LD4all Quest 135 August-September: Your Own Invention

LD4ALL Quest 135: August-September

Author: Siiw

On LD4all :ld4all: we have featured Wing Quests to enable members to explore LDs in a fun way. If the lucid dreamer is successful, one LD4All feather badge can be earned. Collecting ten feathers will grant you a special Wing badge!

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Dreams, lucid or not, has inspired many important inventions and discoveries through human history. The periodic table, the sewing machine, and even Google was invented after the idea came to the inventor in a dream.

This Quest makes you the inventor. Anything you can think of can become real in a dream. You can make your blueprint spring to life like in a cartoon, or build it with your own hands. Only your imagination is the limit!

To complete this Quest and earn your feathers:

  • Have a lucid dream.
  • Think of something to invent. What does the world need? What do YOU need? This step can be completed before the dream.
  • Bring your invention to life. You can make it yourself, or you can ask a DC to produce it for you, run a computer simulation of it, draw it, etc.
  • Post in this topic about what you invented
  • Optional: Draw, paint or otherwise recreate your invention, and post it in Fruits or the Garden!

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - feathers will be granted if you feel you have been successful in completing the Quest.
:angel_fly: The feathers are a reward for yourself. :angel_fly:

Feather badges will be granted after you have posted your success in this topic

Tips for Completing this Quest

  • Use your favourite lucid dreaming induction technique
  • Read or watch something about famous inventors and their inventions. Maybe fictional inventors like the one in Back to the Future can be an even better inspiration.
  • Think about what you want to invent before going to sleep. What do you want? What does the world need?
  • Remember to have fun! :siiw:

This August-September quest is now open. Good luck everyone. :thumbs:

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Hi, I’m new but I had an lucid dream last night. I talked to my CALD assistant, her name is Jessica.,and we discussed on aportal device that is used for portals, like astral projection, or meeting up with friends on AN LD. Another example would be that it reminds you your job to do during your LD time so you don’t forget when you LD. It is used for personal meetings if you can’t meet up in real life, including now and you can also get reminded to do RC and normal stuff during the day if you forgot, you also,in the portal device, get to go to many 0laces like meet the past, maybe world war 1,or nay kind of battles, and you can stop them, you can also meet your subconscious and talk to it in a room, so each portal has a specific place, time year etc. The device is a button that is transparent and can be placed anywhere. It resembles wings,thanks to LD4ALLS History and can be activated by only when you sleep, when you wake up, it will stay with you unless you sya to the button, turn off time.

Hope I get this and I’m sorry if I’m late!!!


@Lumiscnt It sounds more like an aid/idea in lucid dreams. Do you really think that you earned the badge?

Also remember this quest will remain open during August and September.

Hm,i think you are right @moogle,i shall give it another try in another LD and i will tell you it before september,if i can get an LD before then,which i will,shall i say.I will be back soon!I am so close to trying to earn a feather and i will be back with an amazed invention to earn a feather!

Thanks again @moogle

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My invention is something handheld.It is a handheld heater.What it does is instead of using electricity,you use a powered handheld heater to heat your food and heat what you need,there is different settings for how much power you want it.There is also a cold feature in which you can freeze something as well.The handheld device looks like a knife,instead that it is made of steel and is not sharp.It has a face recogniser to realise who is using the handheld devoce before heating it so only the owner can use it.It can recognise what you are saying as wepl like 'power 100’will increase the heat level to 100.In my LD ,the devoce looked as a white steel knife,with a camera recognition on top,as phones do,and has rainbow stripes

This is my invention


Just three weeks remain, after which you will no longer be able to claim a feather for succeeding at this quest.
One already awarded to @Lumiscnt

I’m still working on this one. I had 3 lucid dreams since the start but they were all too short or too weak to accomplish anything :grah:

For a moment, I thought you would be the first member with two feathers. :boogie:

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I’ll fight until the end and maybe even beyond it. I got something I want to make :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there going to be a new quest, I’m excited to get back on track

There will be one October 1st or even last day of September depending on your time zone. I usually put it up around midnight.

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Haha just this night I had a lucid dream and remembered the quest. Despite being very distracted, I managed to procure a 3D printer and print the device I had envisioned. It looks a little bit like a handheld gaming console (think Nintendo Switch).
The purpose of the device is to record your dream so you can take it over to waking life and show your friends and fellow ld4all people :smiley:

The problem was, that I could not properly test the recording function yet. Also, somebody still has to invent the device on the other side, in waking life, so it actually works :lol:

So no quest feather for this one, but still I am glad I could sort of finish this one, so I can focus on the next quest now :yay:

Are you sure you don’t want a badge? You were so close?
You printed it out … in post it says

Printing it out is one step beyond drawing it.
Let me know your final decision.

This quest has been replaced by 136 Dream Architect

Thanks moogle, but I’ll pass. I’m not quite satisfied enough myself. I’ll a already have an idea for the next quest and try that one instead. :grin:

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