Sea Life website (under construction)…

You know how some sites have images of people for the header- well it was like that - only the images (which were collaged together) were all on a sea-based background, and the line that seperated the title “Sea Life” and image of the header, ran like a wave.

I will have to post a picture up, and see what someone else can do with it! I do like how dreams, bring us outside of our ordinary ways of thinking, and encourage new designs to take form…