the BIG Quest reQuest Topic Part III

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compiling a new list

the BIG Quest reQuest Topic Part II

Feel free to suggest a new quest or to add to one of the ones already suggested. A new Quest created by PasQuale every month, often using this list for inspiration.

Part I

A list of all the LD4all Quests

Suggested Quests: (Repeated ideas eliminated/joined, first suggestion credited, sorry for any errors)

  • Kaitou Motif, quantum physics, HebrewB, Rodrigo, Ysim, Magnus: “Read same book, see same movie, create song/book/movie. Become a part of the story. Jump into book. Become hero. (eg. Matrix, dragon rider)
  • Stormthunder, Carnun, Magnus, Lucid_Mike, Bruno, kfletche, Mysdrim, Gonzo, Lucid_Viking, DayLight, wissam, huggkruka, Magnus, Wolf: “Ask a DC a question: what they think of you, chicken or egg, ask fortune teller about future, meaning of life, ask friends about you, ask about dreams/dreamland, convince DC’s you’re dreaming, ask what they dream about, world’s best joke, testing them, friend/famous people DC’s, your elders, your ancestors, an original idea, to take you to favourite place, Ask a DC what you could do to improve yourself.”
  • Caleb9849: “Enter a grandfather clock.
  • Taipan, Snape, Isolocis, Mysdrim: “Go to the center of your mind and find an object. Explore your shadows, inner mind, fight fear, have a nightmare.
  • BlackAngel, Lark, WIssam: “Explore a past life, new life, life where you weren’t born.
  • Josh Redstone, Magnus, Painocus: “Time travel and visit self, change past, see creation/endofworld.”
  • quiXote, Josh Redstone, Cherriey, quantum physics: “Build/invent something. eg. tree fort, a planet
  • many people “Enter a video game. (First-person shooter, World of Warcraft, the Longest Journey, Myst: Uru, find game class, Doom 3, strategy games, Diablo”
  • lucid_runner, shatterspike1, Jack, Domi Li, Lark: “Meet yourself. Fight, love, talk, etc. Create clones of yourself. Create aspects of yourself.”
  • Wolf, Python Angel: “Find computer and program yourself. Hypnosis. Find tools/machine to control self.
  • Magnus: “Look at the sky.
  • many people: “Share a dream, see a person, Lucid Crossroads etc. Prove SD’s real.” (Done in moon 11.)
  • iDaniel, Painocus: “Change size. Become small: journey into your physical body. Become big: bigger than Earth.”
  • BlackAngel, TAG_One: “Become opposite gender, become another person.
  • BlackAngel: “Go on underwater adventure.
  • Bruno, Lucid_Mike, lordme, DayLight: “Go to outer space. (moon, another planet, the sun, comet, black hole, worm hole etc.)”
  • Bruno, Magnus, BlackAngel: “Lose a sense. (deaf, blind, etc.) Improve a sense. (super-smell, etc.) Get a new sense. Mix senses: Synaesthete (click)
  • Bruno, Painocus: “Kill people, blow things up terrorism.
  • Bruno, Painocus, DayLight, Lucid_Mike, Magnus: “Summon/meet a god/entity. Be a god. i.e. Mother Nature, Death, Fate, Father Time, Peace, Wind, Water, Love, The Father, The Hero, The Dragon, Greek Gods, Jesus, Budha, Allah, Zeus, Oden, Tor, Hermes,Ares, Ra, Anubis or Afrodite etc.”
  • Bruno, pasQuale, Fwump38: “Create a new dream, dream theatre, visit old dream, someone else’s dream, set up a dream and lose lucidity, dream in a dream.
  • Magnus: “Harry Potter’s Mirror of Erised.
  • Shift: “Spin self into a coccoon, see what happens.
  • Isolocis, Lucid_Mike, ConstantDreamer: “Wish for things. Create wish granting room, find genie bottle, wishing island.”
  • Bruno, Lucid_Mike: “Go to your Havan. Visit Heaven/Hell
  • Mysdrim: “Create a dream object.
  • BlackAngel, Lucid_Mike: "Change self. (wings, tail, long arms, eyes on back of head, radar vision, etc)
  • ujytre: “Plant a seed. See what grows.
  • drumsticks77: “Take a lucid pill.
  • TAG_One: “Explore someone’s home.
  • spotted_zebra: “Become president.
  • White Mage Cid, Ysim, Carnun: “Find a symbol for yourself, draw it, paint it, etc.”
  • White Mage Cid, sirius)(black: “Find your animal self.
  • freedom88: “Find Lucid City.
  • Carnun: “Find what’s at the end of the rainbow.
  • Bruno, joecool94, Sonic_Moronic: “Do magic. (fire, electricity, kythe, telepathy, find your element etc)”
  • joecool94, Cherriey: “Visit historical moment/place: Titanic, Library of Alexandria, Atlantis, Easter Island etc.”
  • LadyBa: “Talk to a tree.
  • ian1: “Pull random switch/levers/button, etc.
  • Rodrigo, Python Angel: “Dismember/Disintegrate self and continue to function, reconfigure self (eg. hand for foot etc)”
  • Neko: “Pause time.
  • Wolf: “Bury and/or open a time capsule.
  • Vi: “Be a Tree
  • jakem4: “Jump into the TV
  • wissam: “Talk to your pet
  • Bruno: “Talk to a Mirror
  • Bruno: “Visit an Oracle
  • Bruno: “Slide/surf on regular ground.
  • Fizyk: “See Higher Dimensions e.g. 4D, 5D, Hypercube, etc.”
  • PhoenixMaenad: “Access the Akashicrecords.
  • Magnus: “Scan a book IRL, then look at book in dream or ask DC about the book.
  • joecool94 “Make a stargate.
  • Blunder “Kill yourself in the dream.
  • WILDworld: “Imagine dream is a curtain/veil then lift/rip it open.
  • Magnus: “Find Storyteller of your dream or your life.
  • wissam: “Watch movie "All About Me
  • Magnus: “Ask a magician to show you a trick.
  • Cherriey: “Create a dreambank and see what you can withdraw.
    -Wissam: “Ask a DC to grant you a power/gift you deserve
    -Cherriey: “Travel to a planet
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part II

Meet your spirit guide … and jump into them. ?

Give yourself 360 degree vision, so you can see all around you at once.

Watch your previous RL day, as a spectator. [a bit like in A Christmas Carol]

And maybe getting ready to walk on the red carpet, buy a dress, walk down it, adress the interveiwers and meet lots of [dream or RL] celebrities … and even win an award and make a speech :tongue:

Ask a dream character what they think the next ld4all quest should be.

I like the last one, sounds excellent.

However recently whilst browsing wikipedia i had a jaw-drop moment where i had my mouth in jaw-lock after seeing a size comparison graph of the Carcharodon Megalodon … scale1.png

…its a gigantic shark, i mean mind bogglingly big, fortunately they are extinct otherwise there is no way in hell you would ever get me to so much as dip my toe in the ocean.

So i propose , fight a Megalodon, in its own territoy, aka deep dark water…can you imagine the terror of one of those things circling you as a silhouette? i think id just end up cheating and using some sort of laser beam the heat of the sun.

I would suggest pick up something audio related and listen to what it sounds like. Some options could be a sea-shell, an iPod, a computer, or a musical instrument.

Chew a gum and see how big you can inflate it.
Wear special glasses that see under people’s clothes.
Chnage the results for the USA president elections so Paris Hilton gets elected (she tried for it as a joke)

Make yourself super super SUPER small and go around your dream world…or house.

Would be cool sliding down a tablecloth, or down a giant banana =D

Or, in contrast make your surroundings enormous, and explore =]

Transform into an ant and play avoid the people. :happy:
Save Earth from alien invasion.
Play the real WG or VG.
Go on ld4all and post a topic saying, “This is a dream!”
Have a lucid dream in the lucid dream.

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hmm…creat a dream save point that allows you to resume various other good dreams/LD’s you were having.

Take someone flying with you. Let him(her) have the time of her(his) life.

I like it. This is especially tricky because of the nature of text in a dream and its tendency to change. Might be difficult even getting to forum because URL could change on you.

Meet at least 10 people from ld4all in your LD. It will aslo get you lotsa points on the “Who have you dreamed about from ld4all” topic.

I got this idea indirectly from a LD I had last night… but make friends with yourself.

The idea is find a duplicate of yourself and try and be friends! See what happens, what you can learn about yourself?

Done it. :grin:

Look after your pets in a dream. They may look or act funny, or even transform.

I suggest ,

go to an amusement park, look at all the rides, see what they are called, how they work, ride them (be sure to skip the lines! :smile: ) and explore all the fascinating attractions the mind can come up with, what’s the park called ? what’s on the map ?

What about…

  • Travel through time to other periods of history, with a time machine or something like that… (Well, maybe this has been suggested before :shy: )
  • Change the ending of a story. :grin:
  • Explore the oceans !
  • Explore a library, see what’s in the books…

The best suggestion: Save the enviroment :razz:

Freeze time. :smile:

Step in front of a mirror and pull your reflection out of it.

Ive had an ND about this… the rides are pretty craaazy! :tongue:
I highly suggest this in a LD, itll be awesome =D

Surf through the air on a board…? :grin: