LD4all Quest 101: May: Unfinished Business!

LD4all Quest 101: May: Unfinished Business!
Author: Mew151; Suggested by: Thorn;
Featuring Quests by: Mew151, Rhewin, Lucidaider, Magnus, Thorn

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Unfinished Business!
Wow, LD4all sure has had a lot of Quests. This is the 101st Quest, after all! It’s amazing what the community has accomplished since the very first Quest posted almost 10 years ago! So many wings given away! So many dream adventures! And in those years, there were a few Quests that were unfortunately never completed by anyone… until now?!

That’s right, for this Quest, we’ll be tackling some Quests that have never had any successful attempts before the month ended. The LD4all staff puts a lot of work into coming up with creative ideas and writing up these long forum posts every month, and it can be a little disheartening see no one complete the Quest that one designed. So, let’s get these Quests complete! We don’t want Quests going to waste, do we?

To complete this Quest, you must complete any one of these unfinished LD4all Quests:* LD4all Quest 63: February 2011: Step into a painting! - Suggested by Mew151.
Step into a painting and interact with what’s inside.

To complete this Quest and earn your wings:

  • Pick a Quest you wish to complete from the list above.
  • Have a lucid dream. :smile:
  • Complete the instructions for the Quest you have chosen.
  • Optional: Do any of the optional instructions for the chosen Quest. :tongue:
  • Optional: While still in the dream, go on LD4all and claim your wings! Maybe find Qu and let her give you actual wings to fly around with!

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - Qu will give wings if you think you should have them; the wings are a reward for yourself.

Qu will give wings to everyone who asks for them at the end of this Quest, so please be patient

Tips for Completing this Quest

  • Make sure to choose a Quest which appeals to you! Make sure to focus on the task you chose so you’ll remember to do it after becoming lucid.
  • Visualize ways you could possibly complete the Quest while still awake.
  • Make sure to follow the advice given to you in the Quest :wink:
  • Have fun!
    Make sure to report any attempts, and most importantly, remember to have fun!

Time to send a piece of my soul to the night sky to form a constellation and bring it to life. :colgate:

this is a great idea. Im aiming for hopefully the enter painting (knowing my LDs though it probably would be hard for me to enter it), planting the seed or meeting someone from another time and getting an item :smile:

When tried the pie one, the only one of these challenges I’ve tried so far, I only had a non lucid dream with an awfully messy pie (which everyone else ate).

I think I just completed the monthly quest!
I only had to complete one of the quests on that list, right? Well last night I decided to go on vacation in my dreams. Recall/Vividness was excellent, and the dream was long. Although lucidity wasn’t the best it’s ever been,but it was still a LD. Here is the DJ in greater detail.

**Referring to IRL friend’s by A and M to not give away their identity.

I was going to go on a two day vacation with my friends. I was with A and M. There was also another guy there who I didn’t recognize, but I allowed him to tag along. We were going to Toronto and we rented out an entire penthouse on the top floor of the building. Our plan was to check in at the hotel, then go to a theatre/movie show. We drove to Toronto, and got to the hotel at a little bit later than we should have arrived. The other guy, who I didn’t know, wanted to stay in the hotel a bit when the rest of us wanted to head down to the theatre asap because we were already running behind. The guy put up a large fuss, but eventually after a couple distractions we finally convinced him to get in the car. We drove fast but unfortunately, we didn’t make the show on time. In Fact, as soon as we arrived, the show was already over. (WL Note- Being late to important events in a large dream sign for me. It is a common occurrence in my dreams) . We were very angry that we were late, and it was all that one guy’s fault… so when we got back to the apartment we kicked the guy out of the hotel and locked him out of the penthouse. We didn’t see him again for the remainder of the trip. Now that we were back in the penthouse, the relaxing continued… I remember the penthouse in great detail. It was a large rectangular shape with a high ceiling. I looked up and could see the large structural steel beams. Also, the side of the room facing the city was made completely out of glass, so we got a nice view of the city. It was getting late so we decided to go to bed… Daylight came very fast… in fact so fast I didn’t even remember going to sleep. Considering this was a dream, it was likely that I never went to sleep and thus the dream never ended. Night just went by quickly. Now it’s the morning, and A and M both wake up slowly, while I am wide awake. For day two of our trip, we were going to go to a concert. It was a Rhett and Link concert (As in the youtubers). We drove over to the stadium and listened to their music for a bit. We had backstage passes so we also got a tour of their houses as well. Coincidentally , Rhett and Link live right beside each other, as neighbours. I remember that there was a door on the 2nd floor of Link’s home, that took you on a little ledge outside which allowed you to jump into rhett’s backyard. After spending the day with Rhett and Link, we decided that it was time to drive back home and call our vacation a success. A started to drive us home as the sun was setting. We decided to pull over at a little gas station and buy some dinner. I am the first to walk out of the car and approach the small little restaurant beside the gas station. Turns out, as this restaurant the only thing they served is meat related dishes. This means, as a vegetarian I couldn’t eat any of it (although it was just a dream, it’s the principle of the matter :tongue:)… however, despite not being to eat any of their food, I was already in line, so I had to get something. I ordered two dishes for both M and A. I figured I would bring it back to the car for them, and I would get my food somewhere else. When I went back to the car… they were not there… I was very worried. By now, It was dark outside. I decided to walk by foot down the highway and see if I would run into them. As I walked up the side of the road, I ran into a mall. I went inside the mall and found a Tim Hortons (Thank God for Canada). I waited in line for my turn to order. As I approached the cashier, who had a very snotty attitude and refused to make any of the food I ordered. I was getting a little frustrated with this guy, but then I remembered that I had the control in this dream scenario. So I called out for his manager, and suddenly he appeared in front of me. I told the manager to fire this cashier, and he did, on the spot without any hesitation. After that little incident, I got my food and sat down inside to eat. I still had M and A’s food dishes from the previous restaurant in case I found them again. After I was done eating at Timmies, I walked throughout the mall. All of a sudden, I bumped into M. A was trailing behind her. I asked the two of them “Where did you guys go?” The apologized and said while they were waiting in the car, they got bored and decided to drive to the mall where they would go Bikini shopping. I sighed and gave them their food I ordered. They sat down, ate their food, and then we continued on our journey back home. After this long LD , I was very tired and slowly fell out of lucidity in the back seat of the car. The dream slowly faded out…


  • Vacation getaway for two days in Toronto, while lucid, with IRL friends. Including theatre, penthouse, concerts, restaurants, and roadtrips. [/spoiler]

Congratulations to Jer (for dreaming), Rhewin (for authoring the specific quest) and Mew151 (for authoring quest 101)!

I must add: One dream two quests.

Congrats Jer. :thumbs: Qu will get around to giving you wings when she gets a moment.

Congrats Jer, well done for earning your wings on this Quest! :cookiemon:

Thanks everyone!!(: I feel honored,