Lucidity Challenge 49 - winner: drd!

After spending plenty of time playing Splatoon yesterday, I had an ND (the first one here) in which I became the game’s signature Inkling character, complete with squid transformation for Week 2. The ND that followed it was nothing but near misses with this week’s tasks.

By the way, the scoreboard still says the Team Advantage task for the week is TBC. I was also wondering if we could perhaps get faint top and bottom cell borders now that you have the backgrounds colored or perhaps have freeze panes set for cell D3, as it’s a bit harder to read without the horizontal lines showing.

@footballfreak - yup all tasks are still worth points, but only the current week’s tasks count for earning the team advantage. Skiiing definitely counts as a fun snow activity, so you’ve got those points plus the ‘while lucid’ bonus for week 1.

@Thorn - Alright, alright, I’ve put some lines on the scoreboard, happy now?? :tongue: Nice inkling TF :content:


^ Happy? I said faint borders! What kind of LC are you running here with those dark things? I mean, really! :razz: But in all seriousness, it is a bit easier to see what points are in what row now.

I had a short LD this morning (posted here) with no tasks done.

I’m not going to win this one, am I? Some folk are just never satisfied. :tongue:

Another lucid, Thorn? You’re on a roll. And you’ve almost, almost caught up with drd! :happy:

Scores (Warning, contains dark lines!)

Holy points dump Batman!

In this dream I felt as if I were sneaking by guards, because the door was locked, and I phased through the wall to freedom.

In this short LD I blew up the sun.

In this dream I rewound time.

How did you guys catch up to me? I go without internet for 1 week, and BAM everyone has points. :tongue:

oh no, not the dark lines! Anything but that! :tongue:

Side note - On the night before last’s , I completed the monthly quest in a very long LD, (well long for me atleast). My DJ can be seen here. Although, I have yet to receive a response about getting my wings, I thought I would link it here for the LC points.

@drd - Yep they caught up, but you’re well ahead again after that point dump. Only one problem - it’s ‘talk’ your way past a guard rather than sneak… close but no cigar.

@Jer - Quality long lucid there and grats on the Monthly Quest & earning your wings. :content:


Is a medieval town enough for RUINS? The town was built from stone for the most parts. No electricity. There was magic, portals leading to hell and stuff.

@Letaali - Yep, lacking electricity and technology is ancient enough for that task.


Non-lucid dream.

I’m wondering whether to put this in a spoiler tag, as it possibly reveals the plot twists of a number of science fiction movies. On the other hand, these are generic clichés, and if I don’t say which the movies are, you won’t recognize them unless you’ve seen them already…

SPOILER - Click to view

Pirates! Women in corsets! Pirate hide out! (In pre-Columbian ruins on the top of a mountain on an island in the Caribbean) Treasure map! (Which turns out not to be a physical map, but rather a chart with boxes for various science fiction clichés, and arrows connecting them when they can be combined. It also looks a bit like the kind of diagram you draw to explain the plot of a Christopher Nolan movie) William of Ockham as a time-travelling pirate-priest! (William of Ockam 1287-1347 is credited with inventing the philosophical principle known as Occam’s Razor, and here has been brought forward in time to the 18th century-ish pirate setting). Time gate in the Bermuda Triangle! (Convenient for Caribbean pirates…) Sending a whole pirate ship forward in time! Arriving at a future New York, with the city in ruins and the Statue of Liberty half-buried in the sand!

The future New York doesn’t qualify for the “ruins” subtask, because it’s modern, but the pre-Columbian ruins that the pirates are using as a fort qualifies for the subtask, I think.

I make that a task completion of “ruins” and “meet a time-traveller.” Possibly also a completion of the “travel in time” subtask, though I won’t claim the points for that as the special effects for that bit weren’t very clear.

Non-lucid dream.

“One time, when I was at summer camp…” (Not as X-rated as Alyson Hannigan’s band camp story in American Pie). I claim points for the age transformation. Near miss on the “swim underwater” task, but I wasn’t completely underwater in the pool.

you mean near-hit :neutral: (language sometimes doesnt make any sense… i mean: “laughter” - seriously!?)

I see it as a miss that’s near or close to a hit, but I agree, language doesn’t make sense at all. Which is quite exciting I find :smile:

I was in a strategy-based computer game (Age of Empires 2 - the only game I play right now :happy: ), first from a 3rd person-perspective, later as a villager.
I walked around different opponents, who were all representing different civilizations. Claiming the exploring an ancient civ task here.

:unk: I hadn’t noticed! That’s surprising news. :happy: And, here’s a tentative point claim.

I… “met” some ghosts in an NLD this morning… more like I was harassed a lot by them. I didn’t actually talk with them or anything so I’m not certain that it’s worth points for the QUANTUM LEAP task. Still, I’m mentioning it here just to see what you say.

Wax Attack ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ QUANTUM LEAP EARLY

Stats so Far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 2
Short LDs: 3
Medium LDs: 2
Long LDs: 1
Continuances: 1


I tried to incubate the ruins task, and I ended up in an abandoned building, that Jew’s hid in during the holocaust. It was eerie and abandoned.

Unfortunately I think I might of just missed this one… It’s history but not ancient history… electricity existed so technically they are not ancient ruins.

I did however do some time travel in the same ND. I’ll paraphrase, since it was a little disturbing… click at own risk.

SPOILER - Click to view

While I was in the abandoned apartment building I decided to crawl under the bed when all of a sudden I felt myself traveling through time. Everything was suddenly in perspective… It was the 1940’s, and I was beside a young jewish girl, hiding under the bed. I was no longer in the present, as I could see the feet of other Jew’s walking around from underneath the bed. I also saw Nazi boots, walk into the room and everything was suddenly in a panic. The German in the Nazi boots was dragging screaming people across the floor and out of the room. I wasn’t discovered because I was under the bed. After everyone was gone (and presumably dead) I started to freak out because I didn’t know how to get back to present day.

Hopefully this counts as time travel atleast.
Anyways, Back to bed for me.

2 short LD’s
the first chained three times, the second chained twice
attempt on personal task, didnt made it through, highly unstable dreams.

since they were chained i did have the quite unique experience of the transference into the dream, and willed my entry into it a couple of times. an experience i will make well sure to remember, a sensation of sparkles around the body as the action is being willed, would say something in some way similar to goose bumps but thats the only verbal comparison we have available in our language that is near description, it is not the same experience, probably an experience which is yet to be put into words.
fun stuff ^^

no tasks.

i Know! i like to play around with words myself, finding out where they came from, ever wondered where the word dream came from?

seems to me you were told not to be afraid but you did get afraid so you got some glass dowels right in your ears boy!
why glass i wonder? transparency?

crap, i take it your Jewish? or did you happen to catch a movie about it?
how was the experience itself of moving back in time for you?

@Susan_Y - Time-travelling pirate-priest? Women in corsets? Woah that dream had it all! :content:

@footballfreak - Ah Age of Empires 2, oh how many hours of my life did I lose to that game… perfect task completion. :ok:

@Scipio Xaos - Well the ghosts were certainly interacting with you, so all that wax-ew-ness was worth points!

@Jer - Sadly yes that is too modern for the ruins task, but a very interesting method of time travel. Hope the next dreams were less disturbing.

@Awe - Chains get you an extra 5pts on each Short lucid, so +50pts. (Only one 5pts no matter how many chains, but hey it’s better than nothing.)


Nope! I’m not Jewish myself. I was just reading a french book about the holocaust earlier that day so it kind of transferred into my dreams a bit. :smile:
As for the experience of time travel, it was very odd. I stayed in the same position, under the bed, the whole time, but things started to fade in like the Jewish people themselves. Everything looked a little more “new” too… like the floorboards had holes in them and were damaged in “2015”, but in “1940’s” the holes were gone and they looked only slightly used. The dream remained stable during this whole experience too so it was quite cool to see a part of history reenacted around me.

ah! your time travel sounds nice! went on like a reconstruction of a dream scene.

didnt know about point for chaining, thanks :smile: