LD4all Quest #2: Overtone Moon: Transform into an animal

LD4all Quest #2: Overtone Moon: Transform into an animal

[color=darkblue]Author: pasQuale

Each moon, on LD4all we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

The Quest for Overtone Moon is: Transform into an animal[/color]

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Transform into an animal

This Moons project was suggested by Siiw in the Quest Suggestion Topic.

In your next LD:

  • Try to transform into an animal
  • Experience your surroundings through the senses of your chosen animal
  • If possible, try to transform into different animals and note the difference in experience.

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):

  • Set your mind for this Quest
  • Already decide on what kind of animal you would like to transform. This makes it easier to do it when you become lucid; otherwise you might remember the quest but have no idea into what animal you want to change, and lose lucidity.
  • Decide what aspect of the animal you would like to experience. for example: firebreathing and flying as a dragon - This is also to make it easier to actually do it once you are lucid.
  • Decide in what way you will try to transform. Eg: willpower/using a magic wand etc. For some inspiration: read this topic

Have Fun!

Post all relevant dreams in this topic (whether you feel you succeeded or not).

Good luck on your Quest everybody! :dream:

Tuesday november 15 2005
Yellow Galactic Warrior

Changing into an Owl
I had already decided next moons Quest would be the transform into an animal, I had deciced to post that tomorrow. But I already did it this night to try it out for you guys :grin:, The only thing is that i didn’t really realize i was dreaming, it was more of a ND/FLD

[ND]I’m in a backyard of some sort. I remember the transformation Quest. I see 2 beautiful owls flying. I decide I want to try and transform into an Owl as well.

I want myself to be an owl, I spread my arms and they become wings. I feel the feathers on my wings and try to be in an owl’s body.

I fly on silken wings. So softly through the air with no sound at all. Eventhoug it is dark, I have no problem seeing. I swoosh through the trees in the forest.

I try to remember what owls eat. Mice and stuff. I should try to catch one. And I will probably have to hack up an owlball as well. :spinning:wave: wolb :tongue:) I fly to a branch to sit on it. [/ND]

I feel i succeeded half, because i still felt myself being human as well. But I felt smaller and that experience of flying silently through the air was wonderful.


In the one ND I had where I became Nessie I felt the same way at the end. Of course I was transforming back into a human, but you know what I mean. :content: Nice new quest, I ought to have fun with it my next LD. (if I’m able to manage transforming that is)

Wooo, I did it, and didn’t even know about the quest last night.

Anyway, I was in this school place, and people were teasing me. I didn’t like them teasing me, so I transformed into a wolf. Yay. It wasn’t instanous too, so I had a better idea of the differences between a human and a wolf. One of the things I noticed is that paws aren’t made for fine manipulation, such as grabbing a pencil…

:clap: congrats :happy:
amazing u had that dream before i even posted the Quest :smile:

well… i wasent doing it in this calendar but it have happent before :d and i didnt transform but i WAS a Bear :happy: I felt hairy and for some reason blueberries and salmon where tasting good :tongue:

And now i will go to bed and transform myself in to a Bear again :razz:

good luck kenai :content:

don’t blueberries and salmon always taste good? :happy:

not for me they dont… dont know why :meh:

together!!! i’m not so sure… :wink:

this is a great choice of project though. there are a few animals which have been showing up in my lucid dreams of late:

  • crocodile
  • bear
  • and my totem animal, the pigeon

i’ve transformed into pigeon many times, but shapeshifting into the crocodile or bear would be interesting.


btw. congrats on the owl dream. i can so see you as an owl. a wise, observer…

kenai. it was also nice to read your experience about the bear.


how did u find ur totem?

Going to try to do this in a lucid dream though. And several shapes. Wolf, dragon… Burninate a few villiagers…

Yeah… I wana fly like a giant eagle through the sky, and then dive into the sea and be a whale swimming to the depths of the oceans…I had a dream the other night I was a tree… but that doesn’t really count I guess!

It does if it was a Tolkien tree!

I want to transform into a cat… ironic seeing as one of my most predominant dreamsigns at the moment is my (late) cat. I would love to have a cats sense of smell and hearing, and I guess it’d be fun to go munching on some innocent little deer :hehe:

When i change in to a Bear im going to eat Q :ebil:

BTW: if anyone have a way to transform in to a Bear tell me it is urgent!!

I do not have clue at all but i would sacrifise any dream this week to have a LD as a Bear… well ok that is normal right :tongue:

YaY!!! 100 Posts :happy:

I had a dream about this last night! I just posted the whole dream in my journal, but here’s the part related to this quest. :content: I don’t think I really succeeded; I only remembered it for 20 or so seconds before I woke up, but there’s always tonight!

from Just Another Weird Dream

(Right before this I was trying to teleport somehwere interesting.)

…[LD]I ended up on my porch. Good enough. :tongue: I turned around a few times, seeing if anything was really different… On my third spin around, I noticed a large mirror against a wall. It was kind of fancy and had rounded yellow borders… just like the mirror on this site! :content:

I hadn’t really planned on doing the Quest for the Overtone Moon that night, so I was surprised I remembered it in my dream. But… I hadn’t thought of anything to turn into and I knew it was almost time to wake up. I began to panic, thinking of animals that I liked.

Finally I thought of the cat. I desperately tried to transform myself into one, but it didn’t work. :neutral: I thought of something simpler like an insect of some kind. I felt myself getting much smaller, my vision was getting very weird, and I felt like I had way too many legs. :tongue: I tried to walk around a bit…[/LD]

…And there I got interrupted when somebody kept yelling about how it was time to go to school. :tongue: Oh well!

I have not trensformed into an animal jet :cry:
but i have manege to change some ting:
1: I have strethed my arms
2: I have change the nober of fingers on my hand(this was in an atemt too transfor too a dragon)
3: I have blown up my lungs like a ballon and floted awey (Spacealbin thoth I ment i blown opp the intired me :roll: )
3: My shadow into an eagol shadow
(4: I once flyed and it felt like i had wings moveng up and down but i did not see them)
My ultimate transforming dream is treansforming too a dragon :content:

Blowing up the entire you, lol.
I once had in a ND, a life-jacket (The kind that are on planes that you can blow up manually) and if I blew into it I would start floating.

I want to be a dragon too! Well, actually what I want most is wings and fire-breath. :happy:

great you gave it a try, theFuzz (welcome back btw :content: ) Funny how you saw a mirror and remembered the Quest (nice it looked like the one on LD4all as well :smile: - Hope next time you remember what animal you wanted to be!

good luck with your dragon transformation painocus and spacealbin!

good luck with your changing into a bear kenai, not good luck with finding me :tongue: I carry very large truits in my LD’s and they are bear proof :tongue: