LD4all Quest #4: Resonant Moon: Finding Lost Memories

[size=150][color=indigo]LD4all Quest #4: Resonant Moon: [/color][color=blue]Finding Lost Memories[/color][/size]

[color=darkblue]Author: pasQuale

Each moon, on LD4all we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

The Quest for Resonant Moon is: Finding Lost Memories[/color]

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[size=150][color=blue]Finding Lost Memories[/color][/size]

There are things about your life you don’t remember consciously. In this Quest we are going to try to find lost memories. Memories from your early childhood maybe, or an event you have been told that happened, but you have no conscious memory of it.

In your next LD:

  • Uncover a Lost Memory.

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique [com](WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc)[/com]:

  • Set your mind for this Quest
  • Already decide on how you will find the lost memory.
    For example:
  • Go to a library that holds the books to your life and browse through it.
  • Find “the Museum of Lost Memories” and browse the displays.
  • Switch on a tv and tune into the channel about your life.

After the dream
Ponder on the memory that you now have recovered. Does it have any significance for you in your life at this time?

Have Fun!

Post all relevant dreams in this topic (whether you feel you succeeded or not).

Good luck on your Quest everybody! :dream:

note: Resonant Moon is from january 10 until february 6 2006

For inspiration, here a LD of mine in which I find The Museum of Lost Memories

Wow, neat dream :smile:

I’ll join in on this quest :smile:

That is such a beautiful dream Q.

I love this idea for a project! very creative.


How would you know if you are finding a real lost memory?

That’s my one concern here–one must be extremely wary not to conjure up false memories, as is common in these sorts of cases (dream recall, hypnosis, etc.). If that can be avoided, though, it sounds great! :content:

So you went with this one afterall, eh? ^^ Sounds good, you know how horrible my memory is. Maybe along the way I’ll see if I can mess with my head a bit and make myself remember more! :grin:

I did it! :hurray:

One day early, but ah well. I had a LD and had a very cool experience. Coming soon to a DJ near you.

Congrats Q! :boogie:

That first dream sounded intresting too :yes:

When I saw the quest, the first thing that ran through my head was trying to remember your first breath and thoughts… But the more I think about it, the more I dont like it :tongue:

Im sure this will provide with some intresting results and debates on the legitimacy of the results…


Lost Memories Found
Oh no! I missed the alarm! I will be late!
:uh: wait a minute, not again?

[LD]Yay, another LD! I jump out of the window. What to do now. I remember the memory Quest. Let’s try for that.

I’m at some kind of junkyard, but not from carwrecks, but I know these represent memories. I say/sing to myself:“These all are memories”.
I browse a bit through the unknown items. Things seem orderly. Only a bit left that still has to be sorted out.

I float/fly around, looking around.

I see male DC’s in light blue overalls with a red emblem on the top right pocket. They are busy moving pillar like things. I want to ask them about a memory. One of them sees me and is very happy to see me.

“Q!, Q! It’s you!” He’s so happy that I’m here. I realize that I’m ofcourse the owner of this site :cool:
I ask if these are my memories.
“Yes of course! We take care of them for you! Q, it’s so nice to meet you!”
He asks me about a massage I do, and I reply that it is some kind of shiatsu with reiki (can’t quite remember).

I’m a bit flabbergasted with his enthousiasm.

I ask if I may see a memory. It is quiet for a few seconds. I have the feeling some places close barred gates with a “KLANG” look wolb, my first sound effect.
I add:“but something nice”

It is OK. A female DC holding a clipboard shows me the way. She is very friendly, and looks like she is in charge now.

“Would you like to see it on TV or live?”
“Live please”
“Follow me”

I follow her down stairs. The walls here are yellowish orange, and there is also some kind of orange/pink paint.
We arrive at a door. There is a tv monitor outside. There is a kind of sacred atmosphere. I want to see it live, so I open the door.

Then I see a hospital bed. A baby has just been born. I know that this is me. It is like a moment frozen in time. I can move, but the scene is frozen; yet it is 3d and I can sense the emotions.

My mother, sweaty and tears over her face. My dad sitting on a chair. My stepson is there too, which somehow fits.
The baby is very tiny and red. Little black hairs stick to it’s head. I’m silent. I feel how happy my mother is.


I see myself as a kid, skating. I had forgotten how I enjoyed that. I see myself playing, wearing the piggy tails in my hair I always had. I see myself like I have never seen myself. So full of joy and beautiful.[/LD]

[com]This was really a very touching experience. To see myself just after I had been born. Also to see myself as a child. I had forgotten the happy times. I asked my mother about what I looked like when I was born, if I had hair, she said yes. She also said there were students around the bed, and my stepson is a student now, so maybe that’s why he turned up :wink:

But I really feel and know that I saw myself as a baby and it was really beautiful. Also to have seen myself again as a child, 3d, alive, it’s so different than pictures. It was an amazing experience.[/com]

Sounds nice Q, but there’s no memory I really am excited to see of myself as a kid. Then again, I am still young… I don’t really want to participate in this quest anyway.

I completed this quest on sunday but I just got to write here it today. (luckily I wrote it in my offline DJ)
Abstract Art of The Forgotten
I walked through my front yard as I pondered what should I do in this LD. Sex no, not very productive. Ahh yes the quest to find some of my forgotten memories. Therefore, I told myself that the next place I would be is at my memory museum. So I fell back and the next thing I know I landed in front of a strange house. I walked into the building which was filled with odd paintings each very abstract but each giving me a little insight into things that I didn’t really know about myself. I saw one that caught my eye it was a charcoal painting which consisted of a grey background, on the bottom of the picture was a white sheet covered by crème colored pillows, and in the air floated a large red cup out of which flowed a single soccer ball. However, the thing that struck me as interesting about this picture was on the right side was a large waffle iron that took up a good fourth of the picture. I walked outside where I saw my brother. He sat on the curb, I told him to come with me as I got into a white pickup truck that was fully chrome on the inside. We drove for about a block before I woke up.

I had chance to try this “mission” twice tonight. The results turned out weird, and no proper memories yet, but i will put excerptions from my DJ here anyway:

#1 LD: /…/ [color=blue][i]I say to her (to one of my best RL friend) that i wish to recall common memories that we had together in the past, and to find them out. She looks to certain place and asks, how we could find them. I tell her, that we might watch some movie, or even better - let’s go to the museum of lost memories.

I push myself into closed shed, what i imagine to be the room i’m looking for. Instead of my friend there is a young man now. I ask him for a lucid pill and he gives me one, and i eat it. Someone else enters and i think that it might be her (i don’t want to lose her from my dream, but right now i have more important “mission” to do). But instead of her there comes even younger youngster. In next moment instead of the youngster there is a black hairy cat (what somehow reminds me a cat from “Alice In Wonderland” from his attitute).

The cat asks in English: “Where are the chicks?”
The question comes as surprise to me, even if it’s a LD. So i only can say in English too: “What?” :happy:
He says: “You said: there will be chicks” (or “You promised the chicks”). It’s so surprising and funny, that i laugh softly and ask once more: “What??” :grin:

In seconds i wake up IRL.[/i][/color]

#2 /…/ I invite him (my dad) to watch with me a video about my childhood, and i turn off the vacuum cleaner. We go to other room and i choose first tape from the shelf and put it to play. There is a noice coming from other player, and i turn it off. The video is an anime and looks like a “Lion King”, or Mowgli. There are titles and stuff in the beginning like in usual movie. As scissors turn out to be not as good remote control, i use my bare hand to turn more volume. I just wave with my right hand, and the volume increases. We watch the anime for probably about 15-30 seconds before i wake up IRL.

Great results you two :happy:

hatedgremlin: I love how you went into your private memory museum! Did you gain more insight in yourself after the dream?

did this trigger any memories too or was it just intriguing?

It seems in the first dream you did get back in the past somehow because your friend showed up as younger versions of himself.

I like how you watched a video of yourself together with your father in the second dream. Did one of the dreams trigger any memories for you?

I had a non-lucid dream, that might have something do to with this Quest.
I dreamt that I was laying on the floor at home, with a friend sitting close to me.
We spoke about my “other” side, the wolf side. I felt very non-human, and had a very wierd experience.

I remembered things, that could have been from a previous life or something. I these memories I was a wolf, probably in the north part of Sweden judging from the memories.
I had pictures in my head of dark winter nights, snow, reindeers and lingonberries. Also, early mornings and tired wolves. I told my friend everything I saw, and she listened.

Actually no. Except that i saw my father (he has been dead for 15 years already) cleaning the room like i probably remember him in my childhood. I’m not sure are there any links between past memories and this anime what i saw (probably not, because in dreams i have understood, that if something seems significant, then it has some significance for you).

And in my first dream, i don’t know who were those two guys. My (female) friend was not related with them.

Well, probably i will get better results :tongue:

I had a failed attempt at this last night.

I had been in an ND for a while, but I can’t recall it. I realise I am dreaming, and look around. I’m in an empty room, on the second floor of a building. The interior is broken plaster. I see a window at the end of the room, so I dive through it ^^

To my dissapointment, my feet get caught in the window frame and I’m left dangling down the side of the building. I shake them free and float down to the ground.

There’s a skip here, but I remember talking to a man (in his 50s, was wearing a yellow uniform I believe, reminded me of a taxi) about travelling to other planets, and somewhere in the conversation I remembered the ‘Lost Memories’ quest. I think I asked where the planet of lost memories is, but then everything went black >.<

I remembered a post about not trying to open your eyes when this happens, but to look through them. No luck. I woke up.

Oh well, that’s what I get for not doing a RC :wink:

The most annoying thing though is that I remembered this quest (still good nevertheless), but didn’t remember the idea for an LD I had been trying to have all week! Doh!

Actually the waffle picture I had no idea what it meant but it was the only one like that (that I could not figure out the meaning to) but as I said in my DJ each picture reminded me of some part of my life even though they had little or nothing to do with my life. It was as if they were not memories themselves but things that would trigger memories. Because when I try to duplicate some of the art I saw it just seems like random abstact art of no value.

I came soooooo close tonight! If only I didn’t have my FA…

Well, I’ll post the excerpt from my DJ

[LD]My brother looked at me with a bewildered look upon his face :eek: , but had to give in to the fact that he was my imagination. Then, I started losing lucidity, but my BOW (Brother-In-Law) told me “Don’t you have something to remember?” Then, I rubbed my hands together to increase vividness, and started thinking…

Oh, of course! The Dream Quest! I had to find a lost memory, so I decided to get the book of lost memories. I looked at my bed and willed the book to appear on it. After 6 or 7 seconds, it did! (with a cool fade effect :tongue: ). The cover was made of a brown sort of material, like in these old movies, and the print was carved into it. The only thing was that it was pretty small, so, hard to read, and the title and back cover had nothing to do with lost memories…I decided to look through it anyways. The book was written in alphabetical order, but instead of memories, it named mythical creatures which I didn’t even know about :neutral: . So, I closed this book and chose to try and go to the museum instead. I closed my eyes and started spinning thinking to myself “I will end up in the museum of lost memories” .I ended up in a…[/LD]

FA!!! I opened my eyes and was in my bed. I got out of it, did a reality-check, but to no avain (is that a word?) , so I just continued the dream, which is pretty fragmented, so I wont tell…

Hey Kev.

Your dream was funny! I liked the way your brother’s words linked right into the theme of the project

“Don’t you have something to remember?”

Cool that you were able to manifest a book of lost memories too! Thankyou for sharing!


I attempted this quest last night but failed… :sad: :sad: :sad:

I don’t remember too much only that I found myself in Puerto Rico, the kid’s dad was there and I was chaperoning a bunch of boys…

Nothing I remember. I’m going to try again tonight. :wiske: