LD4all Quest 115: August: Your own Performance!

LD4all Quest 115: August: Your own Performance!
Author: Tggtt.

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Your own Performance!

Have you been wishing to improve your Lucid Dreaming performance?
This is your lucky time. Or may I call it showtime?

It’s time to show us some art. By us, I am also including your Dream Characters (DC).

What are you able to do there?
There are so many possibilities! Only you can choose them.
Be sure to entertain your DCs! They will surely enjoy your performance.
Trust me! It is a great feeling to show something they like!
Let’s think about the possibilities…

Would you like to show your artistic skills?
You could impress your DCs with some artwork being painted right in front of them!
There are no limits to what you can paint and how you can do it… be creative while being creative! :universe:

Create your own play! You could try your acting to thrill your DCs with your best stories?
What about some poetry? Share your emotions with them!
Let them feel your most valuable feelings until the last act! :woah:

Or perhaps you could impress them wish some Magical Lucid Powers! :wizard:
So, why don’t you host your own magic show? It’s your dream, and you will be free to do “real dream” magic there… not just plain illusionism :peek:
I am sure that they would be amused by your super powers!

Maybe your DCs would prefer to laugh a bit. Tell them the best jokes you could dream of! Just be careful. Remember to avoid laughing too hard while dreaming. :lol:

Could you host your own concert instead? Play your favorite songs by yourself or along with other DCs. You can also conduct them, don’t worry if you aren’t really good at it, just try it!
This could help you to discover a new composition of your own! :music:

Either way, I am sure they are going to love it.:content:

To complete this Quest and earn your wings

  • Step 1: Become lucid in your dream;
  • Step 2: Perform in front of your DCs!
  • Step 3: Wake up and write us what you did! (Post dream here)
  • Note: You must take part in the performance;
  • Note: At least one DC must see it;
  • Note: The performance must happen during a lucid dream;
  • Bonus: Post on Fruits of Lucidity about your artistic experiences!
  • Remember: Post your dream attempts in this topic!

Please be clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - Wings will only be granted if you feel you have successfully completed the Quest.

Wings will be granted at the end of the Quest to everyone who posts a successful dream here, so please be patient!

Tips for Completing this Quest:

  • Write your script before bed;
  • Rehearse your performance before bed;
  • Watch performances to inspire you!
  • Prepare yourself for acclamation :adored:
  • Mandatory: Remember to have fun!

Please post comments and your attempts!
Be clear if you feel you have succeeded!

Your dreams encourages us to encourage more dreams! :yay:

SPOILER - Click to view

I will applaud each one of your attempts!
Good luck and get those LDs! :clap:

Please, no jokes about breaking a leg.

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Mew151 and Fixato (using some of their references).
Quest is also based on some succesful LDs I had. Magic happened a few times. The last one was music, on March 13, 2017, hence the post date.

I am anxiously waiting for your performances!
Now, go there and make us proud! That’s all!

Note: Image references are provided as links. Just click the pictures!

[edit] Small typo fix.

:lol: I had images of Sweet saying SHOWTIME! in Buffy the Musical.

Quest 115 will be available for Wing achievement during the months of August and September, so good luck completing it while you can!


Nice, playing the piano is one of my long term LD goals. Could just do it in front of a whole audience as well :smile:

Wow, I actually did this after thinking about it the other day. What’s really funny is that I accomplished my other LD Goal while I did this. I take it performing a healing trick in front of a crowd counts (intentionally in front of them, if it weren’t for this goal I would have ignored every DC around me as I have done before).
My goal last night was to heal my face again…I had 6 stitches in my lip 2 weeks ago, and have been trying to keep having LD to heal it. This will be my 3rd successful healing dream for this goal, with the added bonus of accomplishing THIS goal!

Here’s my dream:
Was having dream where I lived in and was fixing up a ranch house, and overseeing decks built outside. I’m outside and I start looking at some grass very close up. It has long wavy stems with white lily-of-the-valley-type flowers. It was strange and I tried to think what plant it was. It triggered my critical thinking and I kept saying, this is a dream! Until I became very lucid. I looked down and stared at the grass to ground myself, then touched a nearby mailbox with a square owl sticker on top. I look at my hands, my entire left thumb is missing. I see a small crowd in front of the gray stucco, L shaped ranch house. I touch some random woman’s jacket as I go, trying to ground myself. I get in front of the crowd, who seem to be ready to file in the house, and announce, “I’m going to heal my wound! Watch! My finger can heal!†I hold up my finger and see nothing. (I read about someone doing this and thought I’d try it, though every other time I’ve always made energy balls with my hands.) I put it to my lip anyway and nothing happens.

The crowd starts to go inside, some grumbling and looking skeptical. “No, wait!†I call. “Let me try again.†I cup my hands in front of me and stare into them. I imagine and visualize that round webbing of energy that had appeared the last few times. I feel the pressure to show it to these people. It takes a few seconds and then a very faint purple, round light appears above my palms. It becomes more solid, though still opaque, and I bring it closer to my face. I can see that it’s a globe shape made of differently colored “webs†that I suppose look like ribbon that’s been striped vertically. They are not too densely packed and are very pretty. It’s probably about 6" across. I put it to my lip and don’t feel much, though I’m very pleased and I’m sure it worked. The crowd looks impressed this time. I think I got a few claps. I stand on the lawn, happy, and lose lucidity.
So happy! I want to try to draw the globe I saw on my iPad tomorrow. I see the coolest things in LDs!

Congratulations Malls and Halls, attaining two goals is amazing. The Quest will last for two months so there will be a long wait before your wings are added.

It would be great if you post your dream art or link to it on the forum.

Whew, spent hours on this. Wanted to draw it while I could still see it. And drawing on the iPad with procreate is fun, lol.

Was such a great dream. Good luck to all!

Thank you. It’s great to see the ball of energy as you saw it in the LD.

Thanks to Malls and Halls for actually doing it!

I am glad it inspired a great LD. That is our goal.

You’re welcome! It was interesting and fun. I had a tough crowd, lol.

Nice reads here ! :happy:

I add my own performance - Dreamagic show in Theater LINK TO DJ

I did it! A lucid performance of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. I know, very prestigious song choice. Read the dream here (“Star Song”).

I did the quest in my lucid dream last night! :hurray:

Link to my dream journal

Congratulations :clap:

I am really happy that it is nice enough to encourage members who have wings and are not taking part in challenges to try it.

Many thanks!

I did it! :happy: Link to DJ

Congrats Selkie. :smile:

When I saw the wolf in your dream, I was thinking werewolf … ld4all werewolf game lol

Quest wings will be added when this quest ends. :peek:


I’ve actually never played a werewolf game. Always sounded like fun.

This quest has now ended. Congrats to
Malls and Halls
for completing the quest successfully.

Malls and Halls and Selkie now have their earned wings above their avatar. Well done.

This quest can still be done but wings will no longer be granted for successful LDs.

The new quest in now available - Interview!