Going through mirrors

before I ever had a lucid dream I was reading that going through a mirror in a lucid dream is very interesting. A few times I stuck my head through a mirror to see what I could see and it was all dark with random white spots, and for some reason it gave me an unsettling feeling so I’ve never jumped through one before, but last night I decided “It’s only a dream, so might as well” so I ran full speed at it and jumped in head first. I started falling through darkness, there were random rectangles of light passing in random places and then I fell into one and ended up outside.

I’ve had a few mirror experiences. In one I stretched it so I could fit into it then had a FA. Another time I jumped in one and everything just went black. I’m not too lucky when it comes to mirror destinations.

I had a strange experience once. I don’t remember if I was lucid before or after I walked through the mirror, but it was bizarre. Firstly, the mirror shower like a tunnel, similar to when you put a mirror in front of another mirror. and i walked through the tunnel backwards. I then realized i had walked into a painting. It looked like some sort of mix between Gogh, Esher and Dali. It was a sort of lunar landscape, or maybe some planet. I remember a shooting star. The cool thing was that everything was painted. I think this experience was influenced by something I might have seen that was similar.

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I’ve had many dreams all my life in which I passed through a mirror to discover all kinds of amazing things on the other side. I have no doubt that this was influenced by the fact that I was not allowed to read Alice in Wonderland, but did anyways, when I was seven. Just like in the book, there is always something incredible when I jump through the glass.

I have never gone through a mirror, but I’m definetly going to try. A weird thing I noticed on the mirror on a LUCID dream, was that I saw my mirror image. ( At least I recall it that way. ) I never thougth it was possible. Is it possible? Or do I remember wrong? :happy:

When i touched a mirror i had a wierd tingling feeling and i decided to go into it and everything started to get dark and it looked like i was entering a tunnel but then i woke up.

If it happens again, try to look at your reflection for a while. Without fail, my reflection in a dream always starts making faces at me! I’m not sure this happens to other people, but it seems to always happen to me.

One time when i looked in a mirror, I told it to show me my true self. What followed was a weird mental “cutscene” that showed images I interpret as a sort of “precognition” (though i don’t believe in it) of me going insane someday and there was an image of a murdered boy with much blood. I then returned to standing by the mirror. It was like, “flashbackstyle”. I didn’t see it in the mirror. it was, well like in movies when they have flashbacks or visions. I guess it isn’t directly related to mirrors. Examine your image! You might look different. My hair is often different in dream mirrors. It’s also weird when you have no image.

Never heard of mirrors in LD but I will definetly try this out :grin:

I’m going to try this out…
once I have my first LD! Gah!

What does usually happen when u jump into a mirror? :eh:

Read the topic. Usually it might lead you to a place you want to go, or a place which is beautiful and fun. Sometimes it drops you off the scene into a black void.

It’s all pretty random. You cannot really know where it leads you until you try it.

It’s definitely one of those things that’s different for everyone. It used to be that it always guaranteed an entrance into a magical dream realm for me, but in the last few years it has sometimes meant entering a void of black nothing. So perhaps you could report back to us and tell us what happens when you do it…

When I tried to jump through the mirror in a normal dream, I actually could not jump through the mirror, it was solid :o

I’ve only gone through a mirror once, but when I did I ended up on my side, like I was sleeping, and I was trapped in this white box, and then I guess all the sides enclosed or something, it was kinda like a feeling of glass shards coming at me, but it didn’t hurt, but I couldn’t see the glass shards, and I was randomly transported somewhere else afterward. Very hard to explain. You’d have to be there :tongue:

I had a lucid dream yesterday morn, and I remembered to try and walk through a mirror! Somehow I couldn’t immediately conjure up a mirror coz I felt like I’d wake up if I tried too hard and tried to go through a shiny floor :razz: but then the mirror appeared on a wall as I had intended. I first put my hand through it and when it went through, I walked through it. As I was crossing the mirror, I saw myself change. My skin turned purple and decayed. On the other side was a room. An empty, damp, mouldy, dirty, dark room. It was creepy.

Suddenly I felt scared that if I wake up while on the other side, real life would be like that room! So I felt like walking right back, but didn’t. I walked around the room but soon found another mirror, so I went back and woke up immediately.

It was an eerie experience!

I have some experience with mirrors. At LC there is few mirrors and when i want to go to LC I am going through mirror or doors.

You and me both.
I can’t wait for an LD - when I think about it, it’s so simple. I know that I control myself in my dreams, and that i’m aware of it, but when I wake up, I think: “OH DAMN! Why didn’t I RC?”, and get a bit annoyed. I can’t wait to control everything in my own little universe :happy:

I been reading that mirrors are some kind of portal. I’m also trying to become lucid so I can have an OBE and jumping through a mirror is a great way to do it. :mirror: