LD4all Quest 116: Oct/Nov: Interview!

LD4all Quest 116: Oct/Nov: Interview!
Author: Tggtt.

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The Interview!

What would you ask a Dream Character (DC)?
What could they tell us? Are they waiting for a chance to pass on a message?
Would they teach something new? Could they help us create new things?
Would they remind us about the past? Could they predict the future?

These are just a few questions, and we know who could answer them: a DC!

It is your chance to discover the answers! You could discover something that no dreamer has ever known! You are the assigned reporter this month! :woot:

Nothing better to start an interesting conversation than a nice story. The DC could be waiting for a chance to tell you a story that you will never forget!

While we have problems in real life that we do not know how to solve, perhaps DCs could have a solution. We do not know how intelligent they are… Could they even outsmart the most gifted humans in the world? Their solutions could change the lives of many people. This is the chance you have been waiting for to fix some problems and help many!

You could have a productive discussion with one or more DCs. Together, you could talk about important topics of real and dream life. Perhaps there are topics important to DCs that we can hardly imagine. It is time to expand your imagination!

There could be secrets only DCs can tell. They could tell you something memorable that you have never noticed in real life. They might even be able to predict something, we do not know. That is why we need keen reporters ready to uncover information.

A wise DC could teach us something special. Would that be useful? Maybe this is your chance to learn something important or to improve your abilities. Perhaps they could tell you something you have never learned in real life.

Either way, I believe you can do it, reporters! :wink:

To complete this Quest and earn your wings

  • Step 1: Become lucid in your dream;
  • Step 2: Interview a DC! (Ask them more than 2 questions)
  • Step 3: Wake up and let us know what they answered! (Post dream here)
  • Note: You must have enough recall to write the interview;
  • Note: The interview must happen during a lucid dream;
  • Bonus: Talk to someone special that you cannot meet in real life!
  • Bonus: Start a topic on “The Cloud” board based on a discussion you had with the DC!
  • Remember: Post your dream attempts in this topic!

Please be clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - Wings will only be granted if you feel you have successfully completed the Quest.

Wings will be granted to everyone who posts a successful dream here, so please be patient!

Tips for Completing this Quest:

  • Write your questions before bed;
  • Memorize the questions;
  • Think about the character to interview!
  • Prepare yourself for the meeting :happy:
  • Mandatory: Remember to enjoy the conversation! :grouphug:

Please post comments and your attempts!
Be clear if you feel you have succeeded!

Your dreams bring the answers we have been waiting for! :ok:

SPOILER - Click to view

We would like to read every interview of yours. This is valuable information!
Good luck and get those LDs! :thumbs:

I am dreaming about your reports! :content:
Now, get those questions asked!

Note: Image references are provided as links. Just click the pictures!

Time to interview some DCs in your LDs.

Write up the interview and post it on the forum.

Good Luck!

I hope paraphrasing is okay. I don’t remember detailed conversation well. :neutral:

I am looking forward to this though. Could definitely get some interesting answers.

Wrote my interview questions, hopefully I’ll remember to ask them next LD :smile:

Good luck JimMorrison, you have 2 months to achieve the task.

@Selkie. Paraphasing would be ok, (as long as you feel you have posted enough information).

Thank you Moogle. So tonight I had a lucid dream and I remembered to aks the questions but none of the DC’s could awnser them… Better luck next time.

This quest is now over. You were so near JimMorrison.

The quest can still be done and success posts made but the time for earning wings is over.

New December Quest is now available LD4all Quest 117: December: The Spirit of Giving XII