LD4All Quest 134: June-July:The Great Outdoors

LD4ALL Quest 134: June-July

Author: moogle

On LD4all :ld4all: we have featured Wing Quests to enable members to explore LDs in a fun way. If the lucid dreamer is successful, one LD4All feather badge can be earned. Collecting ten feathers will grant you a special Wing badge!

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The Great Outdoors

We have all been experiencing lockdown and social distancing for the last few months so this quest has been designed to give you the freedom to enjoy nature without barriers. To succeed at this quest you just have to go out … BUT transformed into an insect, bird, animal of your choice.

:cat2: :dog2: :bird: :spider: :snake:

To complete this Quest and earn your feather:

  • Step 1: Become Lucid! :lucid:
  • Step 2: Transform to the insect, bird or animal of your choice
  • Step 3: Go outside!
  • Step 4: Have fun

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - feathers will be granted if you feel you have been successful in completing the Quest.
:angel_fly: The feathers are a reward for yourself. :angel_fly:

Feather badges will be granted after you have posted your success in this topic

Tips for Completing this Quest

  • Decide on your transformation choice while awake
  • Prepare by visualing what it would feel like.
  • Remember to have fun!

Now go out and enjoy the great outdoors in your LD!



New summer quest is now available. Will you earn a feather?


Oh, I will accept mythical animals too :slight_smile:


Does it count if you are outside to begin with, or do you have to be inside first?

That would be okay as long as you achieve being outside and transforming in the LD.

I pretty much ignored the quests because I felt my lucid dreams were much too sporadic to really compete in them. But when I saw the current one I thought I could use it as motivation to try to break my dry-spell.

So I was doing a half-effort MILD last night but it worked! I got lucid and remembered my plan for the quest. I summoned some friends and we all transformed into Dragonflies. We went outside and flew over and through the grassy landscape. It must have been close to a beach because the ground was covered in sand.
Being a dragonfly felt like wearing clothes that are too tight. Probably because of their long thin carapace. And the field of vision was larger than usual.

So happy to finally have an LD again :hyper: I swear I will pay proper attention to all future quests from now on :tongue:


Congrats, you earned a Quest feather. :slight_smile: I had to be very careful not to give you a played the game which was just above the feather. :rofl:

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Reading this quest and Marvin’s dream must have really inspired my dreams. Last night I was fishing in one dream and in another I was in a vast garden build somewhere high in the clouds in a game world. In that garden I made my way down a massive tree that had twisting passages inside it full of bats. One of the bats landed on my face. :bat:


That’s a good start. Maybe your subconsctous is telling you to transform into a bat … or we associate @Marvin with vampire bats. :lol:

It’s a good start.

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That sounds like a really fun dream! And dragonflies are awesome, so definitely a cool choice. :happy:

Congrats on both having an LD and achieving the Quest! :clap:

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