LD4all Quest #5: Solar Moon: Dreaming our way to 2012

LD4all Quest #5: Solar Moon: Dreaming Our Way to 2012

Author/s: Nick Cumbo (Explora), pasQuale

Each moon, on LD4all we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

13 Moon Calendar

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Dreaming our way to 2012

This Moon on LD4all, we join Sea Life and FEDS in a mutual Quest to time travel to the year 2012.

Why the year 2012? Among their other accomplishments, the ancient Maya created calendars of remarkable accuracy and complexity. These were used to keep track of the many different cycles of time, which “map and structure various aspects of human experience” (John Major Jenkins - Maya Cosmogenesis 2012). In addition to calendars such as the 365-day Haab (civil calendar) and the 260-day Tzolkin (sacred count), the Maya used the Long Count Calendar to keep track of a Great Cycle, 5125 years in lenth; extending from BC. 3113/3114 to 2012. AD.

Remarkably, the December 21st 2012 endpoint of the Long Count (, comes to pass on the winter/summer solstice of 2012. “An incredibly rare alignment, in which the noonday Sun exactly conjucts the crossing points of the sun’s ecliptic with the galactic plane, while also closely conjucting the exact center of the galaxy”. “The Maya conceived of this Great Cycle as one World Age, one growth cycle at the end of which humanity reaches the next stage in it’s spiritual development”…

What does this mean for the years around 2012? “In shamanic terms, this is a pure alignment, an increased awareness of our responsibility to Earth, as her core aligns sensitively and slowly to the cosmic core” (Dreaming the Council Ways). These are years of profound opportunity. By participating in this project, we seek to move beyond our conditioned passivity, and unravel the earth’s larger dream as it grows and evolves within each of us.

Nick has collated a few links to help get us started.
Calendars through the Ages - The Mayan Calendar - A basic summary of the the Mayan Calendar.
Speculations on the Evolution of Human Consciousness - A basic summary of the significance of 2012.
Dire Gnosis - An awesome and very COMPREHENSIVE database on the year 2012!
The Waves (2003) - A summary of Sea Life’s first year of dreaming adventures to the year 2012. The original journeys which provided the inspiration for our forum and it’s name, “Sea Life”
The Waves (2004) - The second year of Sea Life’s dreaming adventures to the year 2012. Planetary celebrations, Lord of the Rings, and more.

Let’s see what more we can discover! Good luck!


In your next LD:

  • Travel to the year 2012
  • Explore :smile:

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):

  • Set your mind for this Quest
  • Already decide in what way you will travel to 2012. [com]For example:* Call for a guide to take you there
  • Step trough a door or portal into 2012
  • Use an elevator and press the 2012 button

Have Fun!

Post all relevant dreams in this topic (whether you feel you succeeded or not).

Good luck on your Quest everybody! :dream:

I’m looking foward to trying this one out…count me in :cool:

Wow. I had a dream on this project last night - and I didnt’ even mean to. I am looking forward to sharing it with you.

In the meantime, I wanted to share one of Alex.C’s recent dreams. I think this one’s some great inspiration for us all!


Rhythmic Moon 18 - Red Solar Moon

Trust Someone Ugly
26 February, 2003
From Alex. C

[LD]The dreams started with 4 consecutive F.A.’s (false awakenings) in a row. In every F.A. I got to gain lucidity, however it was very difficult to maintain it. In all the F.A.’s I was in my bed, waking up somewhere at night (it was correct time-wise).

The first time I got lucidity in my “bed” and I started exploring around. Before trying to do anything –BAM- second F.A. I again recognize that it’s a dream. I start walking towards the door. I try to do the light switch test, just out of curiosity. I reach for the switch, and indeed, it doesn’t have an effect in the bulb. I think to myself “next FA, I will try to rise the sun”. I try to light the switch mentally, however the whole room starts moving up and down as if I was in a ship. Another FA, and I have a very lucid “room” so I walk in “it” and I think that it’s about time that I dream something about 2012 (always had it in plans – never done it lucidly months ago). The moment I think of this, -BAM- another FA.

I do not realize that it’s a dream, so I get up and say to myself “pity I didn’t got to meet my spirit guide.” Saying these lines, I realize it IS a dream!!!
I sit on my “bed” looking to my “room’s” “door”, and I say loudly: “My spirit guide will pass through this door now, helping me dream more lucidly and explain to me some things about 2012”

The moment I said these words, the whole dream started melting around me, as if every wall was made of play dough. It is like my dreams hate me and never want me to do something successfully. Tonight, I won.

So, as the dream was collapsing, I screamed “I request to time travel to 2012 NOW”

Here guys, the real thing begins:

The room stabilizes, and I feel the usual WILD (waking induced lucid dream) vibrations, INSIDE THE DREAM, and when they’re done (they took a minute) I see next to me an arcade game kiosk. It had a modern, TFT screen, however. It had a yellow background, with a huge earth in the foreground. It was a touch-screen. The instructions were given as a sound file (or telepathically ???).

“Please choose a destination” – the machine “prompted” me. I was supposed to touch a place in the globe that was on the screen. I wanted to see how Athens was going to be in 2012, however I had some doubts, as I wanted equally to see what will happen to Mayan ruins. Out of a fear of losing lucidity, I think I picked a random place in the globe.

“Please choose the exact date” – So, I (somehow) mentally informed the machine that I want to go to Dec 21st, 2012.

The screen now has an earth again, with a red spot somewhere in Europe.
“I won’t take you there, Alex. You are going to take yourself there. Touch with your finger your destination, please.”

I touch the spot, and it becomes a huge vortex inside my room, with air and things rushing inside, so I jump. To tell you the truth, it was very fun – no fear at all. The vortex walls were gray with indigo tones.

When the trip “ended” I was in a tunnel, whose walls had holes and you could see what was outside. Well, outside, I realized, it was earth, and this tunnel was around it. Earth had a violet shade around it, which was stunning. The tunnel had colors of every kind, however it was a little bit dirty and not-taken-care-of. So, I said that “with the power of 2012, fix this room”. The holes were closed, and I proceeded.

The tunnel was now slippery, and I glided my way to earth in only seconds! I got to a place that it was night. I could see that people had their houses inside large mountains – just like some people in the East.

I had 2-3 people around me that I somehow knew they were friends. They tell me we need a hard time to reach the 2012 consciousness through a pre-2012 dream.

I notice a very skinny dog that comes next to me and says “Trust me?”. I don’t pay attention.

I look inside a house in the mountain that a sign flashed “user passed to floor 2”. I ask people around “do we need to get to some floor in order to reach 2012?”

A guy that I realize as I now type that must have been my spirit guide, gives me a paper which said “Yes, if you use the 2012@LD program. The 2012@EARTH is easier. Just wait for 2012 in your waking life”. I am glad I just have to wait, however I ask “How many floors are there in this dream” The answer was somehow disturbing: “90. You are in floor one. Trust someone ugly.”

I try to move towards the mountain’s “wall” to start “climbing” and I see one huge lizard, one HUGE scorpion and one huge cricket. I am afraid of these insects/serpents, so I go back one step. Each of them asks each of my friends “trust me?”. My friends say yes, and they take each being into their hugs, and start climbing. It seems obligatory to trust an ugly animal in order to go further.

“Can I just fly to 90th floor?”. My spirit guide next to me gives me a paper which says “No, mister!”
And then I woke up.[/LD]

Very interesting fact that there was a tunnel around earth which had many colors inside. Reminds me of the rainbow that we want to built around earth.
I loved the “trusting someone ugly to go forward” pattern, and I must meditate on this one. I also loved the very computerish “2012@LD” and “2012@EARTH” programs that can lead you to a 2012 consciousness.
Very inspiring dream.

Yay- finally the 2012 project! :hurray:

I read that dream a while back, not sure where though. Very interesting one, don’t you think? :smile:

Maybe I shall do this one. :content:

Wow! Great idea! I’m in :cool:

I can’t wait to see what stories the people will create !

I’d like to participate,but there seem to have some problems.First ,my DR has gone away (although with some tips wolf gave me) might come again,second i have almost two weeks to have even the simplest LD’s and last one,I usually have an idea of the LD i’m going to dream (not always),at least i know that i’m gonna be in places i’m familiar with.I’ll just try,maybe this quest is going to open my horizons.


Solar Moon, Dali 1
Kin 68: Yellow Electric Star
Yellow Cosmic Seed Year

Conscious Dream: The Solar Dreaming Age
[LD]I somehow become conscious in my dream, finding myself in that kind of black fuzzy astral space - I push myself out with my feet, - deeper into the astral realm, like one would push out from a pool’s edge. I tell myself that I wish to go to Atlantis, holding that intention, as I travel deeper into the black energetic space, waiting for a current to draw me forward.

Soon new life begins to spill forth - I see the beginnings of a solid structure coming into being - a spiral staircase, composed of rungs that just seems to go on and on. I’m not sure that it’s got anything to do with Atlantis, but I decide to explore anyway. It’s rather difficult to make my down through this structure - I keep on having to twist and turn my dreaming body, only to find yet another rung of the staircase below me. The rungs are very colourful, almost like wooden blocks - each is composed of a different colour (bold reds, whites, blues, yellows, and possibly greens). It’s quite pretty for a spiral staircase, yet I don’t know how long my mind can keep up with this endless and somewhat repetitive travelling down it’s steps - what if I wake up?

Below me, I see a group of children (boys and girls) emerging from the lower depths of the spiral staircase. What if we meet? There doesn’t seem to be enough space for people to go in different directions. I worry that when I reach them, the dream will just collapse, and I’ll find myself back in bed. I urge a new intention into place, and sudden transformation. Like an incredible machine, the staircase mutates, and before I know it I’m being rolled down through a tunnel (which seemed to house the spiral staircase). On all sides of me, these little nozzles shoot out these delicious scents and sprays, massing and resting my body. I feel like I’ve been sent through a human “car wash” - though there’s a lot more class than that. It’s a really nice, relaxing sensation. I see the children above situated on some kind of platform looking down at me, smiling.[/LD]

[ND]At this point, I experience a false awakening - though the dream continues with a feeling akin to lucidity. An older woman, with a round face, and blonde hair down to her shoulders, is telling me about the place I just visited. She talks about it as though it’s a place that has been created in the astral planes (like the Lucid Crossroads for example). She even has a name for it - the “Solar Dreaming Age”

As she says the name of the place - she looks up at the roof. And there I see a rather dazzling sight. A celestial landscape imprinted on the roof above. I see what look like drawn replicas of miniature carvings made in rock. These seem to represent astrological ages - possibly even being associated with the western zodiac? I intuitively know that there are a total of 22 objects/items of key significance on the roof (including these representations of the ages and a number more).[/ND]

[com]Comments: This was quite a dream. I’m not sure quite why my quest for Atlantis transformed the way in which it did, but I was pleased with the experience anyway. I felt that this “Solar Dreaming Age” represented a way of looking at the 2012-alignment, and what it means for life on Earth in the years beyond. I like that term! I also like the idea, that it might be a place we could seek out in dreaming as a group. I think it would be fun to experiment with that.

It occurred to me upon typing the dream, that the spiral staircase bore a very interesting similarity to the DNA spiral, and it’s individual rungs. Interesting that there were Children originating at it’s base.[/com]

I figure the language of my second dream might be a little harder to relate to, but I wanted to share it anyway, because it was definitely connected to transformations in consciousness in the years around 2012.


Solar Moon, Seli 2
Kin 69: Red Self-Existing Moon
Yellow Cosmic Seed Year

Dream: Way of the Tree
[com]Intention: I have recently been exploring the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time - a globally synchronised meditation designed to activate latent telepathic/creative functions naturally encoded in our DNA. I spent much of the day and night leading up to this dream, putting the raw material to memory - visualising the 64 UR Runes and names of the 64 Codons - imprinting their power and essence into my being. Eventually I was able to recall and draw the entire sequence from memory. The experience had quite an effect on me.

Just before I went to sleep, I was reminded of the “Shaping the Abstract” project being run at Sea Life this Moon, in which we are trying to give a personal form to an abstract idea/concept. I realised that I wanted to unlock a deeper and more personal understanding of the 64 UR Runes and 64 Codons.

Recalling that Valum Votan calls the 8 coloured sets of UR Runes, the 8 Galactic Brainwaves, I chose to pose a question to the universe. “Give form (and meaning) to the Activation of the 8 Galactic Brainwaves on Earth”.[/com]

[ND]The dream begins with a feeling of collapse, or transformation - the scenery taking on the appearance to match.

I am a large log - falling from an ancient tree of great height (I must be a few hundred metres up). Below me there are many other large branches/logs, making their way to the forest floor. As we fall, we pass other living green branches that remain on the tree. I wonder if others will be held up in their path, but we continue downwards - an open space clearing up before us. And now, I begin to realise my impending doom. This could be painful! Sure from ordinary eyes, I may just be a log - but I feel like a real, living being right now, and the thought of crashing down on the Earth below means “death”. Looking at the other logs before me, I realise the group intelligence that is circulating. The way we will “die” is to surrender to transcendence.

With the instantaneous decision-making ability only “death” can give, I give way to this process. I dull down my senses, so that the experience is less “painful”, preparing myself for my final moments. And then wham! I hit the ground. The air is still in the forest.

I am experiencing “rebirth”. No longer I am a log, but a gum tree flowering up from the ground. The rising of this new awareness is so foreign and unexpected, I realise that no words could have prepared me for it. I feel my two silvery, smooth arms, rise up on either side of my roots, forking towards the sky. One goes straight up, the other elegantly curves out to the right, before heading in a more purely vertical direction. My awareness is “all-seeing” - not being so focused within the eyes, but rather the visionary/telepathic sense of the tree as a whole. Time stills during this process - my awarneess becoming accustomed to what I could only call “tree years”.

At some point however, life begins to appear around me in the forest. I get the impression of animal life about - by now, I know that my place is strongly respected and valued by others around me. Yet, for one reason or another I am called to go “walkabout”, wandering over to a space a few hundred metres away, having being drawn into confrontation with a large and rather difficult gorilla like creature.[/ND]

[com]Comments: This dream was full of magic. The experience of actually being a tree, and being reborn like that - wow! Words definitely cannot describe. It made very real for me - the amazing nature of evolutionary changes occuring in this era.

The first of the coloured Rune Strands, or Galactic Brainwaves - is called the “Way of the Tree”. I definitely felt a connection.

The falling log - this is my soul, falling from the tree I have been raised in since birth - a tree representing the consensual, materialistic reality.

My rebirth represents the new life that is rising within, the telepathic awareness of the tree, reaching for the heat and light of the sun and the source.

The gorilla like creature is the exagerrated symbol of my instinctual, “man-like” origins. It is in the meeting with this aspect of ourselves that our evolutionary challenge dwells.[/com]

wow, incredible experiences there nick, thank you for sharing. You have such powerful and magical dreams. I especially enjoyed reading your tree experience. You inspire me to dive deeper in my dreams as well :smile:


Solar Moon, Alpha 5
Kin 72: Yellow Resonant Human
Yellow Cosmic Seed Year

Conscious Dream: Whisked Away by a Galactic Travel Guide
Intention: Following on from my previous dreams during this 2012 project, I set the intention to visit the Solar Dreaming Age of 2012 and beyond. I focused my intention with a very simple visualisation, holding an image of the Sun divided into four quadrants (like a target or focus beam) - wishing that it would call me on through.

I’m at my family home. I think I’m “awake”, and am trying to set myself in a mindstate that’s ripe for a lucid dream. Rather than wrapping a pillowcase around my eyes (to block out extra light), I am looking up at the night sky. It’s actually a dawn sky. Quite surreal - the beginnings of a pink/orange colour are forming, twirled in amongst a blue / black night sky.

[LD]As I lie there, I realise that herein lies a key to lucid dreaming, one must really feel/zone into the unique sensation of the “night” - that surreal twilight space. As I become more conscious in expanding this awareness, I begin to verge into awakening within the dream. I hear the voice of my dad calling out from the house, and then all of a sudden the wind begins to blow again. I feel it’s force from afar.

For a moment, I am still aware of my dad yelling out from the kitchen - yet I push on - allowing the expansive Space beyond, to lift me upwards. I am twirled up in a galactic animation, one that draws me into the sensation and presence of each of the interplanetary bodies which permeate the scene. I watch, as Mercury, Venus, Earth, the planets all spiral into formation, moving into orbit about the Sun. Now I see the solar system.

And then a flicker, the scene Zooms-Out. Now follows the Galactic view, our solar system as part of the larger galaxy. I hear Valum Votan speaking in the background, quoting from the Quran, about the majestic expanse of allah’s creation. These words, are moving - adding power and a sense of revelation to the experience. The zooming continues. Each time, I seem to step back into another deeper layer of the galactic lens. Finally, I am observing the movement of whole galactic world systems. I watch them spin about on long spiral orbits, which take the form of coloured strands of energy and light, interweaving amongst one another. Strand amongst strand amongst strand. I am at once a part of this grand galactic scheme.

By this stage, the scene begins to experience transition. I can feel the presence of a guide here with me - who I know I can ask questions, and so the scene makes the space to accomodate our mental mode of conversation. At first I see images/diagrams, relating to the earlier scenes. I see “vector-diagrams” showing the movement of cosmic forces, and other unusual material. Yet this is all quite difficult to recall.

I talk for a moment with my guide, who gradually takes on the appearance of human form. After some time, it appears I’ve got to go. Apparently, me and a friend have some kind of meeting with “Julie” that we need to attend to. I let him know that I’ve gotta return so I can hold this experience in my memory to share when I return to the world, giving him a friendly punch on the back. “Seeya mister!” I say - as though it were one of my own personal idioms.

I ask him if there’s anything he thinks we should see on the return voyage “home”. He seems to think that’s up to me, kindly showing me a door on the left, which leads into a little elevator. As I enter the elevator, I realise the bizarreness of this whole experience - of being able to suddenly return from such a place, by means of an elevator. It seems my house is on the floor below. I wake soon after.[/LD]

[com]Comments: Quite incredible the way this dream all came together. I wasn’t able to retain as much of the experience in a level of energetic/bodily remembering as I sometimes do, but it was really cool to be whisked away like that, caught up in the animation.

I always wonder about experiences like this. For me that whole animation, seemed like a teaching specifically directed to me by a guide in the dreamspace. A meditation held and released as a thoughtform, which I can then interact with within the dreaming.

I’m excited now - at the thought of continued visits to this “Solar Dreaming Age”.[/com]

Hey Q.

Thanks for the comments. I definitely encourage you to make the dream your own! It did happen on your birthday, right :smile:

It is great that we have more people participating in this project. This is the first time, all three forums have collaborated in this way. Let’s make something special of the moment.

I’ve asked Ron (sunwolf) to drop by with some project questions, so as to engage us in the exploration of 2012, and it’s significance.


:wow: nick, you have some incredible dreams. I am going to try and visit the Solar Dreaming Age too sometime.

Friday march 10 2006


I’m biking with nick in Australia. The weather is beautiful. We are riding on the left side of the road, on a 2 way bicycle path, very new and smooth. Nick is riding a white racebike. I have trouble keeping up with him because he goes so fast. We discuss things (I have forgotten alas), I find it very interesting but am also struggling to keep by his side. I’m riding to the left of him.


We are now or have been, somehow in 2012, and will return. There is a big male DC, black/shadow like, a bit giant like, who asks us questions. We have to go through some kind of vortex. There is a 3rd person in our group now, who I can’t recall. They now have stepped through the vortex already.

I have to go alone. I take a yellow hardcase suitcase, hold on to it, and jump in. This takes me to my destination.

Ron has created some great questions for us all. Just quote this topic, and add your answers to the post…

Ponder these questions, and give it some thought, and answer them as a way to seed your Active Dreaming adventure on the Way to 2012.


[color=DARKBLUE]1. Write a brief paragraph on what you’ve heard about 2012.

  1. Since we are in the New Millennium, and as Arthur C. Clark’s book, and later movie, 2001 A Space Odyssey implied mankind would be traveling to other planets by now; what do you believe is in store for us by 2012?

  2. Many psychics are calling 2006-2007 as a cleansing time, and by 2010 the Indigo children will have banished war and brought peace to the world. War is obsolete. Do you think this is possible?

  3. What do you know about how 2012 is related to the ancient Mayans?

  4. What will be your quest, to explore in dreams on the Way to 2012? [/color]


1. Write a brief paragraph on what you’ve heard about 2012.

I think I already gave a rough outline in the project description :wink:

2. Since we are in the New Millennium, and as Arthur C. Clark’s book, and later movie, 2001 A Space Odyssey implied mankind would be traveling to other planets by now; what do you believe is in store for us by 2012?

This question is very open-ended - there are so many ways one could go with it.

Do I think we might be experimenting with travel to other planets? I guess it’s possible, but I haven’t done much research in that area. All I know is that Virgin wants to have it’s Virgin Galactic space tourism running by 2008.

I must admit I wouldn’t mind looking down on Earth from Space, as an adventure, but I imagine fuelling regular trips to space is only going to lend itself to a little additional transformation on our already crippled biosphere? Who knows though - maybe once they’re up there - those same people paying for the flight - will be touched by what they see - and decide to do something really positive for our planet?

For me however, I’m most interested in what’s happening to our consciousness in the years ahead. I think we’re going to see more people getting called into conscious/lucid dreaming, and other forms of spiritual practise.

What would I like to see of 2012? Many, many more people dedicating themselves towards tuning in, and becoming a vessel for the noospheric or planetary consciousness that is awakening in these times. Spending some time away from tv/computers, and committing to regular meditation, creates that space within each of us, through which the noosphere (mental envelope of Earth) may begin to express itself.

3. Many psychics are calling 2006-2007 as a cleansing time, and by 2010 the Indigo children will have banished war and brought peace to the world. War is obsolete. Do you think this is possible?

Well there are always two parts of me which answer questions about prophecy.

The first is probably the skeptic, who tells me that such a vision seems idyllic and lovely, but that given the current political situation and the vast power of world governments and corporations - it is quite unlikely.

On the other side, I also like really positive visions. I like to imagine a world filled with little communities forming, happy smiling people working together towards our reintegration with the natural world.

As far as visions go - this dream from Morpheus, is one that gives me real faith our work is valuable and that we still moving in a very positive direction.

Dreaming of Peace in the Sea of Life

4. What do you know about how 2012 is related to the ancient Mayans?

I think I talked about that in the project description.

5. What will be your quest, to explore in dreams on the Way to 2012?

I’m going to experiment with visiting the “Solar Dreaming Age” of 2012 and beyond… I think it will bring me many interesting/exciting experiences. I am also open to meeting others in that dreamspace, so if you feel a call, then I encourage you to reach out to me in spirit before dreaming on this project. [/color]

[color=indigo]The “indigo” children. I am only commenting because I have heard of them before. If you haven’t, here is something I found about them:


If you click on the “Indigo Child Caracteristics” link, one of the bullets is this:[/color]

[color=indigo]I just found this bit of information interesting.

Well Q you know - I do love riding. I bought one this year, to help me get around - while I’ve been moving out. it’s much cheaper than a tram :wink: I use it to go to work, uni, pretty much everywhere. How I love the feeling of whizzing by, with a nice cool breeze in the air.

My bike is however a mountain bike - and it’s black (not white). Nevertheless, what’s interresting is that we somehow got to 2012. You weren’t lucid at this point, were you?

Interesting that you had a Yellow suitcase. What an unusual color…



1. Write a brief paragraph on what you’ve heard about 2012.

it’s the start of a new cycle, according to the mayan calendar.

2. Since we are in the New Millennium, and as Arthur C. Clark’s book, and later movie, 2001 A Space Odyssey implied mankind would be traveling to other planets by now; what do you believe is in store for us by 2012?

maybe they have put the first human on mars. But frankly i hope mankind will turn around and look after their own beautiful planet first instead of spending all those millions/billions on trying to find something on other planets.

3. Many psychics are calling 2006-2007 as a cleansing time, and by 2010 the Indigo children will have banished war and brought peace to the world. War is obsolete. Do you think this is possible?

i’m sorry but i don’t think that makes any sense.

4. What do you know about how 2012 is related to the ancient Mayans?

i know the date marks the beginning of a new cycle in the calendar.

5. What will be your quest, to explore in dreams on the Way to 2012?

I want to see where I will be at that time, and what LD4all looks like.

Your dream explora is really wonderful.

You got to have real talent in dream to have already 3 dreams about 2012 ! Or the passion of 2012 run in your vein. When you have a passion is a lot easier to dream about it.