the BIG Lucid Crossroads Topic

Don’t be sorry, it was a great read! I agree, I’m a skeptic concerning SD’s, but it would be neat to visit such a detailed creation. Sounds like you’ve had some fun, exploring it.

I’ll get there soon! I just haven’t been home in a long time, holidays, and I still have a lot of plans yet. August is going to be a low point, Dreamwise, but I’ll get there yet!

Still trying…

Searching for Lucid Crossroads 1
Searching for Lucid Crossroads 2
Searching for Lucid Crossroads 3

How have people gotten there? I tried flying once, the badge tap three times and the doors once, I’ve never been a good teleporter.

Here’s a new one, I was blind, but I got there!

Searching for Lucid Crossroads 4(Success?)

Followed by another failure…
Searching for Lucid Crossroads 5

I definately have to stick with doors!

I got to the crossroads recently (finally) but that was at the very end of the dream. Why don’t you ask a random DC to take you to them. Worked for me. :content:

I’ll try that tonight! I’ll let you know how it goes… :smile:

Well, attempt #6 was tried, and I asked DC’s for directions. Too impatient, I guess.

Some overlap in conversation, we’re talking about asking DC’s questions over here (click) too.

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Im really curious about the Crossroads :eh: Has anyone ever been there?? And if you have was it exactly how people explain it to be?

The thing is you memorise the place. Look at the pictures. And your brain creates the place for you. Doesn’t always look accurate.

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If anyones’ been on that lucid crossroads website thing (, have you tried getting there in a dream and has it worked etc…

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Has anyone actually tried going to the lucid crossroads? Does it work the way it is described? If so I’m trying it tonight!

(On a related note: has anyone here had a shared dream using it)

I still haven’t had the time. I have added some adverts to help pay for the hosting recently, a necessary evil unfortunately. Hopefully I’ll program in sometime this year to do changes.

Good thing about the Crossroads after all this time is that its viewing figures keep climbing. I’m going to start a Crossroads blog soon to widen the appeal.

At the top of this page is a link to a radio interview I did for Resonance FM (out of London) for the Onetribe show about the LC.

I never new that human mind is so powerful to have a Crossroads.

I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the Lucid Crossroads.ALWAYS!But i have not gotten teleporting down yet(i tried teleporting to the crossroads once but ended up in my TV room :sad: )

In other words,I need :help:

P.S.-I was just wondering,what if you got to the crossroads and punched one of the blue people in the face( :tongue: )would they kick you out and when you try to come back they wont let you???

The other day, I was falling asleep, and I was visualizing myself standing in Lucid Crossroads. At some points, the visualization kind of played itself out. It was almost as if I had fallen into a dream, though there were points where I kind of “awoke” from this daze. There were people walking around the area.

Are there usually people in LC? And how hard is it to differentiate between dream and visualization?

I really want to go to LC as well. I’ll try and get there tonight, If I have a proper LD - I’ve been doing reality checks all week - hopefully I’ll do one in my dream.

I’ve tried to reach LC a couple of times in LD, but I never quite make it. Tried swimming underwater there and creating doors to walk through, but it is always so dark- under the sea and behind the doors. I’m lucid, but I can’t see/smell/feel/hear anything once I try to enter the next scene and after awhile I get so bored from the lack of sensory data that I wake up!

Sea is always dark in my dreams also. I will try getting there through air or a door and use the mirror for transforming into an animal(something i really want to do) and use the doors to go to places after my lucidity is increased by Clem and Glad:) that’s my plan. Perseverence is key in my opinion. :shy:

Ive heard of the Lucid Crossroads and Ive been to the website, but I dont think ive ever heard of anyone actualy going there.

So, has anyone :confused: :confused: :confused:

I made it! I actually made it! And attempted this month’s Quest (but won’t consider it a success until someone else can verify that they had an SD with me.) :boogie:

find something in the current dream and stare at it and watch it move and morph over time, and then as it starts being unstable use your visualization to make it do things,

somehow dreams are more “digital” than analog , displaying a separation of imagination from reality ,