Galactic Moon 8: Unlocking All Quests

Galactic Moon: Unlocking All Quests

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There will be no new LD Quest at LD4all during Galactic Moon. Instead we are unlocking all the previous quests in order to give all members a chance to choose their own lucid adventure out of the four that have been completed so far. This is a brilliant opportunity to experience any lucid adventures that you weren’t able to attempt the first time around.

04. Quest for Self-Existing moon: Through the Mirror

05. Quest for Overtone Moon: Transform into an animal

06. Quest for Rhythmic moon: Meet your Spirit Guide

07. Quest for Resonant moon - Finding Lost Memories

[b]Please post your new lucid adventures in the correct thread.
Have fun during Galactic Moon


Wow! That’s a brilliant idea! I like it ^^

/me will try the animal arain and the mirror.

Maybe I will stumble upon my SG (yet again) too. :razz:

Can i just point out that the text at the top of the forum has not yet been changed, in case it has been overlooked?

EDIT: Feb 8th… still the same: Quest for this Moon:
Finding Lost Memories

Cool, but I was kind of hoping for a new quest this moon. Oh, well.

This is great :ok: since I have yet to accomplish one. I was close with the mirror quest :mirror: but I’d like to still try some others again and/or that one.

Alrighty then, off to dream land :yawn:

Thats a great time for me because I just srated LD and for the joy of it I can experience almost all the quest !

Excellent idea :grin:

I’m going to try the going through the mirror, I’ve always wanted to do that :yes:

Woo it changed. That makes my happy.

YAY!! :woot:

/me goes off to do the shapeshifting project he desperately wanted to do but barely missed last time. :content:

And the headliner at the upper part of the page is changed to ‘‘Unlocking all quest’’ too.

I will try mirror and maby SG.
What was Quest 1-3? :confused:

The quests have been numbered according to the number of the month they were set… the current month is month 8 - Galactic Moon

Wow, these look pretty cool. Well, the first three. I don’t believe in “Repressed Memories.” :smile:

Let’s see… I already have a recurring “spirit guide” character in some of my dreams though I hesitate to call him that because I’m not a New Age type.

But anyway, just a couple days ago he showed up out of nowhere and completely changed the character of the dream. It’s hard to describe, but the dream became more vivid and even had some sort of weird background music for no good reason. :smile: The experience was almost spiritual.

Unfortunately, the dream slipped through my fingers faster than any other dream before (or, at least, any other dream that felt so powerful). All I can remember is that he led me through some sort of weird thought process that made no sense whatsoever, and even less sense when I woke up. But it all just slipped right out of my head. Everything, except for two small and really weird details.

One: I was embarassed that I recognized him and did not know his name… so I asked his name. And would you believe it? His name is Roger Ranger! You know, from Kimba the White Lion? Ugh. Of all the stupid names to pick… :wink:

Two: I remember my own conclusion once he led me in circles, and everything finally clicked… somehow. “Sometimes I seem to miss things because I’m always moving around.”

That sounds like jibberish to all of you I’m sure. :smile:

Sigh. Dream Characters Say the Darndest Things.

After this experience, I need to take my brain to the drycleaners. :smile:

I’ll do the transform into an animal-quest and finding lost memories.

My SG is ebil, because of him it became a FLD >=\

Ebil certainly beats Roger Ranger. Ugh. Lamest. Spirit Guide. Ever. :smile:

Definitely go for animal transformations. It’s, personally, one of my favorite things to do in a dream. It’s more of a normal drream thing than a lucid dream thing for me, though.