LD4all Quest #1: Self-Existing Moon: Through the Mirror

Self-Existing moon has started, but that doesn’t stop me from starting a Quest :smile: Especially since today [kin=198] is White Electric Mirror.

LD4all Quest #1: Self-Existing Moon: Through the Mirror

In your LD

  1. Find a Mirror (or create one)
  2. Step through it
  3. if you succeed: explore what is behind
  4. bring back a gift from behind the mirror.
  5. (optional) Do something with your gift in waking life. Draw it, paint it, sing it, write it, sculpt it - whatever is appropriate :smile:

Post your relevant dreams in this topic :smile:


Good luck, and have fun! :happy:

note: this Quest runs during Self-Existing moon - october 18th - november 14th.

LD motivation increase! I will bring back something shiny from behind a mirror!

(>.> I hope this doesn’t count as spam… <.<… Sorry if it does @.@.)

lol, kaitou. well, do you have to take it back? what if if you return it’‘s a different scene, if not, i’‘m in, i wanna go to amber(see my story) and i’‘ll take back a souvenir from someone’‘s chamber:P, i’'l just break into their chamber,

you don’t necessarily have to bring it back from behind the mirror, if you find the gift that is already cool :happy:

Lol, now I finally get idea’s about what to do in LD’s. :razz:

I will bring back something/someone :smile:

What kind of gift could you get from a LD?

kavaa: you go through the mirror, and you bring a gift from the place you end up in. To find your gift you can either ask a DC for it, or asked to be shown your gift, etc.

adventure space. awesome!

good on you Q

  • nick

ps. i think the choice of forum icon is perfect…

Finally now I will actually have something to do in LD’s which may possibly make me get more(been having a dry period lately). I wonder what walking through a mirror would feel like. :mirror:

thanks explora :smile: (and also thanks for the ‘bring a gift’ suggestion :content: )

the name came to me in that twilight waking/sleeping stage, as well as the place to put the forum - below the dream journal forum :smile:

Yes, i agree, there couldn’t be a more appropirate icon :content:

hey that’s so cool that the idea of where to place the forum (and the name to give it), came in the twilight zone!

great dreamin!


Good topic,good choice.Ive been allways interested what can be found behind the mirror- wheter people will have similar or totally different experiences.Mirrors are highly symbolic, sometimes magical.Its one of the kind object.
Cant wait for reports- its been my quest for long now,but never managed to get close.

This whole concept of dream adventures I find very exciting. Especially because its been a personal mission to go througj a mirror.

Can’t wait to sleep and dream!!

I’ve found mirror/reflections before but never went through. I think I will take a more traditional approach and just smash the mirror and walk through what remains.

This is awesome Q and like Explora the icon is perfect.

You know this might be just what I need to get my DR back to where it was about 2 months ago. I have problems going through mirrors myself. I don’t like them irl so this will be a challenge.

Hopefully, this will get me to look for something that someone left for me to find in a dream too. Kill two birds with one stone.

Hats off to Q!


Self-Existing Moon, Gamma 17
Kin 204: Yellow Solar Seed
Yellow Cosmic Seed Year

Conscious Dream: Through the Mirror
Intention: pasQuale is running a “Through the Mirror” project at ld4all. I’ve never tried to go through the mirror, so I wanted to take the opportunity.

[LD]I become conscious. I’m in front of a mirror (as planned). It’s the mirror at my family home – in my parent’s bedroom. I think this is interesting; after all I’d been planning to go through the mirror at my own personal home.

I walk up to the mirror, preparing to run and jump through it. Of course, I’m still a bit unsure about whether that’s going to work or not – perhaps I’ll just bounce off.

I run up to it, and somehow fall through into “empty space” – but soon enough find myself back in front of the mirror – on the floor. What a failure!

I look into the mirror. And see myself! I look shocking! I can literally see the exertion and strain I’m feeling, reflecting right back at me. I find this quite funny, and play with it a little, poking fun at my reflection.

Then I decide to try one more time. I don’t seem to physically cross through, but now an old friend, David Mossop appears beside me, in my parent’s room. I recognise his appearance as being meaningful. “What do you symbolise? What are you here for?” I ask – hinting that he’s obviously here for some kind of reason.

However, he gives me a nonsense answer about being here to annoy me :wink: Oh well. Then I say, I realise the question must be quite funny for him anyway – how would he know, what he symbolises in my dream? Imagine asking that same question to someone in waking life.

I tell him I want to have one more try at getting through the mirror, and that he’s going to have to be quiet in the meantime. As I’m preparing/solidifying our intention, to move clearly through the mirror, my older sister suddenly appears on the right side.

She pulls open the cupboard door, upon which the mirror is held, revealing a whole set of interesting green type jumpers. I think back to a dream, in which I saw myself wearing a green jacket with the words the “Subway of the Fourth Dimension” emblazoned upon it, and realise that the message behind this latest event, is that I actually need to start taking some of these clothes out of the closet, and wearing them outside.[/LD]

[com]Comments: I wasn’t all that successful in stepping through the mirror, yet I did feel that the events that took place, were connected to my intention to go “through the mirror”.

David Mossop has a particularly meaning in my dreams, as his dad is called “Robert Mossop” - a connection I’ve always felt represents that I share with my favourite dream writer - Robert Moss.

The clothing in the closet, brought back warm memories, and the recognition of the different identities/tales associated with each piece of clothing. It reminds me that I need to work on that article my dreams guided me to write, about the “Subway of the Fourth Dimension”.[/com]

great dream nick! :happy: I love how you asked the DC what he meant in your dream and your thought about imagining asking that same question to someone in waking life.

In some way you got a gift out of this too! I like the insight you got :smile:

hey yes. you’re right q.

i’d forgot all about looking for the gift in the dream too. i’d just been planning to groove on through the mirror.

coolness. nick

Thats a great dream Nick… well done!

Last night, I had an unsuccessful attempt.

I woke up in the early hours of the morning, went back to bed with the intention of a LD and in particular to go through the mirror.

I realise I am somewhat awake and I am sleeping on my stomach, but I am in my bed supporting my myself on my arms, staring over my shoulder. I am looking at tree tops, very green and very high tree tops. [color=blue]I realise that infact I am not awake, that I must be dreaming or even an OBE. At this point I decide to try and leave my body, and I feel the vibrations increase in the middle of my chest and I start to lift… but not enough, I get scared that I am going to lose the dream and I focus on the tree tops again trying to keep it together.

I am still half in my bed and I think about the mission. There is a large full wall mirror in my bed room, and I try to find this… but its all blurry. I try to focus harder but I just can’t see the mirror. I feel the dream slipping from me and I try to jump out of my body, but I think I just end up stretching my legs out longer than normal and the dream ends![/color]

Although this was unsuccessful, it was a good first attempt for me at having a LD and trying to get to a mirror. :content:
:content: :content:

great you tried it carnun! congrats on becoming lucid :happy: