LD4ALL Quest 139: March - April: Animated Communication

LD4ALL Quest 139: March - April

Author: moogle

On LD4all :ld4all: we have featured Wing Quests to enable members to explore LDs in a fun way. If the lucid dreamer is successful, one LD4All feather badge can be earned. Collecting ten feathers will grant you a special Wing badge!

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Animated Communication

During Quest 139, the goal is to animate / bring to life an object and have it communicate with you. The communication can be through words or gestures. The object can be furniture, gadgets, an art image, toys etc. Infact there are endless possibilities. Will it produce facial features, limbs or just use motion to communicate? The choice is yours.

To complete this Quest and earn your feather:

  • Step 1: Become Lucid! :lucid:
  • Step 2: Choose your target.
  • Step 3: Animate the object
  • Step 4: Optional - Get the alive object to communicate with you
  • Step 5: Remember to have fun.

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - feathers will be granted if you feel you have been successful in completing the Quest.
:angel_fly: The feathers are a reward for yourself. :angel_fly:

Feather badges will be granted after you have posted your success in this topic

Tips for Completing this Quest

  • Think about all the possibilities
  • Recall movies, TV and books in which there were animated objects
  • Remember to have fun!

I hope everyone enjoys this fun quest and we get lots of successful Quest attempts.

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Just one more month to go. :thumbs: