The Big Spirit Guide Topic - Part II

Now, THAT`S impressive!


Anyhoo, Im starting to doubt wether Brian really is my SG...Of course, he has shown me that he has some control of my dreams, and that he has some power in my mind... But thats just to expect, since hes... A part of me... Anyway, I think there are someone else... Who temporarily grants Brian power.. I want to meet Brians “superiors”…

heya dark mage

i was wondering if you’d read my posts on page 8 and the top of 9? i have a lot of questions in the same vein as you. i’m interested in your thoughts in the points i discuss with basilus.

kore kist

I got to meet two of my spiritguides tonight!
One of them I had met previously, in a dream wich took place somewhere in the middle of the 19th century. He then looked very creepy, with fang-like teeth and long, sharp nails. When I spoke to him, though, he wasn’t scary at all, just a tad bitter :tongue: I never got a chance to ask him what his name was that time, but tonight I remembered and asked. He said his name was Rogi. He also said that he was in charge of my relationships, and that I was too clingy. I got a little mad at him, but realised he was probably right :wink: The other spirit guide I got to meet looked just like a friend of mine, except for the fact that her hair was birght purple. It got a bit confusing, because when I met her she was walking towards me with the friend she was a copy of, so I wasn’t sure what to think… But she cleared it up for me, and also claimed to be my “moon guide”. I’ve absolutely no idea what she might have meant by it, does anyone else? Hopefully I can get lucid tonight and ask her. I also suspect she shifts shape, maybe she’s my friendship guide and shifts between my friends, but in that case I don’t understand why she would referr to that as being a moon guide.

So , I just felt like sharing the news, and if anyone has a theory about the moon guide-stuff, don’t hestitate to post it!

heya astral

hmm…well, offhand, i don’t have any experience with moon guides, nor have i read of them, but i am very excited by your encounter. i have been thinking alot lately about “woman power”, and our special connection to the moon, the cycles and rhythms of nature…
perhaps this is a sign that humans perform two distinct functions (at least women do), one of which is to direct the spirit outward, and one to direct it inward. and so maybe we need a different guide for each direction…
just a few thoughts…
please keep posting…i feel this moonguide resonating strongly in my psyche/soul, and am very curious to find out what she is guiding to.

love and all that good stuff

kore kist

hi kore kist

I also thought about women’s connection to the moon, glad to see someone else had that idea aswell!
I’ll definitely keep you posted on how it works out.


heya astralfog,

was still pondering moon guides, and decided to google it. mostly it’s just actual moon guides, like when the moon does what, but i did happen upon a wiccan dream spell site.

while no mention is made to moonguides persay, there is an interesting section called “a look at lucid dreaming and out of body experiences”

i thought this part was very interesting:

“I suggest visiting friends for the first part, learning to phase into the dreaming spheres where we gather in groups, there is so much…but never fear or worry about revealing truths. Remember, you do this anyway, so the best thing to do, is ask that part of you that knows this, and ask it to be your guide […], who better to show you the territory than yourself”

in light of this passage, and of your dream, i have an idea. that is that there can easily be confusion (like you had) as to who a person in a dream is- just a dream, a visiting friend, a guide, or whatever. so perhaps individuals part of dream groups should all choose some symbol that identifies them, so that you’ll know who or what someone is…for example, the moon guide had purple hair, and your friend doesn’t. so perhaps the colour purple is the key, and the colour purple will be the guide’s marking.

i suppose any colour, object, pattern or number will do…
i’m not sure what i’ll choose to rep’t me…perhaps i’ll dream it up tonight!

just a few thoughts. int’d in opinions.


kore kist

Can spirt guides hate you…or at least not like you? If you knew me IRL, i’m pretty nice, but annoying as hell. i wonder what would happen…


i’ve totally wondered the same thing.

well, if they’re “real”, then they’re super evolved, and would have chosen to help you, so they’ll be ready for your bad habits.

if they’re “psychological functions”, and you’re already neurotic or whatever, maybe they’ll be the way your subconscious beats itself up…or the way it heals itself…hopefully the latter!!


:help: How can you figure out who your spirit/dream guide is in a dream? What do you look for? I find this very interesting and just needed some help, I don’t know very much about it. What or who is your spirit/dream guide? :smile:

I believe the easiest way would be to call out or ask if your guide was there in a dream, and then see who or what appears. :cool: There is a character in my dreams which I believe to be a guide, and that is because of the feeling of love and healing she leaves me with. I haven’t asked her directly though.

Btw, I moved your post to this big spirit guide topic. Maybe there is something in this topic which could help. :cool:

ohhhhh oops :sad: I’m sorry… Thanks for moving it. :smile:

There is nothing to be sorry about! The question is interesting and i only wanted to help more. :cool:

I will keep a look out tonight in my dreams. Hopefully when I wake up I’ll remember details of any animal or living thing. :smile: Thanks for your help. I’ll probably go through this topic to see if I can find out some more. :smile:

Wow last night I remember a dream, and in it I had a bag hung on my shoulders, It was fairly dark outside, and I think I might of been on my street. Well I opened the the purse like bad and I pulled out a sparrow. The sparrow had a bluish feathery head and a yellow feathery neck, I remeber seeing a warm light emiting from the sparrow and it made me feel good, strong, happy, and warm. And then the sparrow flew out of my hands and away. I’ll keep my eyes and dreams open for reapearance of the bird.

Hey Ithuriel…

That’s a cool dream! You should join us in the transforming into an animal quest. That dream would make agreat addition.

Actually. It’s really cool I’m just sscrolling through some of the older dreams on this thread. There are some awesome stories here!

HatedGremlin - your experiences remind me so much of my encounters with my spirit guides. When I first asked them their name, they wouldn’t tell me either. And nowadays, my main one tends to make up a new name, every time.

I find that I can bring him into my dream, simply by identifying and calling through his unique energy into my dreamscape…


Thanks explora, I’m going to see if I can transform into an animal in my next lucid dream:)

Wow, there are some really cool stories in here! Its inspired me to look for my spirit guide! Ive only had a few LD’s, so i might try it next time as i cant think of anything to do in LD’s.

Hopefully i have some luck…(unless you can count Dave Chappele as one, haha)


Sorry to go off on a tangent, but is it possible to not have a SG at all?

And also, if they are comming into our dreams from some kind of higher plateau, wouldn’t it be possible to enter other peoples dreams? They could be used to send messages!

Hey jacky.

Interesting you mention that. Once I had the bizarre experinece of meeting a fellow dream team member’s spiritual guide. it was awesome!

her guide even gave me a piece of information, by which I was able to confirm the meeting. It was information about my fellow dream team member’s health, that I sure couldn’t have known any other way.


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