LD4all Quest #4: Resonant Moon: Finding Lost Memories

My recent name change was actually a result of finding lost memories from this Quest. Make a long story short: I remembered my real name! Ironically, the dream contained several Dream Characters, all of which actually DO exist, and their personalities in the dream are identical to how they are in real life. I think one of them reached out to me empathetically, and that’s why she appeared in the dream. Here is the dream that triggered it. Notice that I am the only character in the entire dream who doesn’t have the “Power”

The Power

[color=darkred]We are waiting outside, waiting on an employee’s meeting. Waiting, always waiting. Waiting, because we are early. We are always early, that is just who we are.

It is Matt, Mary, Justin, and myself. I am sitting on top of my car in my usual calm fashion. Matt and Justin are having a contest to see who can chuck pieces of gravel the furthest. And Mary is doing…well, whatever it is that Mary does. Matt, in his usual spontaneous manner, yells out, “Hey guys, watch THIS!”

He then proceeds to materialize a gatling gun out of thin air. He shoots it into the air, shouting in high good humor. He is crazy like that. He always had an obsession with guns.

Justin, not to be outdone, yells in confrontation, “Oh yeah? Well, beat THIS!”

Justin then summons a rocket launcher from nowhere. We ooh and aaah in admiration. Justin was always the best. He never let a challenge pass.

Mary, without saying a word, puts her arm into the end of Justin’s rocket launcher. She pulls her arm back to reveal that the rocket launcher is now a part of her arm.

Matt jumps up, giving a high five to nobody in particular, “Whoah! You turned your arm into a rocket launcher. That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!”

Without a word, Mary fires her rocket launcher. A small missile-like device flies through the air, landing some yards away on the pavement.

Matt tries to give advice on the finer points of rocket launching, “That’s not much of a rocket. It is much too small. And it needs to fly straighter, and not so much in a parabola.”

Mary smiles, “I know it’s not a rocket. It’s a tiny nuclear bomb. And it’s all mine. Isn’t it cute?”

Matt is confused. “A nuclear bomb? What would you want one of those for?”

Mary wags her finger at him. “Why not? Prepare for a wide path of destruction. I’d get out of here if I were you.”

Matt and Justin start to chuckle and laugh, when I notice Mary heading for her truck. You couldn’t ever tell when she was joking, but I wasn’t about to take the chance. I run and jump into the bed of the truck, yelling “Wait for me!”

She drives off, with me holding on in the back of the big gray truck. She drives like a maniac. First she goes up the wrong way of an exit ramp, then cuts across the entire highway, and enters a marsh on the other side. I look around in concern, “Uh, I don’t think this is a safe road.”

Mary calls back from the cab, “Of course it’s not, silly. But if we never left the beaten path, then we wouldn’t have any fun.”

I realize that she is right. As much as I like to play it safe, I need this. I need this, and I need her. I look around at the marshland. We have gone quite a ways. The water here is pretty high, and filled with reeds. The truck is doing more swimming than driving. And then we stop moving.

“I’m hung,” she calls back from the cab.

“I’ll get it,” I say. Looking over the back of the truck, I can see the rear passenger side stuck in a tangle of vines and grass. Jumping down onto the bumper, I let the water ooze into my shoes as I struggle to untangle the mess. After a minute, it is done, and I jump back into the bed of the truck. Climbing through the back window, I take a seat next to Mary. “We make a good team,” I say.

“Yeah,” she says.

Hesitantly, I ask, “So, that bomb, you know? It’s fake, right? You aren’t really going to blow up an entire city?”

“It doesn’t matter,” she says flatly.

“But it does matter. It matters to me.”

“No it doesn’t,” says she.

“But why not?” I ask

She laughs. “Why? Why is such a hard question to answer, my dear boy. But let me start with this. You know that headache that you keep having? The one you can’t get rid of? You thought it was a result of detox. But that’s not entirely accurate. It is due to your brain expanding to take on a higher form of consciousness.”

“Are you sure?” I ask.

She pounds the steering wheel. “Sure? Of course I’m sure! You think this is easy for me? You think I don’t feel pain? You think I enjoy being crazy? Even back in high school you knew I was crazy. But I’m not really crazy. I just appear crazy to those of lesser intelligence. But there are a select few who understand my genius. You recognize my genius, otherwise you wouldn’t have followed me. And THAT’S why it doesn’t matter. Fake, real, it doesn’t matter. The bomb is irrelevant. You would have followed me anyway, because I have power. I have power that you want, and I have you wrapped around my fingers like a toy, and you will follow me to the end of the earth for that power. And the whole time you will hate yourself for it. You will hate yourself because you will refuse to admit your own greed. You will deny your lust for power. You will pretend that you want power for others, when in reality you want it for yourself. My poor boy, you still have much to learn…”

We drive away, traversing the murky marshlands.[/color]

Its funny , its like all of your friend are lucid except you.

Does your friend that you said in the dream was your real friend IRL ?

All the dream characters are slight charicatures of real people.

I also agree that it was interesting that everyone was lucid except me, even though there was no reason for most of them to be so.

That was a serious DS

My DJ is many months behind, but I had my first and best lucid dream for many months, during which I recalled the quest and had some degree of sucess:

Home Visit
I watch the sky. The sun is going down. I see red lights moving across. That’s weird…they seem to be speeding up and slowing down. Hold on a moment, it’s me that’s moving! I realise that I am sitting on a coach. There are seats in front of me and I am by the window. The red lights I saw are car tail lights. Somehow, I know I am dreaming.
I touch the glass in the window, and it feels reasurringly cold and hard - so real, but I know it is not! My daughter is sitting on the seat in front of me. It is as if she is trying to distract me from my dream, so I decide it is time to get off the coach. I undo a doorlock next to my seat and jump out. I hit the road and tumble and roll along for several metres away from the main road. It’s my dream, so I know I won’t get hurt :smile:
I stand up and start to walk along the quiet road. What shall I do?
I walk through a garden. It is a rock path and rocks are aranged either side with flowers inbetween. The garden slopes down to the road, but the path I am on runs parallel to the road. I look closely at some flowers. The look a bit like bluebells, but are larger and all different colours. There are pale green, orange, blue, yellow and pink ones all coming from the same plants. I sniff to see what they smell like. It is a very ‘pretty’ smell. I am amazed by the vividness of the colors of the flowers and surrounding greenery.
As I reach the end of the path (which is now turning towards the road) I see some tiny kittens in the garden. They are white with ginger spots (and very cute!)
I join the road now, it is one that runs parallel to my the road of my childhood house and is where one of my best friends lived. A woman DC dressed in bright colours smiles at me from the other side of the road. She asks me if I speak Italian. I shake my head and continue down the road. The road meets with a hill (which I also remember from my childhood). I know that if I go left, it will lead down to the sea. I hurry down, eager to get there. There is a concrete promenade at the bottom and a short drop down to the beach. I jump down.
I look at the sea, but immediately feel disappointed about how uninviting it looks. It is brown*, not the clear blue I wanted. I feel surprised and a bit angry, but I thought that it will change - it is not going to take too much effort to change this as the dream goes on.

*Actually, the sea was very often this colour when I lived there. This is due to the fact that I lived close to the Thames estuary and a lot of mud was washed into the sea.
I run and jump into a big wave. For a few seconds, I am lifted off my feet as the wave peaks, but then the water becomes very shallow again. I feel the gravelly sand graze my knees. More huge waves come towards me. This looks like fun. I rise to the top of each wave and ride them as they move towards the beach. Now the waves seem to be getting too big. A huge wave approaches and I can see it will go over my head. I am not too bothered as it is my dream and I can breath underwater if I want to. I notice that this wave is a beautiful blue/green colour. At least that has improved :content:
The huge wave goes across the road towards a group of people on the other side. They are standing at a bus stop by a hotel which has been knocked down.* People are knocked off their feet by the wave. I quickly remind my SC that this is my dream and nobody is to get hurt. The people stand back up again. No harm done :grin:

I clearly remember a building site area by the sea from my childhood, which up until now I had forgotten.
Now I start to wake up and the dream is fading. I try to focus my thoughts. What was the quest on LD4all? I remember the words dreamspell. It is hard to think straight. Ah, now I remember. It is about recalling childhood memories :happy:
Suddenly, I am in the bedroom and nusery of my childhood house. I am lying on the bottom of the bunkbeds I shared with my sister. I look around. Everything seems so…70s! I can see the mattress of the bunk above me through the wire grid. It is a turquoise and blue swirly pattern and has little white tags hanging down. I pull on these - something I used to do that really annoyed my sister when she was lying in the bunk!
The lucidity fades about here, but carries on as a ND in the same room. During the ND, I have a false memory from my lucid dream by the sea. I can remember that a boy from a group had climbed up a building by a double arched window. He was with a girl and they had been kissing by the window. Both the window and the building looked really familiar from my childhood, but I cannot place them. I will have to check this out next time I visit my family who still live in the area.

congrats sleepyhead!

what stroke me is that you were already in childhood memories (the sea, the beach) until you remembered the Quest :happy: I enjoyed reading that dream :smile:

me too!

Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it! :content:

You’re right Q, I think I must have had the childhood memories quest in the back of my mind for the first half of the dream.

Sounds like a cool quest but I’ll pass. My childhood as I knew it was about making friends and losing them when I moved every two years…But it is kinda comforting to read all the interesting dreams/memories posted. Keep them coming :content:

What I really like about a project like “recovering lost memories” is that encourages us to identify and work with our younger self, bring back some of it’s playfulness into our lives.

I had this interesting dream last night, which has got me interested in actively participating:


Galactic Moon 19 - White Rhythmic Mirror

Twilight Zone: You Must Meet Your Past
[ND]I’m just waking from my first dream of the night - in which I encountering family such as my cousins Antony and Sacha (among others), in a medium-sized room with white walls. As I wake, I begin to read a message - which imprints itself upon my inner screen.

"You must become a warrior.
You must meet your past, and you must tread on him
You must enamour him

You must become a warrior"[/ND]

[com]Comments: These were some powerful words. I felt them - like strong commands. There was a sense of linear time becoming overcome. Treading on the “past self” - seemed to represent the dissolution of his “storylines”. The merging of past-present-future.

It seemed that there was a ceremony there - that I could engage myself in, from within the dreaming.[/com]

what a powerful poem nick :smile: good luck in exploring that further :smile:

Thank you all for participating again ^^
This Quest has now been locked. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it anymore ofcourse, you can always do it on your own and write your experiences in your DJ :content:


Finally I can add this! :woot:


[kin=187] Kin 87: BLUE SOLAR HAND
I pulse in order to know
Realizing healing
I seal the store of accomplishment
With the solar tone of intention
I am guided by the power of abundance

[title]Nightmares’ Backstory[/title]

[ND]I stood in a large vehical and looked over everything. It was all made of an orange plastic material, though the seats were cushioned. This had been made especially for me, and the man in charge asked me to name any changes I would like made.

Well, for one, there were egg-shaped indents in the walls with two seperate windows to look out of for driving. I suggested that all the chairs (for the passengers) should be curved in an oval way as well. My guide said that it would be done immediately, and to sit down. I had expected the chair to be uncomfortable, but it was the softest, best-ever-treatment-for-the-back cushion I had ever rested on. :cool: It curved as I relaxed, and soon the others copied the shape as well. [/ND]

[LD]Whoo! Lucid for no apparent reason! :cool_laugh: I took a good look at the man and saw that he had thinning brown hair and a camoflage sweater with brown pants. He looked to be a hired… not servant, more like a lower-ranking officer. [com]I swear I have never seen any Star Trek shows. :tongue:[/com]

“Ah, another guide,” I said.

He nodded as if it were already common knowlage and asked if I would like anything. The thought struck me like a lightning bolt- ask about my nightmares! =D He brought me over to the egg-shaped indent at the left side of the ship. Looking through the glass, I realized we were actually underwater! :happy:

He looked at it and used his mind powers to turn the window into a television screen. The camera angle zoomed in and I was transported back to my very first nightmare. It was… beautiful. :eek: I was on a tropical island, all alone, and the sun was beating down heavily. The dream, to be honest, was my paradise. [com]Back then I had no friends, so a place to be alone and have all the fun I wanted was a fantasy. Now I can’t stand to be away from my buds. :grouphug:[/com]

I went [com]dun dun dunn[/com] swimming in the ocean and could breathe perfectly fine underwater. At the bottom was a large metal device. It was anchored below the sand, and it went up a half foot. In actuality it was a sort of cage, with rounded sides and a grated top.

Without thinking of the consequences and with the innocence of a 5-year-old, I looked inside. Staring back at me a gigantic [color=red]red[/color] robotic eye. It showed me, but I figured there was nothing to be afraid of as long as I was in charge. So, with that same naive quality, I started playing with the locked chains at the side. Little did I know I was about to open up a jumbo-sized can of worms.

The enclosure nearly exploded, for lack of a better word. The links in the chains flew everywhere, and literally thousands of monsters flew out at a thousand miles per hour. They all had different looks to them, zombies and robots and aliens galore. Everything spewed out at once and I was pushed back with such a force that I was probably woken up the first time I had it.

transport out of scene

I was outside the ship at the location of the metal box. It was still broken open, and the chain parts littered the ocean floor. Tiny orange fish swam back and forth, which I found to be a bit distracting. In fear of waking up prematurely, I ordered them to stop and they froze in midwater.

“Ahh, much better,” I said.

My new guide picked up a link and handed it to me.

“This,” he started. “Is a memory. A lost memory to be exact. See, every time you forget something, another monster is born. To get rid of your nightmares, you must retrieve the things you lost. Capeesh?”

“Capeesh,” I replied.


My home room classroom from 5th grade was the same as the day I left it. A small boy with poofy blonde hair stood at the front, in front of the teacher, introducing himself.

“Clifton!” I whispered.

I remembered him. He was a very quiet young man that had been new to our school in the middle of the air. I showed him around and was his first friend to the place.

transport back

KC had joined the scene and was smiling at me. He said I was doing very well and to keep up the good work. Right as I was about to move on to my next memory, I heard…

[size=200]NA NA NA NA NADANA NA NA NA NA NA![/size][/LD][com] (the Toredor 1 tone from my phone) [/com]

[title]FA - Dang it, Bruno! [/title]

[color=indigo]Brune had sent me an SMS and I fumbled with my phone drowsily. The message read: [/color]

[com]Neat stuff, eh? I both completed the Quest AND got an answer to why I was terrorized at night so much.

Oh, and btw, in case you were curious, he didn’t really send me a message IRL. (I checked-- that was how loud it was. :razz: )[/com]

Another Moon Quest completed by me! I almost have the complete set! :grin: My “Lost Memories” weren’t too good, but the idea was to let the SC give you “something” and it did. Maybe the fact that I watched my Lost Memories in a movie theatre changed things.

Click Here to Read my “Lost Memories” Dream!

"A Fragmented Sea
Status: Low LD

I was walking along the beach. It was sunset. I was tired, and about to take a rest, when I looked at my hands – they were cobwebbed with some kind of enchanted sea rope mixed with kelp. Either way, this snapped into reality – I was dreaming. I decided at this point I wanted to experience something more spiritual than my past lucid dreams, so I dumped in the water and thought, “Subconscious, throw whatever you feel at me!”

I leaped into the water, and it soon turned to a beautiful ruby color; under, it was as if a ruined city was there. I began to swim towards it, and six or more panels appeared around me; I felt – although willingly – frozen to the spot. These panels began to sound and vibrate, and images – all changed – appeared. These were memories I had forgotten, and ones I can’t remember since I woke up. And in the last one was one of my best friends. [private thought; I’d preffer not to disclose yet. ]. "

Exerpt (without code) from my Dream Diary. I’m starting to recollect just a tiny bit of those memories. :tongue: