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This topic is for any questions and comments you have on the Lucid Crossroads.

If you have succeeded to go there in your dream, please share in this topic: Lucid Crossroads at last!

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What is it? I kind of understand it but not very well.

The main reason for the Crossroads existence is to see if it is possible to meet up in lucid dream time with other lucid dreamers and astral projectors who become lucid.

If you had loads of lucid dreamers from your home town/city who talked on a forum, you could say cool next time we are all lucid we could meet at so and so that everyone knew really well in your town. As you can tell from this forum and others we are flung far and wide round the globe so I wanted to create a fixed “imaginary (dream)” space.

I’ve tried to make my description of the site very evocative and combined it with images to help recall the crossroads when you dream.

Its a very long term thing and I plan to have the site up as long as I can, and whilst I will keep the look of the Crossroads constant, I will try to improve it over time.

If you’ve never been lucid or had an out of body experience I suggest you read around some of the posts on this site and others. :alien:

I hope that babble made sense :eek:

And from what I understand, it is a place to start when you first enter a dream. The doors make it easier to visualize when to “start” your dream I’m guessing?

Yes it should make a good place to start when you become lucid, it should be a place of calm reflection before you choose a door that contains a lucid dream of your fantasy.

I’m not sure if its your post Blurry (but I’m sure the memory jog helped)but I finally managed to make it there this morning! I’ve been very unlucid since I put the site up and when I have got lucid its only been for a short time.

This morning I remembered! :cool_laugh: :grin: I’m going to post the experience in the dream diary section.

Phew, relived its possible, now it should be easier!

slightly off topic, but what did you use to render the crossroads?

I gave myself one weekend to complete the whole site so I used Bryce cause its simple that way.

When I have time in the future I will use Lightwave.

thx for telling me… hmmm, bryce is pretty simple to use… ideas about using it to relpicate dreamscapes

Sounds good mail me when you get some done I’d be intrested in seeing them.

Um, ive read some old posts about the crossroads. But they never told what it was… so anyone know?

I believe it was (is) intended to be a place where lucid dreamers could, in theory, congregate while lucid. Of course, it’s also equipped with many lucid stabilizers and doorways.

Here is the link if you want to learn more about it: … mepage.htm

So has anyone here actually dreamed about going to the lucid crossroads? Its sort of an interesting idea… especially since the creator furbishes some rather detailed drawings/renderings of said crossroads so that everyone who dreams of it will have a common vision of it.

I think i will try to get to the crossroads… I will update with a story… When i remember it in my next LD. My current project is to ask the name of the one who calls her my dream guide…

Yes three people so far, 1 drove past in a car that wouldn’t stop, I’ve fallen out of the sky above it (waking before I hit the ground) and just a week or so a dreamer set foot there and had a great lucid dream through one of the doors. You can read about it on the site under the HOW section. :wink:

I’ll be revamping the site very soon and setting up feeder sites to increase the number of dreamers visiting the site and hopefully increasing the number of visits in dream time.

I checked the site out a few days ago. In fact, I even have my desktop as one of the pics now :grin: I’ll be sure to try going there once I finally am successful havind LDs. LOL

I made it my goal last night to go to the crossroads, and I decided that the way I was going to do that would be to walk through the second door from the counter and enter…

Well, this is the closest I have EVER come to actually accomplishing my goal for the night, and that was I dreamt that my dream guide was pushing me on this boat through these hallways of this old hotel, and there were doors all around… only I either jumped through the wrong door, or I got pushed through the wrong door. DOH!!! But that means I was SO SOSOSOSOSO CLOSE!!! lol. I’m gonna try again tonight. And the night after… etc. hehe :wink:

Think its a cool idea to try to set up a fixed point and see what happens. Maybe I’ll try to reach it too should I get a consistent LD thing going.

My problem is that when I become lucid, I get all scattered… there are so many things that I want to do…

In my last LD I became lucid and started to hit on a young Ana Nicole Smith and she said right to me “This is not what you should be doing.” And I snapped right out of it and was able to do some other stuff. So my brain worked with my that one time… maybe I can remember to make it to the Crossroads next time.

I used to find that quite often. You really have to have a specific intent or goal for your lucid dream. Don’t let the thoughts of all the different things that you wanna do in a lucid dream, flood you before you sleep. Stick to one goal, and you’ll find you are much more succesful in carrying your intention through to your lucid dream.

Now I’v never been hear and frankly do not have a huge intentionof ever going.(fear)

I was just wondering if anyone else has and if you could tell me what its like.