LD4all Quest #2: Overtone Moon: Transform into an animal

I had a ND related to this quest last night. I have posted it in my DJ here

I have transformed into a wolf a couple of times, but under the time of this quest. But maybe this night… :hmmm:

17-18 nov. '05

LD: not that i experienced

Today i just remember:
I was furry :happy:
I was in a forest :smile:
I was eating fish from a river :tongue:
I was feeling strong :ebil:
But i didnt eat Q thoug :cry:
Part from that i dont remember :sad:

Mabye this was a Bear Dream? :cool_laugh:

This morning I woke up at about 4-5 A.M. I was still tired, so for a while I was drifting in and out of sleep. Eventually I decided that this was a great opportunity to lucid dream, and about on my 5th drifting off I alternated between thinking “I AM lucid” and “I will realize that I am dreaming.”

I entered the dream at some point, and realized that I was dreaming. I was in some kind of entertainment complex, (for the fourth time. :eek: ) but it wasn’t like the other three I’d drempt about. It looked more like it was meant to house occupants for a long period of time, like a summer camp or something.

At some point, I was trying to find someone and ended up in a city. I suddenly remember this thread, and decide “Ah, why not?” I decide to try and transform into a leopard. There’s a closed store across the street, with darkened windows. Out of one of those windows comes a tiger. Note that he didn’t come crashing out of it, he sort of morphed from it. He looks at me and says something in telepathy, something like “Do not worry, it will come.” He then walks past me and into the misty distance.

Next comes a jaguar, and behind that was another big cat. I can’t remember, but I think it was a lioness or a puma. Both of them walk past, like the tiger did. After the unknown cat comes a leopard. It stops in the middle of the car-free street and watches me as I concentrate on it’s shape. I fall on all fours and feel my bone structure shift somewhat, and the leopard walks away, also going past me, as though it figures I’m done with it.

Sadly, I couldn’t finish the transformation. I got as far as having a more catlike shape and sharper teeth, but I couldn’t get any further. :sad:

congrats fante on that attempt! :happy: I think it is beautiful all those big cat’s came to you in the dream like that :smile:

@kenai :scared: I dreamt of 2 bears tonight that had escaped, but fortunately the security guard caught them immediately and drugged them and put them back in their cage. When I woke up I thought: I surely hope Kenai didn’t dream of being a bear and chasing me :razz: :lol:

your dream sounds very bearlike! :happy:

Yeah, I guess it was. :content:

I might try again tonight, or become a cobra if the big cat transformation fails. (I’ve become a cobra before…I distinctly remember being a bright-blue one once. :tongue: )

[b]Nice quest. I haven’t dreamed about transforming into an animal lately, but I did dream of being biten by a mouse last week.

In the past I’ve turned into a dolphin and a wolf.

Maybe this will help me have a totem dream this moon. :peek: [/b]

Last night I had a somewhat low-lucidity dream.

I was standing outside my house, when it hit me that I was dreaming. I take a quick look at my surrondings, and oddly enough, there’s a rotting old shack. I sense that something’s in there, so I take a look inside. All that’s there is a mop and a few shelves of cleaning supplies, but nothing interesting.

I go back to where I was standing and decide to transform into a bald eagle. I let out a few screeches, and smoothly transformed into an eagle. My senses weren’t enhanced or anything, they usually aren’t, but the sense of having wings was pretty realistic. (This is the first time I’ve ever become a bird.)

It takes a few tries, but I start flying. I end up flying over an ocean or something, and stumble across a strange city. I’ve been to this city before in a lucid-to-non-lucid dream. It looks like New York got smashed with an amusement park, half of the city is dedicated to narrower-than-life streets and buildings, and the other half is dedicated to roller coasters and such. I landed in an alleyway and changed back to human.

After wandering around for a little bit and not findind anything of notable interest, I walk through the walls of an abandoned building. Oddly enough, it’s like playing a video game and enabling any walk through walls cheat, there’s notihng inside the building and from the inside, the walls are transparent. Walking out, my left foot got caught in some wire and had to untangle myself. (There was some pain here.) After untangling myself, I become an eagle again and am just about to take off when I woke up.

Not bad for a first avian transformation. :content:

Yay, congrats! I love the screeching part :content:

I have had LDs about transforming into animal sometimes, there was one when i was a fish swimming through the sea and I saw the back of my tail and felt like I had no arms. i have also been a bird and flown around a bit like a pigeon. I don’t know why I chose to become these at the time, but I remember doing it and been aware of it.

Quest Completed!

[LD] From the start I knew it was a dream. (I WILDed into it) I was, surprisingly, a cheetah-like animal. Niiice… I got to do the Quest! :cool_laugh:

I was in a dessert, barren lest you spare a few rocks and a dead tree. The sun beat down with a terrible strengh and I became hungry. A caveman sat on a stone nearby and worked on a brown wooden tool. Cave man… desert… ah, I see. I wasn’t a cheetah, I was a saber-tooth tiger! :boogie:

My instincts told me to kill, and I wasn’t about to disobey them. They also told me that the tool was a weapon and I wouldn’t be able to take the brute down alone. I willed a friend to come and help me, and surprisingly someone came to my aid: Simba. (my cat IRL) He wasn’t no mouse-chaser though, he was 40 times his regular size and and teeth bigger than your head. :happy:

I prowled over to a good position about 20 yards behind him and Sims went to the side. With a glance his way I gave my signal and we pounced. Grunto was down before he could say “Ugga bugga.” :cool: [/LD]

I never knew human flesh tasted so good! :grin:

Ha ha ha thats great!!!

I have been a falcon, twice. I could see everything in “high resolution”. This time i thought i should try to transform into something without limbs, like a snake, eel or worm, but last nights dream shows me just how wise it is to think about worms before sleeping.

:clap: congrats wolb! I love the part where simba came to your aid.

great dream!

lol siiw. Maybe distract your mind and only think about the word snake and remember the Quest, then once you become lucid try to remember what that word was and you remember to become a snake?

I did dream about being something brown and furry again but i didnt write down the dream when i woke up :cry: i just fell to sleep again and didnt even decide not to write it down :sad:

good luck tonight kenai!

The owl dream has made impact, because the owls were so beautiful. It was a barnowl :smile: like this one:

I did some research and it turns out the barn owl flies indeed silently through the night, I never knew that.

I dreamt some nights ago that I behaved like a wolf, but I don’t think that counts because I sometimes do that when I’m awake… :tongue:

:smile: that seems like me only the animal is different… im a Bear :tongue:

Siiw you should probably won’t want to meet me if i succeed in my transformation…Cause i always wanted to be a Falcon aka hawk (falco subbuteo,falco peregrinus,falco naumanni,etc)so if you’re a snake or smthng i can eat as a falcon you’ll regret you did it :tongue: :tongue: .I hope i’m not late to try this experiment,but i entered the forum today after a lot of days… :shy: :cry: :cry:

dont worry about being late… it is still Overtone Moon :happy: