LD4all Quest 124: The Spirit of Giving XIII

LD4all Quest 124: December: The Spirit of Giving XIII
The Spirit of Gifting is a LD4all traditional quest. Originally devised by Qu

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The Spirit of Giving XIII

It is soon the end of the year again! Around the world, we celebrate in different ways. No matter how we celebrate, traditions are important to all of us. Here on LD4all, we give each other dream gifts!

December is a time to reflect on the year and look forward to the new one… and it’s also an opportunity to spend time together with family and friends, share gifts and see the face of a loved one light up as they open a gift from you! :happy:

Since 2006 we’ve been exchanging presents with each other in our dreams and this year the tradition lives on. 12 years of the Spirit of Gifting!

In your dreams, find another dreamer and give them a present. Maybe it’s someone from LD4all, a loved one or just a dream character you’re fond of. Don’t celebrate Christmas? Not a problem, just give a gift from the heart and celebrate in your own way.

And, after we’re done giving gifts, why not celebrate the new year together! Many lucid dreamers have had exciting adventures in their lucid dreams, but why not try taking a breather and celebrate the new year with some friends? After you give a gift, find some way to celebrate the new year for extra fun! Of course, since this will be done in a lucid dream, it does not have to be mundane by any means. The only limit is your imagination or just enjoy hanging out with other dreamers at a fun LD4all party! :balloon:

Enjoy yourself and don’t forget the gift wrapping!

To complete this Quest and earn your wings

  • Become lucid
  • Give a gift to someone you want to give a gift to.
  • Note: The gift must be wrapped so the receiver has to open it.
  • Bonus: Receive a gift in return (Not required to earn wings)
  • Bonus: Celebrate or welcome in the new year (Not required to earn wings, but much more fun!)
  • Post your dream in this topic (a link to your DJ is allowed but you have to post in this topic that you have succeeded)

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - wings will be granted if you feel you have been successful in completing the Quest, the wings are a reward for yourself.

Wings will be granted after you have posted your success in this topic

Tips for Completing this Quest:* Set your mind for this Quest. Think about the holidays while incubating a dream.

  • Decide who you want to give a gift to, and what you would like to give to them.
  • To get the gift try buying it from a shop, materializing the gift before you, or expecting it to be there when you turn around. Be creative!
  • Try shouting the person’s name, looking behind a door for them, expecting them to be behind you, or maybe just show up to a holiday party! Just be creative.
  • Have fun!

Post your attempts, whether you feel you succeeded or not, in this topic. :smile:

And remember, the point of the Quest is to have fun! :happy:

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays. Best wishes to all!

Good luck everyone! :thumbs:

I’ll try!

Well… I did it!!! :woo:

SPOILER - Click to view

I had just transitioned from one dream about escaping a large mansion, into this new dream that is located at my house.

I walked up the stairs and heard my dad was in the living room. It was a nice day outside so I wanted to take my dog for a walk. So I ask my dad for the keys to the truck, and he gives me a credit card that is still in its plastic case. I look up at him, then down back at the card and start laughing! I was laughing so hard I was barely able to say, “Dude, is this even real?!” As I asked the question I also did a nose RC which failed.

Realizing this is a dream, I turn to leave the house for an adventure! But as I’m about the open the door I remembered that I needed to give someone a present while lucid! So I turned to my dad and said, “Hey dad! I’ve got a present for you.” He looks at me a little confused but says nothing. I look at my hand and try to make a present appear… nothing happens. So I put my hand behind my back, open my hand wider than the present will be, and image every detail of the present. (I imaged little penguins on the wrapping paper.) When I closed my hand, expecting the present to be there, I felt the weight of the gift I had just created from my mind! (The dream felt real after the creation of the present.) I hand the gift to my dad, he smiles and thanks me while he finds a seat. My dad sits he his comfy rocking chair and starts tearing away at the penguin wrapping paper. I am watching with curiosity because I didn’t even try to visualize what was going to be in the gift, I left that up to the dream to decide. When he has the whole thing unwrapped, the box was actually just a bag of classic lays chips!

My dad turns to me to ask a question, but before he can talk I say, “You know you’re not real right?”

My dad replied, “What? How could I not be real? I’m here right now am a not?”

I answer with an annoyance at the typical response he gave, “I don’t have time to show you, just look around at your reality and you’ll find out for yourself!” I grabbed my dog and left the house for whatever adventure awaited us.

I’m planning on finishing the dream in my dream journal later, nothing really happens though… I get to feel what a tree feels like in a dream and I create a truck so I can drive, then I wake up.

Congrats LucidWilliam, you have earned your LD4all wings. :yay:

Congrats on the completion, Lucid William!

:rofl: I love the influence Moogle’s gif of a chip bag seemed to have here.

This quest has ended for this year, but there will be a regeneration of it next December. :content:

The Jan-Feb quest is now available.

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