This may of been asked here before or somewhere else, but can you relive your childhood in LD, imagine if you could, even the forgotten stuff that is still in your brain, but you just cant remember it, maybe in a dream you can relive it and remember it again.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the topic or revisiting past memories has been mentioned in one of the quests. I’ll need to check into that—here it is!

Although I haven’t tried it myself, I had always assumed that attempting to do this would result in the subconscious creating situations and memories that may have never really happened, but somehow could have. As a result, I wouldn’t be too sure that these memories would be of actual real life situations.

Then again, I suppose that there are plenty of memories hidden away in the subconscious mind that we don’t know of, but it’s still an interesting idea either way. :hmmm:

Thanks, and it would also be cool to relive your childhood with times that happened, like i could change it around with something cooler.

This has come up in work with clients in psychology. In one case study of the work of Milton Erikson, He relates how he used hypnoses to help the client relive their childhood to give the client a rolemodel for parenthood. The client had very bad memorys of childhood, and was woried that they could not be a good parent because of that.
There have also been some studies done that show that there is a tendency for clients to remember things that the therapist sees as important, i.e. a therapist who is intersted in the effects of early child abuse on people will find more “memorys” of child abuse with his/her clients then one who is not intersted in that. There have also been some cases where it was proven that the client had not been abused, even when the client was sure that his/her memorys were true. That would tend to prove that you can at least change your childhood memorys, it does not give too much hope that you could “relive” your childhood as it realy happend.

I think hypnoses is very different from lucid dreaming, as you have a second person involved when a hypnoses takes place. You have to remember that once you are hypnotized, the person hypnotizing you will have (limited) power over you. So he might influence your memories in a way that you couldn’t do yourself in a dream.

For example, if a therapist continues digging for a hint of childhood abuse in a patients mind, something might be created that wasn’t there to begin with, a false memory. But when you are in a lucid dream, you won’t look for things that arn’t there, you will simply try to get the memories that are already there.

This is of course my personal opinion and not a documented theory or anything.

Does it make a difference if someone else is looking for something, or if you are looking for something? Just because you are doing the looking does not mean that you don’t have any preconcived ideas about what you will/want to find. It is true that you don’t have to worry about anyone else looking for sonething that is not there, but you might be doing that as well.
I don’t think that this would be a reason not to try it, just that you should be carefull about taking the “memorys” as 100% true. In our dreams we are quite capable of creating whole new worlds, why not a few memorys about this one? In general, when we are looking for something in our dreams we find it, even if it is not there IRL.
It could be fun anyway, and that is why we LD anyway.

It could at least be fun to set up the conditions from what you remember. Like. I remember playing with toy guns, pretending that there are aliens that we are shooting. But then i couldn’t SEE any aliens and I made the gun sounds myself, probably. In a dream you can make the game come alive. Who cares if it’s not the same series of events when you do that?

The only problem that I would consider is that someone might belive that what they experance in the LD is the reality, and based on that they change the way they are with someone. One example is if you dream that a bully that always was pushing you around when you were young was not so strong, and you think that you could push him around because you did it in your dream, then you see him IRL and try to push him around, and he is still a bully, and now doesn’t just push you around, but also breaks your arme or somthing.
There have been some cases where adults have tried to accuse their parents of child abuse due to false memorys.
Dreams can help you solve problems in you life, and you can “rember” things that you forgot in dreams, but you can also “rember” things that you wish happend, or that might even come from a movie that you just saw. You just have to be carefull how you interpet what you dream.
This could also happen in ND’s, you don’t have to have LD’s for that, but we do tend to rember LD’s a lot better then ND’s, and we do try to do things in LD’s.